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Ye kaisi lagi agan

Posted on: July 19, 2014

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Fortunately or unfortunately (for my friends, readers and followers) I belong to the variety of people who take pleasure in bringing out the hidden rare gems from HFM, usually from the 60s and the 70s. In keeping with my passion for “Rare Hindi Film Songs” (RHFS is my group on FB), today, I present two forgotten gems from one single movie – “Raftaar” released in 1975.

Two famous songs of this movie have been discussed in this blog – “Main teri Heer hoon teri taqdeer hoon” posted by “Atul” on the March 20, 2012 and “Sansaar hai ek nadiya” by a fellow contributor “nahm” on the June 9, 2014.

Although the above two songs were most popular ones, the one’s which I present below are no less in their melody, orchestration and best of all, the singing of Asha Bhosle Ji.

I saw that the earlier posts on this movie did not outline the story of the movie, so here are the details.

Raftaar is a 1975 movie, with Censor Board’s “U” Certificate Number 77082 issued on 1st February 1975. The length of the movie is 3813.02 meters (15 reels) and produced under the banner of Chitralekha Movies. The producer of the movie is S I Shivdasani and the director is Dinesh – Ramnesh.

The movie starred Vinod Mehra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Danny Denzongpa, Arpana Choudhary, Ranjeet, Madan Puri, Sunder, Kundan, Indira Bansal, Mohan Choti, Birbal, Jankidas, Lalita Kumari, Moolchand, Manisha, Ruby Mayers, Mohan Sherry, etc

After Raftaar in 1975, Dinesh – Ramnesh directed two more movies, both released in 1979 – Aakhri Kasam and Zulm Ki Pukar.

Also, after Raftaar in 1975, S I Shivdasani produced just one more movie released in 1978 – Bhookh”. However, he was the Business/Production Ececutive during the making of Ganwaar 1970.

If any of the knowledgeable readers have more information about the produced or the director/s, please do share with us. Also, this song is sung by Asha Bhosle and an unknown male singer (probably one of the composers). Can anyone identify him?

The story goes like this. City-based Vikram (Vinod Mehra) is hired as a Manager by Kumar (Danny Denzongpa), a wealthy businessman, and asked to report for duty to a distant town in rural India. Vikram arrives there and carries out his duties. He meets with pretty village belle Rani (Maushami Chatterji), and both fall in love with each other. When Kumar arrives for an inspection, he finds everything satisfactory, and asks Vikram to run an errand for him out of town. A few days later, Kumar comes to know that Vikram has been arrested by the police, found guilty by the courts, and sentenced to a year in jail.

A year later when Vikram is released he finds that Rani is missing, and believed to be dead. A devastated Vikram attempts to try and put his life together when some hoodlums attack him – with a view to kill him. Vikram escapes, but is seriously wounded, and is looked after by a band of gypsies, led by their leader Mohan Sherry. After Vikram recovers, he wishes to relocate to the city together with a woman named Radha (Aparna Chaudhary) and her child, in order to help her find her missing husband and also because a gypsy Chandu Banjara (Ranjeet) has an evil eye for Radha. On the other hand, another gypsy girl Soniya (Manisha) is head over heels on Chandu Banjara and he very much neglects her.

On the eve of their departure to the city, the gypsys wish to celebrate the rakhi festival the next day and Vikram accepts to delay his departure by a day. Thus we have the typical gypsy celebration with a song. And what a fabulous song it is.

“Yeh Yeh Kaisi Lagi Agan Jale Badan” by Asha Bhosle and an unknown male singer (probably one of the composers), music by Sonik Omi, lyrics by Omkar Verma from “Raftaar” (1975).


Song-Ye kaisi lagi agan (Raftaar)(1975) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Omi, Lyrics-Omkar Verma, MD-Sonik Omi
Male chorus
Female chorus


zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

ho ho o
zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

ho o
yeh kaisi lagi agan
jaley badan
tu meri pyaas bujha
ho madhur milan karke aaj raanjhna aa

zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

hoy hoy hoy
zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

ye kaisi lagi agan
jaley badan
tu meri pyaas bujha
ho madhur milan karke aaj raanjhna aa
zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

nikhra hua hai har ang mera
masti nigaahon mein chhaane lagi hai
aaha masti nigaahon mein chhaane lagi hai
jisne bhi dekha mera lachakna
Bola kayaamat kyun dhaane lagi hai
tu dhadkan
O Yaar-e-man
o machle mera o sajan
tu meri pyaas bujha
O madhur milan karke aaj raanjhna
zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

tere liye hai ye khilta gulshan
dil ki kali hai kanwaari abhi
O ho,
dil ki kali hai kanwaari abhi

tujhse phansegi kya udti chidiya
tu hai shikaari anaadi abhi
mera ban
ho Yaar-e-mann
Ho main huyi tujhpe magan
o sajan
tu meri pyaas bujha
ho madhur milan karke aaj raanjhna aa
zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

Arri Hat

pyaar nahin mera aawaara
kaise pyaas bujhaaoon
maan liya hai jisko apna
us pe jaan lutaaoon

Us mein bhala hai kya baat aisi
mujhse jo nazrein milaaye na tu
haay haay
mujhse jo nazrein milaye na tu
hai pyaar tera mere liye hi
phir kyun gale se lagaaye na tu
tadpe mann
o o yaar-e-mann
yeh kaisi lagi agan jaley badan
tu meri pyaas bujha
ho madhur milan karke aaj raanjhna
zigla biga re bigla biga
zigla biga

ho o
Yeh kaisi lagi agan

11 Responses to "Ye kaisi lagi agan"

I think, Director duo Dinesh-Ramnesh were related to a film personality. Was he Madan Puri? I don’t know! can anyone explain?


Satyajit ji,
Thanks for carrying forward the caravan.

Nayan ji,
Ramnesh Puri is the third and youngest son of Madan Puri.
It seems director Dinesh and the comedy actor Dinesh Hingoo or Dinesh Hingorani are one and the same person.


Dinesh Hingoo is Gujarati with Gujarati surname Hingoo. Hingorani will make him Sindhi!!! He may have a good laugh!!!


Sorry, I checked up. Ramanji is right


Hello All,

Yesterday night, composer Omi ( of Sonik Omi duo) confirmed telephonically that the male part in this song lip synced by Ranjit has been sung by him.

So the mystery is now solved.


Satyajit Rajurkar


Thanks Nayan Ji, Venkatnarayan Ji, Nitin Ji and above all Atul Bhai.



Sorry, Venkatraman Ji.





Thank you Prakashchandra Ji.


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