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Bhagwaan tumhen duniya maane karuna saagar antaryaami

Posted on: February 16, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s bhajan is from a film Shiv Bhakt-1955. This film was made by AVM, Madras, in their Madras studios. In south, Mythological films are extremely popular. Most of the Acting, Direction and Music legends from the South started their careers from acting or being a part of some Religious film in Southern languages.

Famous actor M G Ramchandran also known as MGR debuted in Sathi Leelavathy-1936, Anjali Devi in Raja Harischandra-36, Sivaji Ganeshan in Parashakti-52, A.Nageshwar Rao or ANR, in Dharma Patni-41. N T Rama Rao or NTR acted either as Rama or Krishna in 52 films from 1950 to 1955 after his debut in 1949.

Both Tamil and Telugu films,in their initial phases, constituted a major chunk of Religious and Mythological films. Hindi films are no match for South films, as far as variety and contents of this film genre is concerned. Unlike Hindi films, South films take lot of efforts in presenting religious films, remaining very close and true to the original stories in Puranas, without depending too much on the fertile imaginations of their ” story departments” unlike Hindi films.

Many south films are dubbed in Hindi. Famous production houses of south, like AVM, Prasad productions, Nagi Reddy’s Vauhini or Vijaya Studios, Vassan etc were known to make big Mythologicals in those days. In addition, famous legendary Directors used to direct such films. Today’s film Shiv Bhakta is also directed by one such legend from south- H L N Simha or H. Laxi Nar Simha. His name is not known outside south, but in south, especially in Kannada film world, he was a highly respected personality.

H L N Simha was born on 25-7-1904, at a village Madhalli, in Malavalli in Mandya district of Karnataka. Starting as an actor in Dramas, he soon established his own drama company-” Chandrakala Natak Mandali”,along with a fellow actor Mohd. Peer. His first film was Sanskara Nauka-36,in which he was an actor,writer, screen play writer and its Director too. He is famous for locating and introducing Dr. Rajkumar into films. Raja Sulochana and Pandaribai are also his discoveries. He was credited for making Dr. Rajkumar work in a Telugu film, under his direction-” Kalahasti Mahatmyam”-54. This was Rajkumar’s only film outside Kannada language !

Mr.Simha served the stage and film industry for nearly half a century. His interest in stage began when he was a young lad and wrote his short play, ‘Destiny Rules Humanity’ and brought it on stage with Mohamed Peer, another renowned stage actor of yesteryears. Later he joined the famous Varadachar Drama Company and began playing minor roles.

Appreciating the stage talent of Mr.Simha, Gubbi Veeranna sent him to Bombay, present Mumbai, for training in film direction. After the training, Mr.Simha joined hands with Mr.Gubbi Veeranna as Assistant Director and produced a silent movie, “His Love Affair”. His major stage play, “Samsara Nouka” (the life’s boat) brought him rich encomiums as a top drama producer and director. It was brought on stage during 1933. Breaking tradition of Pouranic plays, “Samasara Nouke” tread a new path. It became the first social play in Kannada touching upon the prevailing social issues and conditions like dowry, unemployment and widow marriage. Simha played the leading role as Maadhu, while Peer Sab as Sundara in this play, which was staged in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu also, besides in several places in Karnataka.

His role as Shahajan in the same title play and as Chenna in ‘Gouthama Buddha’ play brought him more laurels. Then leading stage personalities like T.P.Kailasam, Pandit Taranath and Thirumale Thatacharya Sharma were among those who lauded the acting abilities of Mr.Simha, apart from his abilities as a director of Kannada plays.

Simha later set up his own troupe, “Simha’s Select Artistes” and produced dramas like “Abba Aa Hudugi”, “Bamgarada Bara”, “Madhakari Nayaka”. Those who acted in these dramas included Rathnakar and M.V.Narayana Rao (who spoke at the function on July 27), film script writer Sorot Aswath, and M.V.Rajamma.

The next phase in the life of Mr.Simha was that of a film producer. Then famous film producer of Madras, Mr. K.Rajagopala Chettiar invited Mr. Simha to produce his famous play “Samsara Nouka’ as a film. Taking up the challenge of producing a social Kannada film for the first time, Mr.Simha introduced to the film industry B.R.Panthulu, M.V.Rajamma, Dikki Madhava Rao, Tamash Madhava Rao, Hunsur Krishnamurthy and Hanumantha Rao, who later became leading personalities in the Kannada film world.

When Mr. Simha was looking for a suitable person for his ‘Bedara Kannappa’, he saw Mutthu Raju, now Dr. Rajkumar, who has now become a household name in the film industry, at Nanjangud and gave him the new name in the lead role. This film became a hit and brought Dr.Rajkumar to limelight. Apart from Dr.Rajkumar, Mr.Simha introduced several other famous personalities like G.V.Iyer, Narasimha Raju, Raja Sulochana, Honnappa Bhagavathar, Raja Shankar, B. Hanumanthachar to the film world.

Mr.Simha’s last film was “Anugraha” in 1970, had a song written by his son, Mr.Sheshachandra. But unfortunately, Mr.Simha was not alive to see the film, when it was released. He passed away on July 3, 1972, leaving a legend behind him, which, unfortunately very few remember today.

Today’s song is from film Shiv Bhakt-55,directed by H L N Simha. The MD was Chitragupta and the Lyricist was G S Nepali. The film had 14 songs and today’s song will be the 5th song to be posted here. The story of the film was-

Manimant and Alka are a happy couple in Gandharvalok. Due to a curse by Indra, they have to take birth on Earth. They are found in the jungle by a Hunter who adopts them and brings them up. When they are young, they are married as Deena and Neela. They live a happy life, but some bad elements in their tribe spread rumours about them and they are thrown out of the village. Deena is very angry and becomes a nastik (atheist) because, for no fault of theirs, god has punished them. Neela however has deep faith in God.

One day when Deena could not get any animal for hunting, tired he sits at a place, which happens to be a Shiva Temple. The priest Kashinath find out about him and asks him to repeat the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” continuously till he gets an animal. Deena without knowing anything about it, starts the Japa and after some time his heart is filled with bhakti Rasa and love for God.

The chief Priest Kailashnath is a bogus person. He steals God’s jewellery and gives it to his dancer girlfriend Rani. When the theft comes to light, Deena is accused of the theft as he was in the temple. For the second time he has to suffer for no fault. Deena and Neela continue the Japa of Om Namah shivay and are ready to give the supreme sacrifice with their lives, when Lord Shiva appears before them and takes them to Gandharvalok again.

Let us enjoy this Bhajan and await the dawn of tomorrow for the Auspicious day of Mahashivratri…..



Song-Bhagwaan tumhen duniya maane karuna saagar antaryaami (Shiv Bhakta)(1955) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Gopal Singh Nepali, MD-Chitragupta


namah shivaay

bhagwaan tumhen duniya maane
karuna saagar antaryaami
kuchh khaane ko do to
main jaanoon oon oon oon
tum ho duniya bhar ke swaami

o duniya ke maalik kehlaane waale ae
bhookhe to jiya na jaaye
teri duniya mein
o duniya ke maalik kehlaane waale ae
bhookhe to jiya na jaaye
teri duniya mein

dharam na samjhoon paap na jaanoon
pet bharan ko jeewan maanoon
dharam na samjhoon paap na jaanoon
pet bharan ko jeewan maanoon
ye sab khel tumhaara hai to
tumhen khilauna pyaara hai to
phir kyun
o janam maran ka khel rachaane waale ae
jeene bhi diya na jaaye
teri duniya mein
o duniya ke maalik kehlaane waale ae
bhookhe to jiya na jaye
teri duniya mein

sukh se baithhi duniya saari
mare bhookh se ek shikaari
sukh se baithhi duniya saari
mare bhookh se ek shikaari
ye darbaar tumhaara hai to
har koi tumko pyaara hai to
phir kyun
sar se ganga ki dhaar bahaane waale ae
aansoo hi piya na jaaye
teri duniya mein
o duniya ke maalik kehlane waale ae
bhookhe to jiya na jaaye
teri duniya mein

jag ne tumko shankar maana
maine tumko pathhar jaana
jag ne tumko shankar maana
maine tumko pathhar jaana
do shikaar to tumko shankar maanoon
do shikaar to tumko shankar maanoon
do shikaar to tumko shankar maanoon
tumko shankar maanoon
tumko shankar maanoon
tumko shankar maanoon
shankar maanoon
shankar maanoon

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