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Soye huye hain chaand aur taare

Posted on: September 29, 2014

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Chaandni raaten – Song no. 12

chaand ek bewaa ki choodi ki tarah toota huaa
har sitaara besahaaraa soch mein dooba huaa
gham ke baadal ek janaaze ki tarah thehre huye
hichkiyon ke saaz par kehtaa hai dil rotaa huaa

Thus began a classic Talat Mahmood song ‘koyi nahin mera iss duniya mein’ from the movie ‘Daag’.

I have recently discussed a wonderful ghazalsung by Talat Mehmood for Madan Mohan in Khoobsurat (1952). The search which actually started for ‘chaand’ song by Talat Mehmood has so far lead to a rich yield.

Yesterday I found this old geet said to be from a private album, which makes it a non-film song. And I was not even looking for it, as I already have a Talat song for this series(Thanks to Bluefire ji ). I heard it and thought this is a very old song and definitely suits the theme of the series. Having checked in the NFS list in the blog to confirm that it is not posted, I proceeded with the lyrics which proved a difficult task as the song is very old. In search of a better sounding link, I found this link which gives details of the song like the lyricist name and composers name, Faiyyaz Hashmi and Kamal DasGupta respectively. Unfortunately the song with this detail and lyrics is not to be found on listings. So I was not able to confirm it.

Another search for list of Talat Mahmood songs led me to this site . Here the list of film and non film songs, as well as other language songs , is given. It is accredited to Khalid Mahmood, son of Talat Mahmood. I was relieved to find the song in this list alongwith Faiyyaz Hashmi and Kamal DasGupta’s names. So this more or less confirms that the song credits are correct.

aabla paa koyi iss dasht mein aaya hogaa
warna aandhi mein diya kis ne jalaaya hogaa

But this is for another post for another non film song. For now presenting the Talat Mehmood solo song of indeterminate age.


Song-Soye huye hain chaand aur taare (Talat Mehmood NFS)(1950) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Faiyyaz Hashmi, MD-Kamal Dasgupta


soye huye hain chaand aur taare
aaj ki raat andhiyaari ee ee
aaj ki raat andhiyaari
tum baithhi ho paas hamaare
soyee hai phulwaari ee ee
soyee hai phulwaari

jin aankhon mein laaj bhari thhi
wo bhi hain matwaari ee
jin aankhon mein laaj bhari thhi
wo bhi hain matwaari ee
ab to itnaa keh do pyaari
main hoon tumhaari
main hoon tumhaari

ek dooje ko o paa ke ham tum
bahot miley sharmaa ke ham tum
ek dooje ko o paa ke ham tum
bahot miley sharmaa ke ham tum
yoonhi rahe to reh jaayengi
man ki baaten man mein saari
ab to itnaa keh do pyaari
main hoon tumhaari
main hoon tumhaari

dekh ye tum ko tadpaayegi
phir ye raat nahin aayegi
dekh ye tum ko tadpaayegi
phir ye raat nahin aayegi
prem milan ki in ghadiyon par
laakh bahaaren waari ee ee
laakh bahaaren waari ee ee ee
ab to itnaa keh do pyaari
main hoon tumhaari
main hoon tumhaari
soye huye hain …

5 Responses to "Soye huye hain chaand aur taare"

Kamal Dasgupta and Faiyyaz Hashmi are incomparable jodi in the NFS world. 98% of their were done together be it NFS or film songs; some of them are real gems. I have the complete list; there are too many to jot it here..


nahm ji,

I was aware of this song but I felt that you were looking for chaandni songs. So I did not mention it in my comments in your earlier post.

Here is Suman-Mukesh ‘chaand’ song but no ‘raat’:

‘Chamke chaand poonam ka’ from MAHASATI BEHULA, 1964. This song is not yet posted in the Blog.

I hope it fits in your current series.


I got the song and it fits the series. Thanks.


Excellent! Thanks Nahmji. 🙂


Decades back, I used to sing this song. Beautiful Geet, no doubt!
Last stanza, correction:
Dekh yeh tum ko


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