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Sar se sarke sar ki chunariya

Posted on: July 14, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 19
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Pradeep Raghunathan discovered the blog on 11 march 2011 and he found himself instantly hooked to the blog. He began to spend considerable time on the blog. In the process he had a great deal of interaction with me, mostly on gmail, including its chatting. We have interacted online more than a hundred times , and two of these interaction sessions lasted over two hours each.

When I decided to write about Pradeep Raghunathan, I did not have to look much farther than the transcripts of these two chatting sessions as well as other online interactions. The details about Pradeep Raghunathan as I have gleaned through my interactions are presented in the writeup that follows.

Pradeep Raghunathan was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) 40 years ago. He spent his younger days in Bombay (now Mumbai) and Nasik. Originally from Thanjavur (TN), he is now settled in Chennai. He is married and he has a nine year old daughter, who also loves old Hindi film songs. 🙂

When he discovered the blog, Pradeep Raghunathan began to go through the posts sequentially beginning from the first post at the rate of about 25 songs a day. He would give feedback to me on these posts if he noticed any discrepancies (viz non working link, page not found error etc). He was a big enthusiast of itunes and he was systematically tagging all these songs on itunes as he went through these posts.

He tried to convince me a lot about the virtues of tagging songs on itunes, but his convincing was like “bhains ke aage been bajaana”, because I am too unsmart to understand such smart concepts. I nevertheless followed his advice to try it and bought an ipod classic on his recommendation. But my bid to learn itunes tagging stopped there because I hardly got any time to learn all these smart things on the ipod. 🙂 My bid to learn to use smartphones is likewise confined to buying a smart phone and not knowing what to do with it. 🙂

Here is an excerpt from our discussion during our first marathon online chat:

Me-I think reaching 10 thousands will be nice. In fact, I thought that 2500 would be the magic figure and that would take care of all the songs. But I have long gone past that milestone and even now I am nowhere near the target of covering all great songs.

Pradeep: 🙂

ok 10000 seems like a good target
waiting to travel this journey to get there with you 🙂

Quite prophetic words, these, which were discussed three years ago, when the blog had around 7200 songs in it. 🙂

Pradeep Raghunathan gave many great suggestions and quite a few of them got implemented.

One year after discovering the blog, he turned a guest poster of the with his writeup on Ye kahaan aa gaye hum (Silsila)(1981).

He had become a part of the contributors team and he had started interacting with the other regulars of the blog as well. He had to visit New Delhi in the last week of may 2012 and he scheduled to meet Sudhir ji there. But the meeting never happened as Pradeep Raghunathan suddenly stopped appearing online. We wondered what happened. He reappeared again some four months later. On enquiry, he informed that some personal and professional exigencies had caused him to drop his plans.

A lot had happened in the four months. Our online interaction resumed and I informed him in the first such interaction that the suggestion given by him about the blog having a list of anniversaries had got implemented during the period of his absense.

Pradeep Raghunathan had given another great suggestion. He suggested that there should be a list of movies alongwith number of songs in that movie that were posted and that remained to be posted, so that there could be a ready reference available to help post all songs of movies. Pradeep Raghunathan would go Yippee ! whenever all songs of a movie would get covered in the blog. On 12-12-12, when we discussed this matter, the blog had 185 movies with all their songs covered. Now, after one year and a half, the figure reads 479 !

Pradeep Raghunathan was full of ideas of course. He hoped that offline group of the blog should be set up in different places where regulars could meet each other. And he wanted that the regulars should keep in contact with one another on whatsapp. One regular reacted that he was yet to learn such smartphone apps though his daughters know about whatsapp alright. I heaved a big sigh of relief on knowing that I was not alone in the boat of naive people who were getting outsmarted by smart phones. 🙂 Ava Suri is already on whatsapp, he would inform me. That is not surprising as she is smart, but one should not expect the technologically challenged people like me to be like the smart people. 🙂

Coming to the topic of music and nostalgia, the two of us find ourselves on the same boat though. He says that knowing more about a song gives it a whole new dimension and the beauty of the song increases quite a deal more. He also agrees with the view that the small pleasures in life bring you the biggest and most long lasting pleasure.

I recently met my school principal after close to 20 odd years it was such an amazing feeling that it is hard to describe it. I could virtually live in nostalgia 🙂

By the end of 2013, I had learnt enough facebook to open a facebook page and facebook group for the blog. The banner of the facebook page of atulsongaday has been designed by Pradeep Raghunathan.

These days Pradeep Raghunathan is extremely busy in his new business venture which is taking his full time. He has promised to come up with a writeup on the occasion of 10k songs in the blog, but time constraint is preventing him to do so. Does not matter. I alongwith other regulars of the blog wish him the very best in his business venture.

The first writeup of Pradeep Raghunathan in the blog was on a song of “Silsila” (1981). Here is another song from “Silsila” (1981). This song is sung by Lata, Kishore Kumar and chorus. The song is picturised on Jaya Bhaduri, Shashi Kapoor and a bunch of extras. Hasan Kamal, who apparently made his debut as a lyricist with this song penned the lyrics. Music is composed by Shiv Hari, who were making their debut as music directors with this movie.

Song-Sar se sarke sar ki chunariya (Silsila)(1981) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics- Hasan Kamal, MD-Shiv Hari


sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein
ho maiyya
gaaye sagan
behna hoke magan
naache sakhiyon mein

nainon mein nindiyaa
nindiya mein sapne
sapnon mein saajan
jabse basa
bahaaren aayin jeewan mein
nayi halchal hai tan man mein
ek roop basa hai ankhiyon mein
ho o
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein

kuchh lamhe jeewan ke churaa len
saanson ki ye aag bujha len
duniya se door nayi duniyaa basa len

jabse milin hain tujhse nigaahen
jaadoo ye kaisa mujhpe hua
ke dil jab tanha lagta hai
mujhe kuchh aisa lagta hai
tu jhaank raha hai ankhiyon mein
ho o
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein

aaj ka har ik pal sundar hai
kal kya ho
kisko ye khabar hai
lamba safar
zindagi muktsar hai

darr lag raha hai
kya jaane kya ho
dil tujhko maine jabse diya
udi hain neenden aankhon se
teri aisi hi baaton se
badnaam huyi hoon sakhiyon mein
ho o
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein
ho maiyya
gaaye sagan
behna hoke magan
naache sakhiyon mein

nainon mein nindiyaa
nindiya mein sapne
sapnon mein saajan
jabse basa
bahaaren aayin jeewan mein
nayi halchal hai tan man mein
ek roop basa hai ankhiyon mein
ho o
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein

taaron se ye maang saja doon
honthon pe ek phool khila doon
tere liye saari duniya bhula doon

mehkega saara gulshan hamaara
dil ka sahaara baahen teri
khushi se hari bhari hogi
ye duniya teri meri hogi
ek phool khilega bagiyon mein
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein
ho maiyya
gaaye sagan
behna hoke magan
naache sakhiyon mein
sar se sarke sar ki chunariya
laaj bhari ankhiyon mein
ho maiyya
gaaye sajan
behna hoke magan
naache sakhiyon mein


21 Responses to "Sar se sarke sar ki chunariya"

This concept of introducing guest post writers is so good. We are getting to know more about each other this way.

🙂 Thanks for calling me smart, but it turns out I am not REALLY smart. I spent some time one day trying to create an app of this blog, but did not manage. I will need the help of some youngsters. Unfortunately, these days the youngsters are so busy they do not find time to help out us oldies. Cannot complain, these days jobs are very demanding, and it is hard to burden the kids with extra work.

It is so good to read about Pradeepji and good work he has done for this blog. I am a member of Atul’s group on Whatsapp, but alas, due to lack of members the group is silent most times.

I love this song. Silsila is one of my favorite movies. Such drama and emotions there. These kind of movies are not being made any more. Alas.

I have a very funny and eye-opening incident to tell.
Whenever I had some problem with my lap-top, I used to call my 10 yr grandson to help me. He would come and quickly solve the problem and leave. I used to ask him “what to do if same problem comes again?” He would reply ” I am here, call me anytime.”
Once his friend asked him what was the problem with grand-pa’s lap-top. He said “the usual fault ‘ID- ten-T'”.
I learned much later, what he was conveying to his friend, when I wrote down the fault on paper. It spelt ‘IDIOT’.


Cheeky kid, your grandson. 🙂

I want to learn how to transfer files from my laptop onto my kindle, and I have to go and visit a young friend of mine. No doubt she is also thinking the same.

Congratulations to all…!!!
Congratulations to Pradeep ji …!
@ Atul ji – great post as usual – i am half way through it and enjoying. but just to say Sorry to Pradeep ji and Ava ji i am still to get the smart phone and Atul ji i dont think i will get it thru… 🙂

Atul ji,

Thanks for writing a note on Pradeep ji.
In the last few years that I know him( thru’ the Blog,of course),he comes out like a bubbling child,full of ideas,humble and always doing something new. What is important is,he wants all others to join him in his activities.
I think,last year or so, he contacted me suggesting that i join him on his some technical thing-I dont remember exactly now- involving tagging of all songs in the Blog. Due to my unenthusiastic and sluggish response (in fact,no response),he must have realised that he got a ‘wrong number’ and he stopped his attempts. In reality,due to my ignorance,i could never understand what he wanted me to do.
Recently,while going thru’ the E paper edition of ‘Deccan Chronicle’ a Hyderabad leading newspaper,I happened to see his Photo slashed. I learnt that he , along with his 2 friends,had started a portal to market Tea and to benefit the children of Tea plantation labourers. I immediately congratulated him and he responded as following-
” Arunkumar Deshmukh – Congratulations, Pradeep ji.
July 9 at 9:17am · Like · 1

Pradeep Raghunathan – Arun ji. Thank you so much! Bas aapka aashirwaad chaahiye 😀 ”.

I do hope that he will become active here once again and we will enjoy his ” Yippee” which we miss so much.


correction- Please read ‘ his photo splashed ‘

Compared to the stalwarts enumerated, I’ve come to this blog rather late, just less than a year ago, and know far less than them. At my age I too have to call on my children to help me with tech matters, but I do have a Blackberry (shifted from an ordinary phone at the insistence of my daughter), and now I am being pushed to switch to a smartphone, iPhone or Samsung or some such. BUT if you have a reasonably good phone, it should not be difficult to get whatsapp on it – even I have it! I would love to meet other enthusiasts in Mumbai (where I live), and those visiting. I don’t travel due to health reasons, but should be able to do so next year. My phone no is 9820034849 & all are welcome to call me or whatsapp me.

Or write on

Thanks for introducing another contributor. Just few days back I was able to chat with pradeepji on FB. On my query regarding his absence on the blog, he said same – busy with his new business. But he has promised to write a post for the 10k celebration.
Having a “whatsapp” family is cool as long as it’s limited. Once it gets extended to www, it gets crazy. I had that app and had opportunity to chat with Pradeepji, Aparnaji and Avaji. It was fun sharing news regarding HFM and jokes. The problem started when I was included to “my cousins chat” in India. OMG!!! Whole night the phone would buzz. Same was the case with my husband. All his friends from his medical college would get active during their daytime and my husband could not sleep at the hospital whenever he was on call. Can’t turn off his cell either. The result – he removed the whatsapp, at least for now.

Khyathiji, I understand now the reason for you being invisible in whatsapp. Luckily, I keep mine in offline mode, switch to online only when required. Otherwise, it is a big headache as you say.

Would try that. I get surprised reading their “Today’s topic”. It’s always about kya kiya, kya karti hoon, kya karungi,…. like those three tenses – past, present and future… 😆 And then the query would be for me in the same sequence. OMG!!! Don’t understand how do they get time for this “what” series.

Atul Ji! I have no words to explain how I feel now :). Thank you so much for writing such nice things about me. Makes me wonder if I really deserve all these nice words :).

So many times I have been like the son of this family that decides to just stay away from home, but missing being there in the thick of the action. As mentioned for quite a few months, I have been busy with my new online venture, I have been missing the blog a lot and missing to be part of the YIPPEEEE!! moments :).

The biggest of our Yippeeee!! moments is just round the corner and I am so honoured to be part of this family :). Thank you for accepting me as part of this family Atul JI, I am just blessed!

I had messaged on whatsapp, hope you received it, exactly for the reason that you have mentioned above. To shout “yippeeee”.
There was no response, hope your mobile number has not changed.

Sorry, I am running a few days behind. Hope to catch up before the day you and your team reach the 10000 mark. It is indeed a wonderful experience to know about the members of your team. Thanks for introducing Pradip ji. Enjoying my visits to your blog.

Sir, Plz replace the word SAJAN with SAGAN in the lines

“ho maiyya
gaaye sajan
behna hoke magan
naache sakhiyon mein”

Here SAGAN literally means SHAGUN which are traditional songs i.e Lokgeet generally sung by aged ladies during auspicious ceremonies like Engagement, Marriage, Birthday etc.

Till now I haven’t found this word mentioned correctly on any online source. Now these lines got meaning

ho maiyya
gaaye sagan
behna hoke magan
naache sakhiyon mein…

Thanks for the word which makes sense in the context of this song.

As part of Project YIPPEEEE!! I again came across this post made 2 years ago (time flies does it not), and was so nice to read it all over again. This blog and all the Atulites are one of the best things that has happened to me. Update from Team Project Yippeeee!!.. We are getting pretty close to you Atul ji.. The blog as of today is on 775 Yippeeeed movies, and we are at 707 Yippeeeed movies. So just another 68 to catch up :). Thank you Atul ji.. to have started this wonderful journey and taking us with you. We are all indebted to you for life!

I too enjoyed reading this article again. I notice that much more has happened since this article was posted. Things that appeared pipe dream at that time have materialised. For instance:
1. I as well as Avinash Scrapwala have learnt to use smartphones. 🙂
2. The whatsapp group is buzzing with activity these days.
3. Get together of regulars at different cities has become a reality.
4. There were 479 YIPPEED movies at that time. Now the figure reads 775 !
Then there are many new developments, viz. now the blog has songs from 3401 movies and this count is going up almost on a daily basis.

I too consider myself as extremely fortunate to have helped create a closely knit likeminded group of music lovers. I could have never imagined something like this when this blog was started.

That is true Atul ji.. and Avinash ji is now one of the most active members of the blog and also working parallely on so many blog projects. Now I look forward to the next big milestone in relation to the YIPPEEEE!! project.. and that is YIPPEEEE!! NO. 1000 :).

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