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Dil dhadakne ki aawaaz ki khaamoshi

Posted on: September 11, 2014

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

I had no idea about an obscure film TRIKON KA CHAUTHAA KON(1986) except the unusual title of the film when it was released. How can a triangle by itself have fourth angle. That was my pondering point. The title seems to be the indicative of a complicated story line of the film. I had completely forgotten about of this film until few days back when I came across one of the songs from this film. I liked the song and then I heard two other songs from the film which were also good. So I decided to watch this film which was available on YT.

The film was produced and directed by Madhusudan. The main actors in the film were Vijayendra Ghatge, Swaroop Sampat and Priyadarshani who formed the triangle of the story. The film had 3 songs, one each written by Mahadevi Varma, Shahryar and Maya Govind which were set to music by Jaidev.

Prakash (Vijayendra Gatge) meets Manisha (Swaroop Sampat) in a museum who is on a visit to India from Uganda. Since she had only few days to spend in India , Prakash offers her to show sightseeing places in Delhi. Both fall in love with each other. But one day, Manisha suddenly disappears from the scene. After some time, Prakash reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage with Anuradha (Priyadarshani). Initially, Prakash does not love Anuradha. In fact, he had revealed to her that he was in love with a girl who has suddenly disappeared. He even tells her to get married to someone else. Over a period of time, he has a change of heart and start loving her. A daughter is born to them. Things are going on very smooth in their family life until one day, Manisha reappears in the life of Prakash. He starts spending a major time with her as she has been employed in his office. Prakash does not disclose it to her that he is now a married man. But this cannot go on for long. One day, he reveals his marital status to her. She is shocked and tried to commit suicide by consuming sleeping tablets. But she survives.

One day Prakash takes Manisha to his house and introduce her to his wife Anuradha. Both of them get on very well without Anuradha knowing that Manisha is the other angle of the triangle. But this fact becomes known to her from none other than her husband. All the three actors in this triangle are now caught in the inner conflict of idealism. Manisha does not want to make Anuradha unhappy with her constant liaison with Prakash and she decides to leave the city to a unknown destination. Anuradha on the other hand feels that her husband would not be happy without Manisha and once she leaves from his life, their marriage life would still be miserable. Prakash has guilty feelings, both for his wife and Manisha, holding himself responsible for this state of affairs. So their inner conflicts become the fourth angle of the triangle.

In normal Hindi film, the story involving the love triangle get solved by showing one of the actors ending his or her life or killed in a war front etc. But in this film, the matter gets resolved amicably. Anuradha has been suffering from some heart problem for which the doctor has been advising her to get her open heart surgery. She does not tell this fact to her husband. One day, when Manisha had come to say goodbye to Anuradha, she faints and is admitted to hospital for surgery. During her absence, Manisha takes care of her daughter. Anuradha is successfully operated. After discharge from the hospital, she returns home to find that Manisha is about to leave the place for an undisclosed destination. Anuradha does not allow her the leave the house and the film ends with her dialogue. ‘If you leave, none of us will be happy, not even you. What is mine is also yours’.

The film failed at the box office and with it, its three gems of songs both in terms of musical compositions and lyrical contents were completely forgotten. The unlucky music director was none other than Jaidev.

I was in a quandary as to which one among the three songs I should present through this article in the Blog. Ultimately, I selected ‘dil dhadkane ki aawaaz ki khaamoshi’ a duet sung by Bhupinder Singh and Penaz Masani. The song is written by Shaharyar. The lyrics are unusual for a filmy song. There is some novelty in the imagination of the poet in this song like the refrain verses and verses like os (dewdrops) ki boond ke bojh se meri palaken jhukin teri saansen ruki.

It is interesting to know that Penaz Masani got the first prize in a singing competition where the judges were Raj Kapoor, Naushad and Jaidev. Later on, it was Jaidev who encouraged her to sing ghazals. He introduced her to Madhurani, one of the finest exponents of ghazal singing and she became her disciple. Prior to that, Penaz Masani got trained as vocalist in Hindustani classical music under the tutelage of Ustad Amanat Hussein Khan of Agra Gharana.

Song-Dil dhadakne ki aawaaz ki khaamoshi ke siwa (Trikon Ka Chauthha Kon)(1986) Singers-Bhupinder Singh, Peenaaz Masani, Lyrics-Shaharyar, MD-Jaidev


dil dhadkane ki
aawaaz ki
khaamoshi ke siwaaaaa
koi bhi to nahin
dil dhadkane ki aawaaz ki
khaamoshi ke siwaaaa
koi bhi to nahin
dil dhadkane ki aawaaz ki
khaamoshi ke siwaa aa
besabab ham ko phir
besabab ham ko phir
teesre kaa gumaan kaise aur kyun huaa

koi bhi to nahin
dil dhadkane ki aawaaz ki
khaamoshi ke siwaa aa

teri zulfoooooon
aa aa aa
aa aa aa

teri zulfon ki khushboo
mein bheegi huyi meri ye ungliyaan
dhoondhti hain tujhe
teri zulfon ki khushboo
mein bheegi huyi meri ye ungliyaan
dhoondhti hain tujhe
chhoo rahi hain tujhe
aa na jaayen kahin aaj pairon taley
aa na jaayen kahin aaj pairon taley
apni parchhaaiyaan
dheere dheere chalo
jo bhi kehna hai aankhon se aankhen kahen
munh se kuchh mat kaho
dheere dheere chalo
munh se kuchh mat kaho
dheere dheere chalo
jo bhi kehana hai aankhon se aankhen kahen

hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmmm
hmm hmm hmm hmmm

surkh phoolon ko boson se madhosh karti huyi
surkh phoolon ko boson se madhosh karti huyi
shaam ki ye hawaa tak rahi hai tujhe
teri peshaani ko choomne ke liye
teri peshaani ko choomne ke liye
tak rahi hai tujhe
oas ki boond se
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm

oas ki boond ke bojh se
meri palken jhukin
teri saansen rukin
koi bhi to nahin
dil dhadkane ki aawaaz ki khaamoshi ke siwaa
koi bhi to nahin
dil dhadkane ki aawaaz ki khaamoshi ke siwaa


8 Responses to "Dil dhadakne ki aawaaz ki khaamoshi"

Thanks Sadananji for the post and the song.
I remember this movie was telecasted on Doordarshan those days, I did not got the opportunity to watch it.

I remember(may be I am wrong,Please correct me If I am wrong) this movie was released on video(VHS video tapes) circuit prominently. Please correct me If I am wrong.

Those days Nari Hira(of Stardust magazine fame)used to produce video movies like Shingora,Kalank Ka teeka and used to advertise such video movies in his publication Stardust.Aditya Pancholi,Persis Khambatta such actors acted in such films.

I have no idea about the release of this film on VHS tapes. I feel that generally, when a film fails at the box office, it’s VHS tapes may not be in much demand. However, DVD of this movie was, later released.

Thanks Sadanandji for writing to me.

Sadanand ji and Atul ji,

Urdu poet Shaharyar’s name is credited on the blog for the title song of SJ’s “Aashiq” 1962 sung by Mukesh.

It seems to be wrong. It has to be none other than Shailendra only.

Kindly check and correct.


Yes, it is Shailendra. It needs to be corrected both in the text as well as in tag.

Sadanand-ji, many thanks. All these singers have simply vanished from Hindi films. Sad. Must watch this film on YT.

Hearing it for the first time. Thanks Sadanand ji.

The first antara is repeated in the film in the following song in a different situation (Hotel), in the voice of Bhupinder but in a different peach..

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