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Suno suno Banwaari mori

Posted on: February 15, 2015

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Regulars may have noticed that posts in the blog have dwindled from yesterday. Well, yesterday was Valentine day and today (15 january 2015) was the world cup cricket match between India and Pakistan and I was busy on both these days. 🙂

After discussing two songs yesterday, I planned to discuss at least another song (a YIPPEE song) but by the time I became free and arrived home, it was exactly midnight and the day was gone and so yesterday became the second day of the year without a YIPPEE song being posted.

Today (15 january 2015) also has seen just one song being discussed. Seeing that India (or more appropriately BCCI, as I like to call the cricket team) was batting first, I made sure that I did not miss any balls (afraid that a BCCI wicket would fall anytime I missed watching the proceedings). 🙂 I would work on the first article for the day at the adverisement break. And for a change I found the advertisement ending up rather too early. No wonder that it took me nearly thirty adverisement breaks (viz thirty overs of BCCI innings) before I could post the first (and so far the only) post for the day.

And after BCCI put up a total that a fan can feel somewhat comfortable with, it was time to brace onself and hope that the total was enough for the weak looking BCCI bowling attack to defent. With Pakistan 82/1 at one stage, things did not look good. But then the second wicket fell and then three wickets fell in a heap at 102, and that changed the complexion of the match.

Unlike many excitable fans who always fell very confident about their team’s chances, I tend to feel underconfident and anxious and that always seems to work. The last time I felt overconfident about BCCI was in 2007 world cup and that was the time when the team touched its rock bottom in the world cup. Ever since I have been suitably downbeat about the chances of team BCCI and I have been suitably rewarded- with the team winning in T20 WC in 2007, world cup in 2011 and champions trophy in 2013.

With the match done and dusted, I am more relieved than in a celebrating mood. The result was favourable so it meant that the sunday was not wasted (which was the case for Pakistan fans) and I am relieved that this unbeaten record against Pakistan in world cup continues.

Now it is time to get back to blogging. Let me post at least one YIPPEE songs for today. So here is that song.

This song is the tenth and final song from “Jeet”(1949). This movie was directed by Mohan Sinha for Rajkeerti Chitra, Bombay. The movie had Suraiyya, Dev Anand, Durga Khote, Kanhaiya lal, Madan Puri, Suraiyya Chaudhary, Shri Bhagwan, Habeeb, S P Mahendra etc in it.

The song is descriped as a duet sung by Geeta Dutt and Vinod.

The video of this song is available and it is seen that the song is just a Geeta Dutt solo and it is picturised on Durga Khote as a Krishna bhajan. I do not know wherefrom the mention of Vinod found its place for this song. I think that it was some clerical error which has been mindlessly copied by all online sources.

Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. There were two music directors in the movie, viz. Anil Biswas and Shyam Babu Pathak. Music of this song is composed by Shyam Babu Pathak.

With this song, “Jeet”(1949) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

With this done, let me go back to watching TV channels to see what they are saying about this match !



Song-Suno suno banwaari mori (Jeet)(1949) Lyrics-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Shyam Babu Pathak


suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno banwaari mori
duniya aa aa aa aa
duniya teri bhai dukhiyari
suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno

mehlon mein koi raas rachaaye,
koi dar dar thhokar khaaye
mehlon mein koi raas rachaaye,
koi dar dar thokar khaaye
ek hanse ek roye
ae ae ae ae ae ae
ek hase ek roye ae
jag mein kaise tujhse dekha jaaye
kaise tujhse dekha jaaye
ye kaisa anyaay muraari
ye kaisa anyaay muraari
duniya teri bhai dukhiyaari
suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno

is dharti se sona nikle
is aakash se amrit barse
is dharti se sona nikle
is aakash se amrit barse
phir bhi teri kitni duniya
roti ke tukdon ko tarse
phir bhi teri kitni duniya
roti ke tukdon ko tarse
bhookhe hain laakhon nar naari
suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno banwaari mori
duniya teri bhai dukhiyaari
suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno

deen dharam ke jhagdon mein ye
duniya teri mit’ti jaaye
deen dharam ke jhagdon mein ye
duniya teri mit’ti jaaye
dhan daulat ke naam pe, bhaai
bhaai ka hi lahu bahaaye
dhan daulat ke naam pe bhaai
bhaai ka hi lahu bahaaye
hamen jagaade raah bataade
hamen jagaade raah bataade
rakhle laaj hamaari ee
suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno banwaari mori
duniya teri bhai dukhiyaari
suno suno banwaari mori
suno suno

3 Responses to "Suno suno Banwaari mori"

Congratulations Atul ji on covering all songs of ‘ Jeet – 1949’ 🙂


Yes! One for the Indian team……YYIIPPEEEE!!!!
O s I know how tense it was to begin with. I had instructed my son and husband…. One of us shd always b in front of the TV. Lest the Indian team get impression that v were not interested😂😉


Geeta Dutt imparts that Rabindra Sangeet touch to her songs especially the bhajans gives me goose pimples.
India has finally won independence from British rule, and there are signs of progress among the population. One such sign of progress is in the village where two childhood sweethearts, namely Jeet and Vijay live. Vijay lives with his mom and brother Ratan. Ratan, who lives abroad, returns home to India, with all new ideas of progress and advancement. This is not met well with some of the villagers, including Jeet and Vijay themselves. Ratan overhears a conversation that Vijay is not his real brother, and asks Vijay to leave the house, despite of his mother’s protests. Self-respecting Vijay leaves the house, and Ratan plans to marry Jeet, and schemes with some villagers that will revolutionize his plans for progress, and make Vijay the culprit.
Suraiya as Jeet
Dev Anand as Vijay
Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi as Thakur Kalyan Singh
Madan Puri as Ratan
Suraiya Chowdhary
S.P. Mahendra
Shri Bhagwan as Shri Bhagwan
Durga Khote as Ratan’s Mother

Mohan Sinha (1903–1984)
Born: December 2, 1903 in Indore
Died: 1984 (age 80)

1960 Shan-E-Hind
1959 Chand Ki Duniya
1958 Akash Pari
1957 Jannat
1957 Ram Lakshman
1956 Sultana Daku
1956 Panna
1955 Shahzada
1951Nai Zindagi
1947Chittor Vijay
1947Khubsoorat Duniya
1947Mere Bhagwan
1946Omar Khaiyyam
1945Shri Krishn Arjun Yuddha
1943Badalti Duniya
1943Vakil Saheb
1938Nirala Hindustan
1937Badhe Chalo
1937Swaraj Ke Sipahi
1936Romantic India
1935Fashionable India
As Writer
1947Dil-Ki-Rani (story)
1935Fashionable India

Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi
He was born in Benares
He was fond of plays and came to Mumbai to find a space on stage. He staged his own written play Pandrah August in Mumbai, later he tried his luck in films. He also had written many plays.

In 1940 he got a role of moneylender (Sahukar) in a Mehboob Khan’s film “Aurat” as Sukhilala. After that he later acted in many films as a character artist. When Mehboob Khan was directed his immortal film Mother India 1957 he again picked Kanhaiya Lal to act as Sukkhi Lala, a character that came alive with his natural acting.

Thereafter Kanhaiya Lal played similar type of roles in Ganga-Jamuna 1960, Gopi, Upkaar, Apna Desh, Dushman. His other notable movies are Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke, Hum Paanch.
As an Actor
1982Haathkadi as Raghuvir
1981Kanhaiya as Makhanlal
1980Teen Ekkey
1980Hum Paanch as Lala Nainsukh Prasad Srivastav
1980Sitara as Girdhari
1979Janta Hawaldar
1978Karmayogi as Landlord
1978Rahu Ketu as Ramprasad
1978Satyam Shivam Sundaram as Pandit Shyam Sunder
1977Dil Aur Patthar
1977Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein
1977Hatyara as Pyarelal ‘Pyare’
1977Jadu Tona
1976Raakhi Aur Rifle
1976Bhoola Bhatka as Ghanshamdas
1975Mazaaq as Murali’s Father
1975Anokha as Lala Kanhaiyalal, Belapur’s the Money Lender
1974Dost as Gadibabu
1973Heera as Dhaniram
1973Anokhi Ada as Ram Prasad ‘Ramu’
1972Aan Baan as Dhaniram
1972Annadata as Landlord
1972Apna Desh as Sevaram
1972Gaon Hamara Shaher Tumhara as Advocate Chandershekhar Pandey
1972Tangewala as Munimji/Panditji
1971Dushman as Durga Prasad
1971Lakhon Me Ek as Manoharlal – Gauri’s dad
1970Holi Ayee Re
1970Jeevan Mrityu as Jagat Narayan
1970Samaj Ko Badal Dalo
1970Sharafat as Pratapchand
1969/IBandhan as Malikram
1969Chirag as Singh’s employee
1969Dharti Kahe Pukarke
1969Meri Bhabhi
1968Teen Bahuraniyan as Sita’s and Mala’s Father
1967Aurat as Pandit
1967Dulhan Ek Raat Ki
1967Ram Aur Shyam as Munimji
1967Ram Rajya
1967Upkar as Lala Dhaniram
1966Biradari as Rammurthy ‘Dudhwala’
1966Daadi Ma as Totaram
1966Gaban as Devideen Khati
1966Saaz Aur Awaaz
1965Himalay Ki Godmein as Ghoghar Baba
1965Rishte Naahte
1965Oonche Log as Gunichand
1964Phoolon Ki Sej as Banwari
1964Zindagi as Pandit
1963Bharosa as Raunak Lal
1963Grahasti as Ram Swarup (Staiton Master)
1963Meri Surat Teri Ankhen as Rahmat
1962Sautela Bhai as Gokul’s father-in-law
1962Son of India as Paro’s dad
1961Gunga Jumna as Kallu
1961Suhag Sindoor as Dayashankar
1961Gharana as Advocate Shyam Lal Gupta
1960The Test as Pandit Tarkalankarji
1959C.I.D. Girl
1959Swarg Se Sundar Desh Hamara
1958Panchayat as Charandas
1958Sahara as Chaudhary Gaman Singh
1957Chhote Babu
1957Do Roti as Lakshmidas
1957Mother India as Sukhilala
1955Amaanat as Laxmidas
1955Devdas as Teacher
1955Naata as Lakhibaba
1954Bahut Din Huwe as Pujari
1952Daag as Lala Jagat Narayan
1952Mr. Sampat as Seth Makhanlal Jhaverimull Gheewala
1951Hum Log as Lalaji/Haricharandas
1950Afsar as Village Tehsildar
1949Jeet as Thakur Kalyan Singh
1948Toote Tare as Diwan Madanlal
1945Shri Krishn Arjun Yuddha
1944Lal Haveli as Chacha
1944Pagli Duniya
1942Khilona as Kishore
1941Bahen as Moti
1941Radhika as Mohant
1940Aurat as Sukhilala
1939Ek Hi Raasta as Banke
1938Gramophone Singer
1969Doli (production manager)
1967Around the World (production manager: abroad)
1962Shaadi (production manager)
1974Zehreela Insaan (secretary to producer)
1952Amber (production assistant)
1957Janam Janam Ke Phere: (dress assistant)


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