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Taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle

Posted on: June 5, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This duet is from film Pagle-50,sung by Talat and Rajkumari.

This duet was a combination of an upcoming Young male singer and a waning middle aged female singer. But there was ONE common thing between them. We all know, Talat had a ‘Tremor'( Kampan) in his voice-which set him apart from all other singers of his times. Few people know that even Rajkumari had a Tremor in her voice-albeit a faint one- which actually made her voice sweet and melodious making her voice different from others.

A much in demand singer till 1940s,Rajkumari’s demand had started going down by 1950s. Out of the 213 films for which she sang, only 40 films were from the period 1950 to 1955. She sang only 75 songs in this period (Total songs 472). After this there was just one song from ‘Jaldeep’ in 1956 and then her songs stopped. The reasons were, Lata, Asha and Geeta had got all the songs among them, balance were being given to Shamshad Begum. Secondly, many composers who favoured Rajkumari in her heyday had either migrated or died-or even retired. New composers had different tastes. In 1968, Naushad found Rajkumari standing in the Chorus of a song for recording for film ‘Sanghursh ‘.He was very much pained and he arranged for her songs in Pakiza. She sang a song for Kitab-77 and her last song was in ‘Pyase Nain’- 89.

Film Pagle-50 was a social comedy. The Music Director was Snehal Bhatkar-who had to use his other name as V.G.Bhatkar as he was still with H.M.V. The film cast was Begum Para and David in the lead, along with Madhuri,Jagirdar, Pradima Devi, Mubarak, Cuckoo, Agha, Sheri etc. The film was directed by a firebrand Bangali- Pratima Dasgupta. There have not been too many Female Directors. Offhand, I only remember Fatima for silent films and Jaddan bai for Talkie films.

Pratima Dasgupta was an Actress,Producer and a Director. She was born on 5-9-1921 into a wealthy family of Bhavnagar. Though many sources mention name of the place of Bhavnagar,which is in Gujarat, I doubt it very much. There are no mentions or references that she was in anyway connected to Gujarat in her lifetime. I believe she was born in BHANAGAR- a town just 31 kms. from Calcutta city. This unknown BHANAGAR must have become well known Bhavnagar. her family was related to Ravindranath Tagore. So, after the initial education in England, she came to Shantiniketan and completed her studies. She was a favourite and a favoured student throughout.

Looking at her acting skills, it was Tagore himself who recommended her to act in the Bangla film “Gora”-38, based on his own novel. Her role of Latika-daughter of paresh babu in the film-who falls in Love with Bijoy and marries her- was liked by Tagore. She did one more film ‘Na honewali baat’-38 in Hindi,followed by the Hindi version of Rukmini in 1939. After doing 4 Bangla films,she did the Trilingual film (Bangla,Hindi and English)- Raj nartaki-1941. This was made by Wadia movietone in Bombay and was directed by Modhu Bose,husband of the Heroine Sadhona Bose-the international dancer.

Her other Hindi films were kunwara baap-42,Raja-43 and Shararat-44, all directed by Kishore Sahu. She also did Namaste in 1943. After this she turned to Direction and did her first film Chhamiya-45, with begum para and David as a Lead pair. She repeated this team again in Pagle-50 also. However her second film ‘Jharana ‘-48 was banned by Morarji Desai,the then Chief Minister of Bombay Province,on the plea that the film had explicit sexual scenes in it. This was a financial disaster for Pratima and she decided to quit films.

In all,Pratima Dasgupta did 10 Hindi films and 8 Bangla films.

Today’s song is from a 1950 film Pagle. Talat has sung this duet wonderfully. However,1950 was not an year,perticularly favourite with Talat. It was in 1950 that he sang first time( and almost last time)under the baton of famous composer Naushad in film Babul.He had 2 solos and 3 duets in this film. All his songs from Babul-50 were very popular. Still,surprisingly naushad never ever used talat’s voice again in his films. Reason ? Not known. Ofcourse there are several stories circulated as reason. One of the more substantiated stories was that during the recording times,Talat had smoked Cigarette in the presence of Naushad and that its smoke came on his face. Actually both had come from Lucknow-U.P. Their behaviour always reflected the Lucknowi Tehzib and politeness. It just happened that naushad came from a lower middle class poor family and Talat hailed from a Rais family. Probably Naushad took it as a not so humble behaviour from Talat. Later,in one of the interviews,Talat had agreed that he smoked but did not mean any disrespect to Naushad.

After his songs in Babul,lot of rumours were spread-some intentionally, according to Talat- about the defects in his voice and that he becomes nervous while singing giving rise to the Tremor in his voice etc etc. This affected his reputation to some extent. During this period, it was Anil Biswas who supported him and advised him to boost his confidence while recording songs for film Aaram-51.

Once during this phase, Talat was recording the song ‘Meri yaad mein tum na”- Madhosh-51, with Madan Mohan,by chance C.Ramchandra was also present there. After the recording,CR said,”Talat,your voice is perfect. There is nothing wrong with it. let the people say what they want.”He immediately booked Talat for his film songs. Talat sang for Madan Mohan in Chhote babu,Aashiyana,Bahaana,Dekh kabira Roya,Adaa,Mohar,Suhagan, Pocketmaar and Jahan ara and with CR he sang in Naznin,Yasmin,Subhah ka tara,Kavi,Sagai,Meenar and Saaqi.

Talat’s voice was such that he gave Playback to most actors of his times like Dev, Raj,Dilip, Ashok Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Guru Dutt, Pradeep Kumar, Bharat Bhushan, Amarnath, Ajit, Karan Dewan, Shammi Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Nasir Khan, Chetan Anand, Shekhar, Balraj Sahni, Manhar Desai, Sajjan, V.Shantaram, Premnath, Kamraan, Mahipal, Jagdev, Manoj Kumar etc.

Trivia- Talat,though from U.P.did not know Hindi script. He used to write all Hindi songs in English,in his diary, while singing !

Let us now enjoy this duet of a rising star and a star on decline.


Song-Taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle (Pagle)(1950) Singers-Rajkumari, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Kabil Amritsari, MD-Snehal Bhatkar


taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle
ik thhes lagi dil toot gaya
ab jeena bhi koi jeena hai
jab saath kisi ka chhoot gaya
taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle

bekaar hai dil ki dhadkan mein
bekaar hai dil ki dhadkan mein
aawaaz na do
aawaaz na do
tum door huye
majboor hain ham
milne ka sahaara chhoot gaya
taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle

duniya se wafa ki aas nahin
duniya se wafa ki aas nahin
aur tum bhi hamaare paas nahin
us dil ki haalat kya hogi
jis dil ka chhaala phhoot gaya
taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle

ab yaad tumhaari aankhon mein
ab yaad tumhaari aankhon mein
aansoo bankar betaab hui
khaamosh meri fariyaaden hain
dil baithh gaya
jee chhoot gaya
taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle

wo aag lagaai duniya ne
wo aag lagaai duniya ne
dil apna jal kar khaaq hua
mitti mein mila di ummeeden
qismat ka sitaara toot gaya

taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle
ik thhes lagi dil toot gaya
taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle

4 Responses to "Taqdeer hansi aansoo nikle"

There wer 3 lyricists
Kabil Amritsari>>>
Amar Asha (1947)
Chhamiya (1945)
Bolti Bulbul (1942)
Pyara Watan (1942)
Aawaaz (1942)
Pagle (1950)
Saat Samandaron Ki Malika (1947)
Torpedo (1941)

Anjum Rehmani>>
Pagle (1950)
Veer Ghatotkach (1949)

Behzad Lakhnavi>>>
Aag (1948)
Andhon Ki Duniya (1947)
Anokha Pyar (1948)
Dhanwan (1946)
Gharana (1949)
Jadui Ratan (1947)
Khel (1950)
Matwala Shair Ramjoshi (1947)
Nisbat (1949)
Poonji (1943)
Pyar Ki Baatein (1951)
Roti (1942)
Sheesh Mahal (1950)
Taj Mahal (1941)
The Last Message (1949)
Wafa (1950)
Zamindar (1942)

As V G Bhatkar>>>
Pagle (1950)
Sati Ahilya (1949)
Sant Tukaram (1948)
later on as Snehal Bhatkar…


Nitin ji,
Snehal Bhatkar gave music to 28 films. He used names as follows-

1. Rukmini Swayamwar (1946) – Bilingual, with Sudhir Phadke as Vasudev-Sudhir
2. Neel Kamal (1947) – as B. Vasudev
3. Sant Tukaram (1948) – as V. G Bhatkar
4. Suhaag Raat (1948) – as Snehal
5. Sati Ahalya (1949) – as V. G Bhatkar
6. Thes (1949) – as Snehal
7. Hamaari Beti (1950)
8. Pagle (1950) – as V. G Bhatkar

After this from film Bhola Shankar-51,he started using name Snehal Bhatkar regularly.



Thanks for the additional info. Dare say, must have saved lot of income tax!!!




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