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Tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayee

Posted on: January 11, 2015

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One of the important targets that I chase on a regular basis these days is seeing that all songs of movies get covered and then that movie title in coloured orange in the list of songs. Often it so happens that I cover all songs of a movie but I forget to colour the title of movie red in the list of songs or forget to include the name of the movie in the list of ” movies with all songs covered”.

For a change, I found myself going to the other extreme, viz. I coloured the movie title orange and included the movie in the list of ” movies with all songs covered”. 🙂

This error would have gone unnoticed but for the fact that we have people who keep a hawk eye over such matters. Aparna H M, whom many people consider a lady of few words certainly makes up for it with keen observation. She keeps a count of all the YIPPEED movies and she often points out ommissions in the list. In the past she has pointed out facts that I had not included lyrics of all parts in case of multiple version songs or that I had not coloured movie titles that were duly YIPPEED. She often cross checks with me about the exact number of YIPPEED movies and wonders which are the one or two movies that she is missing.

I have been adding up to the list of such movies regularly this year. In addition to the songs that had all their songs covered this year, I “discovered” that all songs of “Fakira” (1976) were already covered. Or so I thought and accordingly included it in the list of YIPPEED movies. When Aparna HM enquired which was the one movie which she was unable to keep track of, I proudly pointed her to this movie.

A few days later, she pointed out the fact that one song from this movie was yet to be covered. And the missing song was “Tota Maina Ki Kahaani”.

I checked up and found that she was indeed correct. All these days I was under the impression that this song was discussed long back.

There were some interesting reasons for my confusion and it makes for an interesting tale.

As it is, “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974) and “Fakira”(1976) have quite a few things in common. In fact both the movies have been produced by the same producer. People, who have HFGK will tell me that I was wrong. “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974) was an N N Sippy Production, while “Fakira”(1976) was Prithvi Pictures Production, I would be told. And most people, including me would agree.

But then we in this blog has someone like Prakashchandra, who has knowledge that is often not avaialble online. He points out that N N Sippy is the producer for both these movies, even though the banners of the two movies are different. Now this is something that one cannot deduce from online sources. One needs to possess this information through first hand information, which our Prakashchandra possesses in abundance.

When “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974) turned out to be a smashing success at the box office, N N Sippy decided to repeat the team of “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974) for his next production. He accordingly singned up most main names of “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974), viz Shashi Kapoor, Asrani, Danny Madan Puri, Asit Sen, Chaman Puri etc.

The biggest star attraction of “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974) was Mumtaz though and she could not be signed because she married and retired from movies. So N N Sippy had to look for a fresh leading lady and he signed up Shabana Azmi for the role.

The biggest reason for the success of “Chor Machaaye Shor”(1974) was its music, though. All its songs were huge hits. The song Le jaayenge le jaayenge dilwaale dulhaniya le jaayenge turned out to become a timeless classic and a phenomenon. One needed to live in that era to realise what a huge hit this song was !

The music director, Ravindra Jain was naturally repeated for the next movie.

Another interesting thing to note was that there was one song in “Chor Machaaye Shor” (1974) which was meant this movie but was utilised in “Fakira”(1976). Interestingly, this HFGK mentions this song as belonging to both the movies.

It is this song Ye mera jaadoo caused all this confusion. I initially discussed this song describing this song as belonging to “Chor Machaaye Shor”(1974). All songs of that movie became covered with this song. But I failed to consider this song as belonging to “Fakira”(1976) as well. A few days ago, I realised this fact. Thinking that with inclusion in this song in “Fakira”(1976) meant all songs of the movie were covered. I failed to notice that the song “Tota Maina Ki Kahaani” was not yet discussed. I sub consciously mistook this song with the “Chor Machaaye Shor”(1974) song Ek daal par tota bole ek daal par maina which was covered in the blog.

Now that I have realised the real fact, it is time I discussed the one remaining song from “Fakira”(1976) so that this movie, already listed among YIPPEED movies in the blog actually becomes worthy of that status.

So here is this wonderful song from “Fakira”(1976). It is sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata. It is picturised on Shashi Kapoor and Shabana Azmi. Ravindra Jain is the lyricist as well as the music director.

With this song, “Fakira”(1976) ACTUALLY joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog. 🙂



Song-Tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi (Fakira)(1976) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain


tota maina ki kahaani
tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi
ho tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi
ab hai sabke labon par ye taaza khabar
ek ladki deewaani ho o gayi
tujhse milke zidagaani
tujhse milke zidagaani
haaye kitni suhaani ho gayi
milte hi nazar
hua aisa asar
main fakire ki raani ho o gayi

tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi

kahin koi na thha aa
door door tak
ham jisko hamaara kehte
ham jisko hamaara kehte
tu na milta agar
sooni raah par
piya ham besahaara rehte
piya ham besahaara rehte

ae mere hamsafar
chaahnewaalon par
ae mere hamsafar
chaahnewaalon par

waqt ki meharbaani ho gayi
tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi

tu rang hai
main hoon khushboo
gul khilte hain apne milan se
gul khilte hain apne milan se

tera mukhda hai ae saamne mere ae
mujhe matlab nahin hai chaman se
mujhe matlab nahin hai chaman se
ek apni dagar
ek apna nagar

ek apni dagar
ek apna nagar
ek apni kahaani ho o gayi
tujhse milke zidagaani haaye kitni suhaani ho gayi
tujhse milke zidagaani haaye kitni suhaani ho gayi
milte hi nazar
hua aisa asar
main fakire ki raani ho o gayi

tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi
ho tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayi

hmm hmm hmm hmmm
hmm hmm hmm
ho ho ho ho
hm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmmhmm
hm hmm hmm hmmm

3 Responses to "Tota maina ki kahaani to puraani puraani ho gayee"

Congratulations Atul ji on covering all songs of ‘FAKIRA- 1976’ !!!
Wonderful songs as far as we ‘the fan of 70’s are concerned’.
Yippee …!!!
well, I do not know about the confusion and the other details, but I was aware that one song of this film is balance to be posted. Did not noticed when it was colored ‘red’ (or orange 🙂 )
(surprised that the tag ‘lyrics by Prakash ji’ is not there 🙂 )


Avinash ji
I haven`t provided the lyrics of this song to Atul ji 🙂


Atul ji, the credit of finding the missing song should go to Khyati ji. She was the one who said it first. She commented about it while responding to one of the songs (from Fakira) on the blog. Kudos to her 🙂

That I keep an eye on the numbers is correct. I am glad that this quirkiness of mine has not irritated you. Otherwise, people think that I knit-pick. But according to me, it is striving for perfection 🙂


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