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Kaam na aayega ye duniya ka melaa

Posted on: July 13, 2014

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nahm began to contribute lyrics in the blog from 8 feb 2011, about a month after Atif M (the first lyrics contributor in the blog). That made nahm the second regular lyrics contributor for the blog. The first song contributed by her that appeared in the blog was Do dil toote do dil haare (Heer Raanjha)(1970). This was followed by Aap yoon faaslon se guzarte rahe (Shankar Hussain)(1976). The third contribution was Ab to hai yumse har khushi apni (Abhimaan)(1973).

A string of outstanding songs followed one after the other and other regulars kept addressing nahm as nahm bhai. It was six months later when nahm clarified that it was not nahm bhai but nahm bahan. She also clarified that nahm was actually an acronym consisting of her and her husband’s names. Some regulars thanked their stars that they were adressing her as “ji” instead and so they were on the safe side. 🙂

Personally I took it to mean that this blog was regarded as a safe and friendly place by all, Including ladies, and I took it as a compliment for the blog. And it is in fact a matter of pride that the regulars of the blog tend to contribute in various capacities after a while and they become attached to the blog. And when I pause and think about it, I find that as many as nine out of about twenty odd contributors are ladies, which means that this blog is inherently an equal opportunity blog. 🙂

nahm, like a few other regulars, began as a lyrics contributor graduated to become an articles contributor after one year. Here first writeup in the blog was the iconic “Gumnaam” (1965) song- Iss duniya mein jeena hai to sun lo meri baat. She now boasts of a double feat, viz three hundred lyrics contribution as well as over one hundred writeups in the blog. Some of her series of articles were quite well appreciated. One of these articles was an A to Z series on Rafi.

She is a big fan of Rafi and Lata and she has helped add considerably to the tally of these two singers in the blog. And she has helped us correct the lyrics of many songs, especially songs containing heavy duty Urdu words. Among music directors, S D Burman and Madan Mohan are her favourites.

She is originally from North Karnataka (Belgaum) but now settled in Mumbai.

Many of the male contributors of this blog (including me), complain that their spouse are not amused when we spend too much time for the blog. But female contributors of the blog seem to enjoy full co-operation from their understanding husbands in this matter. nahm is no exception. It is her son who resents the fact that she “wastes” so much time in this pursuit. A few years ago, he posted some un nahm like comments in the blog (this site is good for nothing kind of comments :)) when nahm had left her laptop temporarily after logging on to the blog.

On this occasion, here is a song which was contributed by nahm in her initial days as a lyrics contributor and which had somehow escaped getting posted. This song is from “Bhakt Raj” (1960). The song is sung by Rafi. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist and music is composed by Avinash Vyas.

The song is picturised on an actor who plays a saadhu and who seems familiar. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify him.



Song-Kaam na aayega ye duniya ka mela (Bhakt Raj)(1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Avinash Vyas

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

Kaam na aayega yeh duniya ka mela
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela
kutumb kabeela saara jhootha jhamela aa
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela

o o
koi aaj gayaa aa
koi kaal gayaa
koi jaanewaala abhi abhi
koi aaj gayaa koi kaal gayaa
koi jaanewaala abhi abhi
yoon ek ek kar jaayenge
is duniya ke log sabhi
duniya khilauna jaise
baal ka khela
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela

tu jo kahe ke main hoon
jhoothi hai baat teri
wohi banaane waala
wohi mitaane waala
Laakhon dinon mein
apne do din na bhoolna
ek din ho aanewaala
ek din ye jaanewaala
jeewan bahega jaise
paani ka relaa aa
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela
aaya hai akela aur tu jaayega akela

11 Responses to "Kaam na aayega ye duniya ka melaa"

Congratulations to all…!
Congratulations to Nahm ji.
@ Atul ji – thanks for introducing us to Nahm ji. I remember to hv mention her as Sh Nahmji & you hd corrected me. well, nice philosophical song. i hd also shared few songs from this movie including this. do not know the actor’s name. Thanks…


Appreciate your love and passion for this blog. You are binding these contributors in a bandwagon as a family by introducing them with each other. How thoughtful of you to start this series of introduction. 🙂
Love and regards


very very true Khyatiji!


The actor looks like Prem Adib. Not sure though. Need to be confirmed by some knowledgeable reader.


Yes, the Saadhu is Prem Adib. He with Shahu Modak, was a famous pair of mythological movies!


Atul ji,

Thanks for your note on Nahm ji.
When I joined this group,she was already on the scene with her comments,corrections,suggestion and videos. So,she is senior to me here.
I have always observed that there are few matters which have been carefully kept away,in this blog,making it a strong point for uniting contributors. Some I have already described earlier,but today I remember 2 more. One is personal matters (unless revealed by the person him/herself) and staying away from making political comments-direct or veiled.
Nahm ji has,in the past regaled us with her personal experiences e.g. going to Belgaum from Bombay or describing few incidents during her growing up. She has a style unique to herself and her write ups make interesting reads. They also underline her good knowledge of Urdu poetry,poets as well as her interest in discussing songs from selected films.
She has been as asset to this group and I wish her all the best for her future endeavours and look forward to her writings on exclusive songs.
To enjoy a hobby,to nurture a skill and to convert it into implementation,requires real ‘trapeze’ efforts, for a housewife.Surely she has proved her ability to do all these skillfully.




Thanks for your vote of confidence, it means a great deal to me.

I agree about your observations about this blog described earlier and mentioned above. One of the first attractions for me on this blog was that I had something to contribute , with my knowledge of urdu. In any activity, positive contributions give a sense of achievement however small they may be.

Thanks once again for your kind words.

Atul ji,

Thanks for writing this introductory post. I think this idea of introducing individual contributors by you is brilliant. I was kept busy this weekend and saw you mail very late in the evening, by that time the posts were already here, so could not send a reply.

Thanks and regards.


Atul ji,
Thanks for writing about Nahm ji.
Atul ji and Nahmji,
Thanks for the wonderful song.


My son is not the kind who would enjoy this site either. The song choices of my children are NOT classical. 🙂

So I share that with Nahmji (:))

Lovely to know more about you, Nahmji.


Now that you mention, the comment my son made was not about the blog. He commented on the Rafi solo slow song, which was my lyrics contribution, and said ‘this song is no good very boring ‘ or something similar.

We share a lot of interests, I think.


Hsha. Yes. That is exactly what my son would say.


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