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Paagal naina sagri raina

Posted on: July 31, 2014

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It occurs to me today that. . we are today reaching that point in time when this world has been bereft of Rafi Sb’s physical presence now, for almost that duration of time that this world was blessed and more complete with his presence as a singer known to the listeners. For an active career that lasted about three and a half decades, it is now about the same amount of time that he has not been with us. And his legacy grows stronger.

Remembering Rafi Sb on the anniversary of his passing away today (31st July).

Starting with mid 1940s, the formlessness of his voice provided the substance and the life breath to many generations of artists and actors till the fateful day in 1980 when he passed from this world, quiet unexpectedly and very much in the prime of his art. Barely fifty five years of age, it was not be that he would spend more time on this earth with us. A duration of life in which he bequeathed approximately five thousand gems of his voice that are a treasure that is peerless in ways more than one.

Rafi Sb is so well known for his art. But in the industry, and in society, he is equally well known for his heart. And probably more so. A person for whom human values were paramount, a person whose kindness and empathy is now a legend. And not just in his line of work – there are so many people, especially music directors of the lower rungs in the industry, who narrate incidents wherein Rafi Sb recorded songs for their music, free or for very very nominal amounts. It is true for his life, across all spheres of interaction. This day, 34 years ago, it was about 9 am when he felt uneasiness and slight pain in his chest. It was decided to take him to the hospital. His children have stated – one of the last things he communicated to his wife was, please make sure that no one ever leaves empty handed from the door of the Rafi household. A short communication that summarizes the life and personality of this great artist and even a greater human being.

In our belief system, it is said that the sound is forever. It never dies; just dissipates into the wider space and exists. The voice of Rafi Sb is a beacon that will shine for generations to come. My intuition is, as the waves rise and they fall, as the seasons change and cycle back, the music from the golden era of Hindi films will regain its old glory and new popularity.

It has to. Gold never goes out of fashion.

In memory, I present today a very lovely and endearing non film song sung by Rafi Sb. As I tried to check for the details of this song, the only one place I found some details is the giant excel file that has been compiled by Muveen Bhai. As per this source, this song is both written and composed by Shyam Sharma, a name I am not too familiar with. I checked our blog and find his name mentioned as the music director for another NFS song by Suman Kalyanpur – “Nand Nandan Bilmaai, Badraa Ne Gheri Maai Maai Ri” (

Although it does not contain any direct references, this song is also in the Radha-Krsna tradition. It is the time after He has left for Mathura, and Radha ji is waiting and pining, for he has promised that he will be back in ‘two days’. The words are exquisite;

vyaakul jiyaraa, jaise diyaraa

my restless, impatient heart
is like the burning lamp

nainon ke panghat par palchhin
ansuwan haar piroti birhan

at the wellspring of these eyes
sitting and waiting in sadness
stringing garlands
from the pearls of my tears

As I listened again today, to this wonderful memory of radio days, for the first time the meaning of the phrase ‘ansuwan haar’ literally ‘a garland of tears’, struck me like lightning. As she waits, her eyes are flowing so much that the neck and chest are all moist with tears. And that is where a garland rests, in the neck and on the chest. I am so taken in by the analogy. I had heard this in many other songs also earlier, but never caught on to this significant connect.

A lovely song, that is so lovingly rendered by Rafi Sb. A song that continues to play softly in the mind even after it is over. We know that the travelers of hereafter do never return. But still, “. . .teri baat nihaaren”.

Song-Paagal naina sagri raina teri baat nihaare (Rafi NFS)(1970) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shyam Sharma, MD-Shyam Sharma


aaaa aaaaa aaaaa
paagal nainaa. . .
paagal nainaa
sagri rainaa
teri baat nihaare
nihaare ae
paagal nainaa
sagri rainaa
aa ja re nirmohi ab to
soone mann ke dwaare. . ae ae ae
paagal nainaa
sagri rainaa

sharad suhaavan
agan lagaaye
pran papihaa
ratan lagaaye
vyaakul jiyaraa
jaise diyaraa
jal kar aap jalaa re
jal kar aap jalaa re ae ae
paagal nainaa
sagri rainaa

nainon ke panghat par palchhin
ansuwan haar piroti birhan
tujh bin tarse
manwaa tadpe
nis din saanjh sakhaare
nis din saanjh sakhaare . . ae ae
paagal nainaa
sagri rainaa
teri baat nihaare
nihaare ae
paagal nainaa
sagri rainaa

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

आss आsss आs आs
पागल नैना
पागल नैना
सगरी रैना
तेरी बाट निहारे
निहारे ए
पागल नैना
सगरी रैना
आ जा रे निर्मोही अब तो
सूने मन के द्वारे ॰ ॰ ए ए
पागल नैना
सगरी रैना

शरद सुहावन
अगन लगाए
प्राण पपीहा
रटन लगाए
व्याकुल जियरा
जैसे दियरा
जल कर आप जला रे
जल कर आप जला रे॰ ॰ ए ए
पागल नैना
सगरी रैना

नैनों के पनघट पर पल छि्न
अंसुवन हार पिरोती बिरहन
तुझ बिन तरसे
मनवा तड़पे
निस दिन साँझ सकारे
निस दिन साँझ सकारे ॰ ॰ ए ए
पागल नैना
सगरी रैना
तेरी बाट निहारे
निहारे ए
पागल नैना
सगरी रैना

6 Responses to "Paagal naina sagri raina"

My fav NFS. Shyam Sharma has recorded many NFS like Madhukar Rajasthani, I can sing all of them since Vividh Bharti started playing NFS.


Superb rendition.


Rafi Saab – ‘ek farishtaayi aawaaz’ !! Great !!


What a divine song. I used to LOVE this song. Wonderful to hear this after a long long time.

What a voice Rafi Saheb had. And such lovely lyrics and tune. NFS truly needs to be listened to more.


I wish Rafi Saab had sung more NFS


A wonderful NFS. Md.Rafi Sb Amar Rahe. Thanks for this divine rendition.


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