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Main apne dil ke haathon badnaam ho raha hoon

Posted on: July 18, 2014

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Sadanand Kamath, a pillar of this blog is one of the seniormost regulars of this blog. His introduction in his blog makes for an impressive reading. It mentions:

Post graduate in Monetary Economics, worked in Reserve Bank of India and thereafter with a major Bond House until retirement on August 31, 2006. Did consultancy work in the area of financial markets with a major industrial house which I gave up in June 2009 to devote more time to my family, travelling and trekking.

Mr Sadanand Kamath appears to have discovered the blog in july 2011. He began to comment in the blog from that month onwards. He first sent me a song lyrics on 8 october 2011 for a song of “Doraaha” (1952) with the request that it may be used on 25 oct 2011, which was Sahir Ludhianvi’s anniversary.

Afterwards, he kept sending me lyrics. Most of these songs were from movies of 1950s, though he has sent lyrics of songs from 1932 and 1934 on the one end and from movies as new as 1966 as well.

Mr Sadanand Kamath became a guest post contributor not by design but inadvertently. He used to offer comments alongwith the lyrics of songs. In one case, there was so much information alongwith the lyrics that I published those comments as his writeup alongwith the song. That was 6 january 2012, and the writeup was on Jaidev on the occasion of his death anniversary. This was an unconventional way for us to introduce a new a guest poster to the blog. 🙂

Mr Sadanand Kamath has by now written 284 writeups. His writeups are written with a great deal of research and contain invaluable information including information about how he became aware of the song, artists associated with the song etc. He has written on artists on the occasion of their anniversaries and his writeups would contain invaluable information about those artists. He has written articles on Jaidev, C Ramchandra, O P Nayyar, Suman Kalyanpur, Suraiyya, Jagjit Singh, Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, Talat Mehmood , Sahir Ludhianvi, Ravi, Saraswati Rane, Khursheed Amwar, Rajkumari, Bhagwan, Khursheed Bano, Kanan Devi, Sanjeev Kumar, K Datta, Manna Dey, Snehal Bhatkar etc. on their anniversaries and other occasions. He has of course written general purpose writeups as well.

Here is a lovely article on a song that he grew up hearing it sung by his mother and he later came to know after three decades that it was a film song from “Jawaab” (1942). Same was the case for this song from “Ram Rajya”(1943) as well. And then there were cases when he only remembered the tune and did not even remembered the words. He was mightily relieved when he finally managed to come across the song.

I enjoyed reading his reminiscences of his growing up days which were late 1940s and 1950s. He would listen to the songs on radio and classify then as “Radio Ceylon” songs and “Vividh Bahrati” songs bases on where those songs were heard more frequently. 🙂

Mr Sadanand Kamath, while living in deep south (Mangalore District of present day Karnataka) in his younger days studied in a Hindi medium school and not Kannada or Marathi medium school, because that was the wish of his late father. And he fondly remembers his school days as well as his days in Mumbai speaking different variants of Hindi.

Mr Sadanand Kamath has also in one of his writeups given a lovely account of how once he successfully nagged his elders to go and watch a movie, not because he wanted to watch its story or its songs, but because he had heard that it was a colour movie. 🙂

And Mr Kamath agrees with my observation that Nimmi was rarely seen smiling in her entire filmy career. 🙂 I recall that I had been taken for task by an irate visitor for my observations on Nimmi that I had made those days. 🙂

He is one the lucky persons who got to meet and talk to the reclusive genius Sajjad Hussain. Here is what he has to say about his meeting with Sajjad Hussain in 1971:

I was fortunate to meet Sajjad Hussain some time in 1971 in a common friend’s house and spend more than 3 hours with him, playing songs composed by him on a radiogram with a changer. I did not find in him any arrogance during his talk with us nor any anguish in him about the way film industry had treated him.

I don’t remember much of the discussions now but a couple of his comments which have still lingered in my mind were (1) Kishore Kumar’s voice did not suit his style of composition and, (2) his tiff with Dilip Kumar at the time of recording of a song for Sangdil (1952) during which Dilip Kumar made some suggestions to him. He told Dilip Kumar ” Aap mere kaam mein dakhalandaji mat kijiye. Agar main kahoon ki aap mere gaane per iss tarah acting karein to aapko kaisa mahasoos hoga”.
In short, he meant that I don’t interfere in your work and you don’t interfere in my work. Apparently, they did not work together after ‘Sangdil’.


He leads a peaceful and happy retired life at Mumbai. But unlike other retired people, he is quite active even today. By being active I do not mean blogging. He has a streak of adventurism in him and he feels the urge to go on adventurous trek or travel on a regular basis.

He has a blog where he has described all his expeditions. I counted some 83 travelogues in 30 years in that blog. I also found, much to my curiousity that he has been through some areas where I was posted in the past. For instance, he describes a train journey through Meter guage train (Barak Valley Express)between Lumding to Silchar, both in Assam. I was posted in Lumding in the past and I am familiar with the train as well as the route it passes through. This article revived the memories of my days in the north east. I in fact wrote about one interesting experience of those days in this writeup. But the writeup became too big and so I have decided to post that experience in another post, either today or tomorrow.

Here is a rare song from “Pyaar Ki Jeet” (1948). This song is sung by Ram Kamlani and Surinder Kaur. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

Seven songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. With this song, all the eight songs of this movie are now covered and the movie joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.


Song-Main apne dil ke haathon badnaam ho raha hoon (Pyaar Ki Jeet)(1948) Singers-Ram Kamlani, Surinder Kaur, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


aa aa
main apne dil ke haathhon
badnaam ho raha hoon
dil de ke ik pari ko
gulfaam ho raha hoon

o raani teri khaatir hamne
chhod diya sansaar
o raani chhod diya sansaar
dekh ke teri lat matwaali
bhool gaye gharbaar
haaye o meri raani
haaye o meri raani
aa aa aa
jaa jaa jaa

hat marduye
hat marduye
kahaan se aaya
tu ?? matwaala
tu ?? matwaala
soorat teri aisi jaise
dedh aane ka taala re
arre o ghunghroo ke lattu
arre o ghunghroo ke lattu
ja ja ja

aa aa aa

o laalten
arri o laalten
daghaabaaz hote hain raani
achchi soorat waale
haaye achchi soorat waale
dil ke ujle hote hain
ye kaali moorat waale
arri o chhamkchhalo
arri o chhamkchhalo
aa aa aa
jaa jaa jaa

hathhdharmi ko chhod tu baanke
varna rakhna yaad
varna rakhna yaad
karoongi Dilli jaakar
kore kaaghaz pe fariyaad
padenge jail mein hunter
padenge jail mein hunter
kha kha kha

aa aa aa

ticket kata kar chale gaye
wo gore to England
gore to England
saath le gaye
apne bori bistar baja band
bistar baja band
ab Dilli mein raaj hai apna
aazaadi se gaa
haaye o meri raani
haaye o meri raani
pa ga ma sa
ja ja ja

main hoon apne piya ki jogan
main hoon apne piya ki jogan

kaun piya hai tera
haaye kaun piya hai tera
tu uske paaon ki jooti
raaja baalam mera re
arre o kaath ke buddhoo
arre o kaath ke buddhoo

9 Responses to "Main apne dil ke haathon badnaam ho raha hoon"

tu ?? matwaala –
I heard it as “hua tu matwala”


We are really fortunate to have Mr. Kamath as a contributor on this blog.
Thank you, Mr. Kamath for the wonderful posts, you’ve sent.
I hope we can see more of them in the years to come.


Thanks Atul ji for this post and while reading the intro about Kamath Sir i feel he is a ‘Simply Great’ person.
And as Harvey ji has said we are really very fortunate and blessed to have him on our blog.
I had always liked reading his detailed informative posts. While all his posts are great i will always cherish this one on Kumar Gandharva ji ‘ud jaayega hans akela’.
My heartiest Congratualtions to you and Kamath Sir on this special occassion.


Atul ji,

Thanks for your ‘ introduction ‘ to Sadanand Kamath ji.
His posts are full of information on the subject or the artiste involved in the song/film. It is a joy to read the detailed article. It not only adds to the knowledge but also indicates how the writer has taken pains to gather the information.
His posts are never repetitive,nor are the narratives. He seems to be doing lot of ground work for the posts,including reading the connected posts published earlier on the blog. Thus the writtings are complete in all respects.
One more thing struck me about him and that is that he is very much open minded and ready to absorb others’ points of view.
I have visited his Blog and was amazed to see the tremendous energy he displayed in undertaking all those treks and travels. He is a living example that a man retires only in mind and never physically.
We are lucky to have such pearls with us as contributors. I wish he gives us more time and we enjoy more of his articles.


It is indeed a great pleasure to know about Sadanand ji. Thank you for introducing him to us.


Atulji, you have given us an exhaustive introduction of one of the most revered persons in this forum. Appreciate your painstaking efforts in getting us know about each and every contributor. Feeling closer to the family as each day goes by 🙂



Thanks Atul …

Nice and detailed Intro of Sadanand Kamath. I know SK pretty well … or a lot actually. I have trekked with him on several multi-day treks and shared a 2-man cramped tent with him on many occasions. It was always a rewarding experience to walk hundreds of KMs with him. Even so, I did learn a few ‘musical’ things about him from your post. Btw: I was with him on the Barak Valley Express too … some amazing places we have see together in NorthEast … and in Uttarakhand. Yes.

Again, Thanks Atul


Thanks a lot for your remarks. It is interesting to know that you share a few interests with Mr Sadanand Kamath.

I am hope you will enjoy reading the introductions of other regulars as well.


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