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Ab gham ko bana lenge jeene ka sahaara

Posted on: June 26, 2015

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“Nirmohi”(1952) was produced by Shriram Sharma and directed by Baij Sharma for Sheetal Movies, Bombay. The movie had Nutan, Sajjan, Amarnath, Raj Mehra, Leela Mishra, C L Kaveesh, Neeru, Kanchan, Chaman Puri, Master Ratan, Rani, Kamla, Srilekha etc in it.

Three songs from this movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is the fourth song from “Nirmohi”(1952). This song is sung by Lata. P N Rangeen is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

Only the audio of this song is available. One can guess that this melancholic song was picturised on Nutan in case this song was included in the movie.(This was indeed a song excluded from the movie as Mr Bharat Upadhyay mentions in his comment.)


Song-Ab gham ko bana lenge jeene ka sahaara (Nirmohi)(1952) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-P N Rangeen, MD-Madan Mohan


ab gham ko bana lenge
jeene ka sahaara aa aa
ab gham ko bana lenge
jeene ka sahaara aa aa
dil toot gaya
chhoot gaya saath hamaara aa aa
ab gham ko bana lenge
jeene ka sahaara aa aa
ab gham ko bana lenge

ham door chale jaayenge duniya se tumhaari ee
hum door chale jaayenge duniya se tumhaari
rokega na ab koi bhi ye kashti hamaari
chalti huyi lehron ko banaaya hai kinaara aa aa
ab gham ko bana lenge

ummeed rahegi na
kab armaan rahenge ae
ummeed rahegi na
kab armaan rahenge
sapne bhi na aakar kabhi mehmaan rahenge
bhoole se na bhoolenge magar yaad tumhaara
ab gham ko bana lenge jeene ka sahaara aa
dil toot gaya
chhoot gaya saath hamaara aa aa
ab gham ko bana lenge

3 Responses to "Ab gham ko bana lenge jeene ka sahaara"

What a sweet voice drenched in pathos.
Her voice sounded sweet till early sixties. Then miraculously her voice became crystal clear till mid nineties then it became metallic; you could hear the strain and stress in her voice

P N Rangeen
Kaha Bhi Na Jaaye Piya, Kaha Bhi Na Jaaye
Lata Mangeshkar, Madan Mohan, Nirmohi (1952)
Ye Kahe Chandni Raat, Suna Do Apne Dil Ki Baat
Lata Mangeshkar Madan Mohan Nirmohi (1952)
Aisi Chot Jiya Ne Khaai
Lalit Mohan Madan Mohan Nirmohi (1952)
Lut Liya Mera Sapanon Ka Sansar Kisi Ne
Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas Mehmaan (1953)
Aas Ne Kitne Diye Jalaaye
Manna Dey Anil Biswas Mehmaan (1953)
Ankho Me Chitchor Samaaye
Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas Mehmaan (1953)
Pyar Ki Rah Par Kya Bhatakne Ka Dar
Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar Anil Biswas Badi Bahoo (1951)
La De Kyu Du
Zafar Khursheed, Payami Bhedi Lutera (1955)


You should have seen me ‘running from pillar to post’ to get this song during ’55-’56. I was then in the industry and was disappointed that this song was not in the released film!! Radio Ceylon had played it and I was sort of mesmerized by its sweetness and pathos. I used to carry my bulky cassette recorder to homes of various film people (I knew many then as I was in the Industry) in the hope that I will get that song. Some one in HMV promised me to get it, but that angle also did not materialized. I went to ‘chor bazar and was lucky to find the ’78 rpm’ record with the number N50183. It had on the other side, the song ‘Kal Jalegaa Chand’ . The record was so much scratchy that I could hardly hear Lata’s sweet voice. After loosing quite a good amount of money there, my search was still on…..
Then,I sent a listener’s request to Radio Ceylon and recorded the song when it was played.
That much running around for a song, but what a song !!!.


You are a true:connoisseur of music. One has to travel a lot to secure even a single song.
I know of one Mr Acharya in our neighbourhood who has fantastic(I fall short for a better word) collection of HF songs in Akai tape double sided(since made into CDs and pendrives). He would make a trip to say Kolhapur if he comes to know of a song available there which he doesn’t have.
He told me even Talat and others like him would come to him to get a copy of their own songs which was unavailable with them. Even BBC approached him for some rare songs as there was clamour for HFM in UK..
I always try to avoid visiting him as few hours would just fly in jiffy.
gaane hame diwana banaate hain
aur hame kaha kaha le jaate hain
agar koi bemun gaana mil jaaye
to saato aasmaan pahuchaate hain


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