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Ae ri sajni rain hai beeti jaay

Posted on: April 19, 2015

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One of the 8 films made and released in 1938 from the ‘factory’ of Ranjit Movietone was an obscure movie PROFESSOR WAMAN, M.Sc. (1938). The film, belonging to the genre of crime and mystery, was directed by Manibhai Vyas who made his debut as a director with this film. The star cast included E. Billimoria, Mazhar Khan, Sunita Devi, Beg, Sitara Devi, Rajkumari, Waheedan Bai etc. The film had 8 songs written by P L Santoshi and were set to music by Gyan Dutt. The film was released on 10th December 1938.

Filmindia, February 1939 issue carried a detailed review of the film and gave a rare positive report. The story of the film as mentioned in the said review is as under:

Professor Harnam (Beg) harnesses moon rays and prepares an oxide product which if taken by a human being makes him monster and criminal. Professor Waman (Mazhar Khan), the brother of Harnam is not happy with this discovery and decides to prepare an antidote to neutralise the effect of the oxide product.

In the meanwhile, the contents of a bottle in which the oxide product was stored is consumed by Anjani (Sunita Devi), the young daughter of Professor Harnam in a fit of rage with her lover, Kishore (E. Billimoria), the Chief Detective Inspector without knowing the after effect of the oxide product. Very soon, Professor Harnam dies and the responsibility of looking after Anjani, falls on Professor Waman.

Soon, a series of cleverly executed murders take place in the town. All victims belong to the wealthy sinners of the society. Police are baffled with the murders as they are unable to get any clue about the murderer. At first, the suspicion falls on Umadevi (Sitara Devi), a bold and adventurous girl. Subsequently, everyone including Professor Waman is suspected of murders. But Professor Waman is busy with the preparation of an antidote to the oxide product. Some more murders are committed and Inspector Kishore arrests Professor Waman and keeps him in the police lock up. Professor Waman escapes from the lock up to complete his invention of antidote. In a police chase, he is hit by a bullet. In a dying statement, Professor Waman instructs Inspector Kishore to administer to his niece Anjani the antidote who has been committing murders under the influence of oxide product consumed by her. The film ends with a happy note.

In the said review, it is mentioned that there is nothing much to say about the music of the film except two songs sung by Waheedan Bai. I am presenting one of her songs ‘ae ri sajani rain beeti jaay’. She has rendered the song in a traditional thumri style where lyrics play a secondary role in the rendering. Though P L Santoshi has been credited with this song writing, I suspect that much of what Waheedan Bai has rendered is a part of a traditional bandish in Raag Tilang with predominance of alaaps over lyrics.

Only the audio clip is available. Since Waheedan Bai had acted in this film, it is apparent that the song was picturised on her. I guess, she sang this thumri in the film in a mehfil where some of the wealthy sinners of the society were in attendance. A few of them may be the target of murder.

With this song, the film ‘Professor Waman, M.Sc.’ makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Ae ri sajni rain hai beeti jaaye (Professor Waman M Sc)(1938) Singer-Wahidan Bai, Lyrics-P L Santoshi, MD-Gyan Dutt


aa aa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa aaaa
ae ri sajani
ee ee ee
haan rain hai beeti jaay
ae ri sajani ee
haan rain hai beeti jaay
aa aa aaa
aaa aaaa
ae ae ae ae
jaa jaay
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
haan rain hai beeti jaay

sainyaan hain pardes se aaye
sejariya pe phool a a sajaaye
ae ri sajani…. ee eee
rain hai beeti jaay
morey phool sa ??
aaaa aaaa aaaaaa
aaa aaa aaa
ae ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae ae
ae ae
phir bhi sainyaan ghar naahin aaye
ae re saajan aa
haan rain hai beeti jaay
haan rain hai beeti
rain hai beeti
jaay aaa aaaa aaaa
raina hai beeti jaay
jaay aaa aaaa aaay
aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa
aaaa aaaa aaaa jaaaay
rain hai beeti
aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa
rain hai beeti jaay
haan rain hai beeti jaay
haan rain hai beeti jaay

3 Responses to "Ae ri sajni rain hai beeti jaay"

Excellent thumri. After a long time I am hearing a thumri. Thanks
She seems to be a pucca classical singer

Gyan Dutt>>
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1939 Adhuri Kahani
1939 Sant Tulsidas
1939 Thokar


Nitin ji,

Gyan Dutt composed music for a total of 59 films. First film was Toofani Toli-1937 and last film was Janam janam ke Saathi-65.

You have provided a very incomplete filmography. It neither has his first film nor the last film.

Kindly give a complete and only authentic filmography,if you must. Otherwise it is not only misleading,but also is of no use whatsoever.

Getting authentic information needs lot of hard work.



Thanks for the additional Info.


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