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O bhangiyon ke raaja

Posted on: May 11, 2015

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Today’s song is from film Doosri Shaadi-1947. This is a duet with Ram Kamlani.

“Shaadi” seems to be quite a favourite Title word for Hindi film producers. There are very funny Titles with the word Shaadi. To start with, there was a film called ” Third wife ” made by Madan Theatres in 1931-the First year of Talkie films in India. Those days Polygamy was very common ( and why not ? King Dashrath of Ramayana had also 3 wives. Even in Mythology Lord Krishna had an astronomical figure of 16008 wives. Mortals today are struggling to manage even ONE wife ! ). Doosri Shadi was made in 1947 and then it was followed by a move practicable Pehli shaadi in 1953. So the number finally came down to a manageable number.

There were two films Titled only Shaadi, there was a movie called Shaadi No. 1 that came in 2005. There have been three films titled ‘Shaadi se pehle’ and also a descriptive title ‘Shadi se pehle-Tabahi’ in 1992, with ‘Shadi se pehle aur shadi ke baad’ preceding it in 1989. There were two films titled ‘shaadi ki raat’, one ‘shadi ke sapne’ and one realistic film ‘shaadi aur barbaadi’in 1990. After eating ‘shaadi ke Laddoo’-2004, there was an honest admission in the same year ‘shaadi kar ke phans gaye yaar’-2004.

I had not seen the film Doosri shaadi-47. It had the cast of Kumar, Mumtaz Shanti, Pramila, David, Gope etc. The composer was Gobind Ram. The film had 11 songs. Shamshad Begum had 4 songs-3 duets and 1 solo.

Before Lata came on the scene with the force of Hurricane, it was Shamshad Begum who was the undisputed No. 1 female singer during the period from 1944 to 1950. Producers and Music Directors used to line up to get her recording dates, paying her Rs. 1000/- per song in those days !

In 1947, Partition took place and from 1946 onwards itself, many cine artistes who had roots across the border started shifting. In 1947 itself Noorjehan, Khursheed and many singers, composers, actors, directors etc migrated to Pakistan. Shamshad Begum who was actually from Lahore opted to stay in India. With the void created by the migration, the singing field was open to Shamshad now. She easily overtook Zohrabai ( the only friend Shamshad had in the industry) and Amirbai, but her nemesis came in the form of a lean, ordinary looking girl called Lata.

In 1946, Shamshad sang about 100 songs in 25 films. This was the year she first sang for Naushad in Anmol Ghadi and Shahjehan. She also sang first time with C.Ramchandra in Safar. Very soon ,in the next 4-5 years both these composersused Shamshad Begum as their lead singer and she gave them her best. In 1947 she sang in 24 films. Naushad used her only in film Dard, but C Ramchandra used her in Shenai and Leela. Her other major users were Gobind Ram,Ghulam Haider,Ghulam Mohmmed,Husnlal Bhagatram,Khemchand Prakash, Pt.Amarnath, Shyamsunder, Gulshan Sufi, Tufail Faruqi,Ram Ganguly, Premnath, Sajjad, Mohd. Shafi, Anil Biswas etc.

Today’s song is a duet of Shamshad Begum and Ram Kamlani.

Ram Kamlani was actor Gope’s youngest brother. They were 9 siblings and Ram Kamlani was the last one. He was born on 20-10-1919. Though Gope started his career in acting in 1933 and concentrated only on acting,Ram kamlani dabbled in Acting,Direction,Production and Playback singing too. He entered the film line in late 40s.

As an actor he acted in films like Ajeet,Inaam, Kaajal, Do Raaha and Joi Bangla Desh. As a Singer he sang in many films. Starting with Doosri Shaadi-47, he sang in Ghar ki Izzat, Rangeen zamana, Kaajal, Refugee, Pyar ki jeet, Maa ka pyar, Naao, Raakhi, Bahurani, Khamosh Sipahi, Meena Bazar, Malkin, Chaalbaaz, Laal Dupatta etc.

Mostly,he sang for his brother Gope. His songs were generally duets. These were mainly comedy songs,very few were serious ones. His rare solos like,” Bane hai hum to Ghar Jamai'(Ghar ki izzat) and ” Koi samze isse muhabbat”(Meena Bazaar) became popular.

When Gope established Gope Productions,Ram Kamlani produced some films and directed some of them,like ,Muskurahat, Biradari, Bezuban, Khamosh Sipahi, Malkin etc.

Ram Kamlani died in 1983 in Bombay.

The mukhda of today’s song is “O Bhangiyon ke Raja”. The word Bhangi denotes Scavengers ,but I think it is used here as a sweeper only. I guess from the lyrics that this was a dance-song situation. Let us now enjoy this Gobind Ram offering….

Song-O bhangiyon ke raaja (Doosri Shaadi)(1947) Singers- Shamshad Begum, Ram Kamlani, Lyricist- I C Kapoor, MD- Pt Govind Ram


O bhangiyon ke raaja
mera nanha sa dil bahla ja
O bhangiyon ke raaja
mera nanha sa dil bahla ja
O bhangiyon ki raani
to bin roothhi hai mujhse jawaani
O bhangiyon ki raani
to bin roothhi hai mujhse jawani

tose bichhad ke o more Raaja
phoot gayi taqdeer
tose bichhad ke o more Raaja
phoot gayi taqdeer
arre yahaan kahaan hai
dekh ke ghar ki paki pakaayi kheer
main mar gayi paki pakaayi kheer
uyi maan paki pakaayi kheer

rooth gaya hai jhaadu mujhse
rooth gayi tokariya
rooth gaya hai jhaadu mujhse
rooth gayi tokariya
aur koi bahaana karke aaja
Bhangan ki chhokariya
arre main mar gaya bhangan ki chhokariya
mujhse rooth gayi tokariya

aur likh
Itne din se khat na aaya
phadke ankhiyaan meri
Itne din se khat na aaya
phadke ankhiyaan meri
aur kisi pe aa na gayi ho
Chhaila kahin tabeeyat teri
main mar gayi kahin tabeeyat meri
uyi maan kahi tabeeyat meri

suna hai tere des ke gujri
baanke chhail chhabeele
likh be
suna hai tere des ke gujri
baanke chhail chhabeele
aur kisi ko ghaayal kar na de
ye tere nain kateele
main mar gaya tere nain kateele
haaye haaye tere nain kateele

aur likh
jab main koi chhaila dekhoon
dil mera bhar aaye
jab main koi chhaila dekhoon
dil mera bhar aaye
aur wo paapi
jab mud kar dekhe
teri yaad sataaye
kaleja bhar bhar aaye re
sajan ki yaad sataaye re
kaleja bhar bhar aaye re
sajan ki yaad sataaye re
haaye haay
haay haay haay haay haay
haaye haay
haay haay haay haay haay


2 Responses to "O bhangiyon ke raaja"

I C Kapoor>>>
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Muskurahat (1943)
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Ram Kamlani>>
Aankho Se Aankho Ko Do Chaar Kiye Jaao
with Shamshad Begum, Govind Ram, I C Kapoor, Ghar Ki Izzat (1948)
Koi Khushnaseeb Hoga
with Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Roshan, Rajendra Krishan,Maalkin (1953)
Chori Chori Mori Atariya Pe Aaja Re
with Surinder Kaur Gyan Dutt D N Madhok Nao (1948)
O Dil Par Teer Chalaye Nazariya Tori Re
with Shamshad Begum Govind Ram, I C Kapoor, Doosri Shaadi (1947)
Bane Hain Hum To Ghar Jawaai
solo Govind Ram I C Kapoor Ghar Ki Izzat (1948)
Aji Tum Hi Kaho Ji
with Rafi, Kishore Kumar Roshan Rajendra Krishan Maalkin (1953)
Mohe La De Reshmi Lehanga
with Shamshad Begum, Husnlal Bhagatram, Sarshar Sailani Rakhi (1949)
More Jaisi Nahi Milegi
with Geeta Dutt, Mohammed Rafi Hansraj Behl D N Madhok Khamosh Sipahi (1950)
Sun Meri Motor Chale Pam Pam Pam
with Shamshad Begum Govind Ram Ishwar Chandra Kapoor Maa Ka Pyar (1949)
Suno Buzurgo Ka Ye Kehna
solo Husnlal Bhagatram Qamar Jalalabadi Meena Bazaar (1950)
Ari O Ab Tere Bin
with Zohrabai Ambalewali, Gyan Dutt, D N Madhok Lal Dupatta (1948)
Bhaaga Re Bhaaga Dil Churaake Chor
with Geeta Dutt Chitragupt Prem Dhawan Chalbaaz (1958)
Dil Ke Chaman Me Aa
with Hamida Banu, Uma Devi Ghulam Mohammad D N Madhok, , Shakeel Badayuni Kajal (1948)
Gopi Tujhko Gop Pukare
with Shamshad Begum Hansraj Behl Butaram Sharma, Aziz Siddiqui, Shewan Rizvi, Bharat Vyas Bahurani (1950)
Hamari Baat Ka Kyu
with Rajkumari Govind Ram Pandit Phani Rangeen Zamana (1948)
Mil Ke Chalo
with S Hameeda Ghulam Mohammad D N Madhok, , Shakeel Badayuni Kajal (1948)
Mohe Lehanga La De Makhmal Ka
with Shamshad Begum Govind Ram Ishwar Chandra Kapoor Maa Ka Pyar (1949)
O Qurban Dilruba Qurban Dilruba
with Shamshad Begum Govind Ram Ishwar Chandra Kapoor Maa Ka Pyar (1949)
Raat Chandni Aur Jawani
with Shamshad Begum, Govind Ram Pandit Phani Rangeen Zamana (1948)
Dhoti Aur Patloon
with Kishore, Rafi, RK, Malkin(1953)

Wat a saang! Wat a truly enjoyable saaang! 👌👌👌

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