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Kaanha na chhedo na chhedo baansuri

Posted on: October 19, 2014

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Yesterday was another day with no posts in the blog. I began a long and gruelling return journey from early hours of yesterday and arrived back this morning, some 28 hours later. I was able to connect on the internet during this journey but I spent this time catching up with the pending housekeeping works of the blog instead of trying to discuss more songs which would have resulting in postponing the housekeeping works even further.

Now I am united with my family (wife, daughter and two dogs) for the next ten days or so before the holidays of my daughter would get over and she would go back. We plan to utilise this vacation to help her with her topics where she needs special attention. Biology and chemistry will be taught by my wife while it will be upto me to teach her physics. I will need to read the relevant chapters myself and get well versed in them before I could teach her in a manner that will help her get her fundas right. So I will need to study these topics myself.:)

My nature is that I can concentrate on only one thing at a time, so I would rather get cracking on studying physics. But female minds apparently do not work that way. In addition to that planning, my wife has plans for so many other things to do. I consider such multitasking as spreading ones’ resources thin, but she may regard it as making the most of one’s vacations. 🙂

as part of her multitasking, she along with the daughter has gone shopping. 🙂 So that has given me the time to post in the blog.:)

Today (19 october 2014) is the 16th death anniversary of Naaz, who began her career as Baby Naaz and then Kumari Naaz before graduating to grown up roles.

Here is a song from “Do Phool” (1958) on this occasion. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. The song is picturised as a dance song on Naaz while master Romi plays baansuri and Bipin Gupta looks on, or rather is unable to look on, considering that he seems to play a visually impaired person.

Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vasant Desai.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Kaanha na chhedo na chhedo baansuri (Do Phool)(1958) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Vasant Desai

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)


aaa aaaa aaaa
aaaa aaaaa
aaaa aaaaaa…aaa
aaa aaa
aaaa aaaa aaa aaaa
aaaa aaaaa aaaa aaaaaa

kanhaa na chhedo na chhedo
baansuri rey
main toh aa gayee
kanhaa na chhedo na chhedo
baansuri rey
main toh aa gayee
tu hai piya mere liye
chhodaa jahaan tere liye
aa gayee
kaanhaa na chhedo na chhedo
baansuri rey
main toh aa gayee

nainaa hai mandar
tu jis ke andar
main tori nadiyaa
tu hai samandar
aa toh gayee
chhaa toh gayee
jaise badariyaa
baajey jhhann jhhan jhhnn
paayal ki
jhaanjhari rey
main toh aa gayee
kaanhaa na chhedo na chhedo
baansuri rey
main toh aa gayee rey
main toh aa gayee ee ee

natkhat kanhaiyya
bansi bajaiyyaa
main teri daasi
oh rey rangrasiyaa
main teri daasi
oh rey rangrasiyaa
tu hai jahaan
main hoon wahaan
tori gujariyaa
aayee jamuna ke tat par
pyaasi rey
raadhaa baawri
kaanhaa na chhedo na chhedo
baansuri rey
main toh aa gayee
tu hai piya mere liye
chhodaa jahaan tere liye
aa gayee
kaanhaa na chhedo na chhedo
baansuri rey
main toh aa gayee re
main toh aa gayee ee ee

2 Responses to "Kaanha na chhedo na chhedo baansuri"

Ha Ha Ha! Atul Ji, you can take your family for a picnic and also study Physics! After all, who knows, another Apple may fall and another scientist may be produced. 🍎


@ Atul ji – I had read this post on the same day, but could not comment on then. I can imagine how happy (and lucky too) your daughter must be feeling, that you can help her in her studies. Because, though both my daughters took to science stream, I always like to run away from these subjects 🙂


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