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Dhoti lota aur chowpaati

Posted on: November 21, 2014

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Only if religion had not fallen out of favor with the film industry. Kya kahen, sab paise ki maya hai (what to say, it is all a money game). The producers say that the public is not interested. And so they will lose money if they make religious films. And so we have been seeing less and less of religious and spiritual themes on screen. Rather, I do not recall seeing any title that indicates a religious film, in the past decade or so.

Arre, you must be wondering, why this concern about religion in films. Well, besides all other concerns that could be listed, one concern is that we lost opportunities to see more of ‘Yamraaj’ roles that could have been played by Premnath. You see, just as Jeevan specialized in the role of Naarad, and Dara Singh specialized in the role of Hanuman in Hindi films, similarly Premnath was also gearing up to take on the role of ‘Yamraaj’ on screen. He has played this role very effectively in a couple of films – ‘Raani Aur Lalpari’ (1975) and ‘Lok Parlok’ (1979). But then, religion slowly became ‘out-of-fashion’ with the film producers, and Premnath hung up his performing shoes in 1985. Varnaa kya baat hai, that we could have seen more of him in this role. 🙂

Remembering Premnath on the anniversary of his birth today (21st November).

Born as Premnath Malhotra, this day in 1926, in Peshawar, he was a young man of 21 years when the partition happened, and the family moved to Jabalpur (in Madhya Pradesh). Being interested in and involved with the theatre from his school and college years, his interest was more in a career as an actor. He did not stay with family, and moved to Bombay, to make a career in films.

His first film was ‘Rangeen Zamaana’ from 1948 (also titled as ‘Ajeet’), in which he was paired opposite to Monica Desai. But more importantly, on reaching Bombay, he made acquaintance with and became a very close friend of Raj Kapoor, who was just starting with his RK Films venture. Although I have found no specific reference for it, it is possible that the two families knew each other. As is known, Prithviraj Kapoor was from Lyallpur and had done his college education in Peshawar before moving to Calcutta to start his film career with New Theatres.

Premnath connected into the industry, more than just a performer. He also got connected with other film families. One of his sisters got married to Raj Kapoor. Another sister got married to Prem Chopra. His own family and children have further enriched the industry. His brothers Rajendranath and Narendranath got their own place in limelight of the industry. So did his son Prem Kishen, whose children continue to be active in films – Akanksha, as an actress and Siddhartha as a director.

Over a period of almost four decades, Premnath appeared in close to 150 films. In his early years, he was popular as a dashing young hero, but later he found greater success as a character artist. Till about mid 1960s, he continued to appear as the lead actor in films. In 1963 came ‘Rustam Sohrab’ in which he played the role of Sohrab, son of Rustam, role played by Prithviraj. Then in 1965 came the film ‘Janam Janam Ka Saath’ in which he was the lead actor opposite to Kamini Kaushal. As I review his filmography, this might well be his last film as a hero. In 1966 came the films ‘Amrapali’ and ‘Teesri Manzil’ in which he clearly struck out towards the path of character portrayals. Considering his strong on screen presence and his portrayals of the roles, he found a more effective success and popularity in his later years. I have always fancied his roles in ‘Teesri Manzil’, as the surprise villain revealed at the end, and in ‘Johnny Mera Naam’ (1970), as the vociferous Ranjit, younger brother of Rai Sb Bhupender Singh (role played by Sajjan), whom he imprisons and impersonates for his own criminal machinations. Of course there have been more memorable performances, but these two probably caught my fancy at a more impressionable age. Other roles that I would prefer to list are his performances in ‘Shor’ (1972), ‘Bobby’ (1973), ‘Ishq Ishq Ishq’ (1974), and Dharmatma (1975). That does not mean I have any lack of preference for his earlier roles. His performances in ‘Aag’ (1948), ‘Barsaat’ (1949), ‘Awaara’, ‘Baadal’, ‘Naujawaan’, ‘Buzdil’, ‘Shokhiyaan’ (all 1951)’, ‘Aan’ (1952), ‘Aurat’ (1953), ‘Aab e Hayaat’ (1955), ‘Changez Khan’ (1957), ‘Forty Days’ (1959) are memories to be relished.

I present this song (as homework assigned to me 🙂 ), from the 1975 film of the same name – ‘Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty’. In this film, Premnath plays the role of a roadside vendor who sells pao bhaji at Chowpatty. His small vendor van has ‘Imaandar Pao Waala’ written on it. The film is produced and directed by Mohan Choti – ah yes, I was also surprised to see this name. The film has a whole galaxy of actors, some of them are making appearances as themselves in the film. The five songs in the film are written by three poets, Hasrat Jaipuri, Gulshan Baawra and Kulwant Jaani. This song is from the pen of Hasrat Jaipuri. The music is by Shyamji Ghanshyamji. The singing voice is that of Mukesh. The scenario is the streets of Bombay and the beach of Chowpatty, where a whole universe of human interactions exist. And Premnath is his exuberant self as he performs this song.

The nudging for this remembrance post, the song identification, and the lyrics have been assigned to me as homework by our dear principal, Khyati Ben. Ab ye homework to karna hi thaa naa. 😉 Asha hai achhe number mil jaayenge.

Listen and enjoy.



Song-Dhoti lota aur chowpaati (Dhoti Lota aur Chowpaati)(1975) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shamji Ghanshamji


dhoti lota aur chowpaaty
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty
arre ye hain apne pyaar ke saathi
inse apna rishta naata
baaki saari duniya maati
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty
aji ye hain apne pyaar ke saathi
inse apna rishta naata
baaki saari duniya maati
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty

dhoti ne to ang chhupaaya
aur lote ne pyaas bujhaayi
mehnat ko imaan banaaya
chowpaaty par kari kamaayi
chowpaaty par kari kamaayi
jag waalon ki jeb na kaati
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty

hadtaalon ka zor to dekho
aeji naadaanon ka shor to dekho
khud apna nuksaan kare hain
duniyaa ke ye taur to dekho
duniyaa ke ye taur to dekho
apne ghar mein loota-laati
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty

kaam kiya hai kaam karenge
aur kaam se ooncha naam karenge
chaahe apni jaan bhi jaaye ae
Raghupati raaghav raaja Raam
patit paawan Sita Raam
ishwar allah tero naam
sab ko sanmati de bhagwaan

desh ko naa badnaam karenge
hum to hai Gaandhi ki laathi
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty
aeji ye hai apne pyaar ke saathi
inse apna rishta naata
baaki saari duniya maati
dhoti lota aur chowpaaty

waa wa wa wow waa
wa wa wow waa
waa wa wa wow waa
wa wa wow waa
waa wa wa wow waa
wa wa wow waa


धोती लोटा और चौपाटी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी
अरे ये हैं अपने प्यार के साथी
इनसे अपना रिश्ता नाता
बाकी सारी दुनीया माटी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी
अजी ये हैं अपने प्यार के साथी
इनसे अपना रिश्ता नाता
बाकी सारी दुनीया माटी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी

धोती ने तो अंग छुपाया
और लोटे ने प्यास बुझाई
मेहनत को ईमान बनाया
चौपाटी पर करी कमाई
चौपाटी पर करी कमाई
जग वालों की जेब न काटी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी

हड़तालों का ज़ोर तो देखो
अजी नादानों का शोर तो देखो
खुद अपना नुकसान करे हैं
दुनिया का ये तौर तो देखो
दुनिया का ये तौर तो देखो
अपने घर में लूटा लाटी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी

काम किया है काम करेंगे
और काम से ऊंचा नाम करेंगे
चाहे अपनी जान भी जाये॰ ॰ए
रघुपति राघव राजा राम
पतित पावन सीता राम
ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरो नाम
सबको सन्मति दे भगवान

देश को ना बदनाम करेंगे
हम तो हैं गांधी की लाठी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी
अजी ये हैं अपने प्यार के साथी
इनसे अपना रिश्ता नाता
बाकी सारी दुनीया माटी
धोती लोटा और चौपाटी

वा व व वौ वा
व व वौ वा
वा व व वौ वा
व व वौ वा
वा व व वौ वा
व व वौ वा

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Thank you for writing the informative post in a very short notice (that’s what an ideal student does 🙂 )
Ab ek vidyarthi itna aagnankit hokar itna achha grihkarya karega to phir homework to jyada milega na….
Aur haan, aise tej vidyarthi ko vyast rakhne rakhte kabhi principal mandbudhhi ho jaata hai. 😆


Thank you very much Sudhir ji and also Khyati ji for goading him to extract this post.
Premnath was endowed with a good physique and looks and since his elder sister was married in Kapoor family, it facilitated an easy entry to Hindi film industry.
I may also share a tiny bit of information. Premnath’s father was a senior police officer, who at one time held the position of police chief (DIG) at Jabalpur in M.P. Following in his foot-steps may have been a latent ambition for Premnath, who at least emulated him in reel life enacting the role of DIG / IG Police in several films in 70s/80s.
Among the list of Premnath’s many notable films and roles, I would like to add ‘Aaraam’ (1951) with delectable music from the maestro Anil Biswas, and two invaluable gems picturised on Premnath, one with playback by inimitable Talat – “Shukriya ai pyar tera” and the other a soulful number from Mukesh – “Ai jan-e-jigar mere dil mein samaane aa jaa”.
After his stint of about 2 decades in films as a comedian, of which many being with a trade-mark ‘choti’ which earned him the moniker of Mohan Choti, he attempted to make it big by producing and directing his maiden venture, which unfortunately (but not surprisingly) proved to be a dud at box office. Thus ended his career as a producer-director and he had lost all his earnings, savings and assets bringing him literally on the streets. A few years later, the same fate awaited another talented actor-comedian, Asrani whose “Chala Murari Hero Banane”, was financially equally disatrous.
Once again with thanks and regards,
Avadh Lal


Awadh lal ji,

How to get in touch with you ?
Are you located in Mumbai ?
Can you get in touch with me at at the earliest please ?


Avadh Lal Saab,
I am a little confused with your explanation of Premnath’s stint of being a comedian with the moniker of Mohan Choti. I request you to please clarify for me if Mohan Choti (real name Mohan Gorakshkar) and Premnath (full name Premnath Malhotra) are the same entities

It is quite possible I have misunderstood your statement – in which case, I apologize.

Pradeep Srinivas


@ Pradeep ji – Mohan Choti has Produced & Directed this film ‘Dhoti Lota aur Chowpaati – 1975’ , that is what Awadh Lal ji wants to referred to. And Mohan Choti’s real name was Mohan Deshmukh I think.
Thanks !!


As per the book,” The story of Hindi film comedy”-Sanjit Narwekar,his name was MOHAN GORAKSHKAR. he was born in 1942 at Amravati, Maharashtra.
Mohan Choti and Premnath were different persons.
Mohan choti turned producer/director with oriya film- ‘ Sandhya Tara’-1974. he also produced and directed Hindi films- Dhoti,lota aur chaupati-75,Hunterwali 77-1977 and ‘Chabi chor ke haath mein’ (UR). He was ruined,but continued acting till he died on 1-2-1992-but not in poverty.
Even Asrani was well off.


Reminds me of the same trio in the golden era. Badal 1951 had the same combo of Mukesh, Premnath and Hasrat Jaipuri for the iconic solo.
Some comic comparisons.

1. Hasrat saab comes down from dharti and ghata to dhoti and lota. 🙂
2. Premnath from romancing Madhubala on a horse, gets onto a tricycle on shorts and baniyaan. 🙂
3. Mukesh’s voice becomes as thick and bulky as Premnath’s belly.:)

This comparison is just for fun and I fully understand the great legacy of the legends.


@ Sudhir ji – Khyati ji – many thanks for this post and remembering Premnath ji on the blog. ( ‘Dus Numbri’ was there on ‘zee cinema’ on 20th Nov, where in he had an important role 🙂 )
I had this film’s name in my vague memory and it make ‘news’ at that time (as far as I remember).
Thanks again !!


@ Arunkumar-ji: Many thanks, sir, for the clarification of names.
@ Avinash-ji: I knew I was making a mistake somewhere 🙂
English is, truly a funny language! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.


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