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O ban ke panchhi tum kit oar sidhaare

Posted on: September 30, 2014

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“Kashinath”(1943) was directed by Nitin Bose for New Theatres, Calcutta. The movie had Asit Baran Mukherji, Sunanda Devi, Bharati Devi, Nawab, Nemo, Puttan, Dilip Bose, Manorama, Buddhadev, Latika Mullick, Bijoli, Jawed Hussain, Radharani, Biren Das etc in it.

Three songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the fourth song from the movie. This song is picturised on two young artists who apparently play the young versions of the hero and heroine, and they are in love with each other even at that tender age. Perhaps they are married to each other at an early age which was fairly common in India those days.

This “missing the beloved” genre of song is sung by two voices that are not credited. For that matter, even the identity of the two young artists lip syncing this song is not known. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the identity of the singers as well as the actors in this song.

Pt Bhushan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

PS-I have now watched the movie and I have a good idea of the actors and the story. The opening scenes of the movie contains a screen where the names of actors and their movie names are given side by side. So I now know that the two kids are Latika Mullick (playing child Kamla) and Buddhadeb (playing child Kashinath). Child Kashinath has come to live with Pitambar Chakraborty (Nawab) who is Kamla’s father. He has liked Kashinath and he has decided to marry him to his daughter. After this song, he gets them married off.

The song is sung by Bela Mukherji and Surprobha Sarkar, as informed by shri Sunil Trivedi.

Singer-O ban ke panchhi tum kit oar sidhaare (Kashinath)(1943) Singer-Bela Mukherji, Suprabha Sarkar, Lyrics-Pt Bhushan, MD-Pankaj Mullick


o ban ke panchhi ee
o ban ke panchhi ee ee
tum kit oar sidhaare ae
tum kit oar sidhaare
chhod ke sone ka pinjra
aur tod ke bandhan saare ae
tum kit oar sidhaare ae
tum kit oar sidhaare

lo saanjh suhaani aayi
par man andhiyaari chhaayi
bhool gaye ae ae
bhool gaye
kyun jeewan saathi
khel wo pyaare pyaare
tum kit oar sidhaare ae ae
tum kit oar sidhaare

phir nikla
phir nikla chaand rupahla
phir cham cham cham cham chamke taare
phir miley puraane saathi
phir jaage bhaag hamaare
main ik paani ka rela aa aa
main ik paani ka rela
mast akela
main pawan jhakora pyaara
ghar chhod ke ban ko sidhaara

aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
tum kit oar sidhaare
tum kit oar sidhaare
man ka phool khilega tab
jab honge daras tumhaare

ham hain tumhaare jeewan saathi ee ee
kali kali hai aansoo bahaati ee
??? aakaash bhi tumko
jala ke deepak pyaare
tum kit oar sidhaare ae
tum kit oar sidhaare

6 Responses to "O ban ke panchhi tum kit oar sidhaare"

? – “Dhoondhat hai” akaash bhi tumko


Yes, it is ‘dhoondhat hai aakaash bhi tumko’ , thanks !!
@ Atul ji – thanks for these beautiful posts from ‘Kashinath -1943’.


The singers of this song are ASIT BARAN and BELA MUKHERJEE.


Atul ji,

Here is an E Mail received by me from shri Sunil Trivedi ji,from Gujarat ( thru Harish Raghuvanshi ji)

” On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 7:05 PM, Sunil Trivedi wrote:
> The song under reference is sung by Bela Mukherjee (later married to
> Hemantkumar,love mrg) and Suproya Sircar.
> The child artistes on whom picturised were not in love.After Kasinath’s
> father’s death he is comes/sent to his Jamindar friend.Kasi frees bird in
> cage,run away, that time the song comes.Jamindar,his widow sister staying
> with him and his munim (!) like the boy and fixes mrg of his daughter
> (mother dead) and Kasi.(child mrg)
> Latika (child artiste,plays role of jamindar’s daughter) afterwards married
> to Talat Mehmood (love marriage).Her name changed after mrg
> toNasreen.Rajanibhai in his book Aap ki Parchhaiyan.Latika was christian
> says Rajanibhai in his article,so Mullick surname may be wrong.
> Regards, ”

This should answer your both querries about the above song.



Thanks for the information



In the web site maintained by Khalid Mahmood (that is how the name is written in the web site), who is Talat’s son, clearly mentions that his mother’s name was Latika Mullick.

There is a wealth of info there and lots of photos too. You probably are aware of the site already.



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