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Ham to kharaab huye sanam teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke

Posted on: October 24, 2015

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I am not good at remembering important dates, as I have often mentioned in my posts. But these are the days of internet and I log on to my email account daily so messages in my inbox remind me about important dates, viz. birthdays of one’s facebook friends. Note to forgetful husbands- make your wife your facebook friend. That way you will not forget her birthday. 🙂

When I opened my email account today (24 october 2015), I was informed that today was the birth anniversary of a dear facebook friend of mine. Not that she is just my FB friend, she has lots of FB friends among HFM lovers. So it gives me great pleasure to wish happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to our beloved Mrs Ashlock.

What ! You do not recognise who she is ? Even though I have been wishing her on her birthday every year in this blog !

Well, what about if I say “Happy birthday Memsaab !”. So you know who memsaab is ! Of course we know our beloved Memsaab.

We all know Memsaab, aka Greta from her blog memsaabstory. After a great run lasting nearly six years, her blog became inactive from december 2013. Fortunately she continued to stay active on facebook and knowing her whereabout on FB and keeping in touch with her there made us feel happy that she was alright and she was doing well. She gave up blogging and took up knitting with a vengeance during these months. One of the main reasons cited by her for giving up blogging was that her creative juices were not flowing as before and she felt that she was beginning to repeat herself. Though she did not post any articles in her blog throughout 2014, she made an exception for this blog and wrote a guest article during the 10k celebrations of this blog during july 2014. And I can never thank her enough for this gesture.

That post showed us that her trademark blogging skills were very much intact and we hoped that we would see her back in her blog sooner than later.

It was in february 2015 that we heard an unexpected, and a highly welcome news. She had tied the knot (finally). The lucky man was Alex Ashlock, a mediaman. We all felt extremely happy for her.

Knowing that she had taken a break from blogging, my visits to her blog had stopped. But when I visited her blog again today, I was overjoyed to realise that she was back to posting in her blog. She had posted reviews of three movies in her blog in the last few months. She was posting her reviews less frequently compared to the past, but that is understandable. The main thing is that she is back and reading her three reviews was one of the happiest HFM related news that I have received for quite some time.

We all know why we love Memsaab. we love her for her great sense of humour, her powers of observation and for her facile pen (keyboard ?).

Greta would be a great human resource manager if she ever worked in that field. Wait, she is already a human resource person par excellence seeing how well networked she is and how she manages to make people rally people behind her causes. I have mentioned it, and I will mention it again that she has helped bring some silent revolutions in several fields related to HFM. For instance, she has made us look at B grade Hindi movies with renewed interest and respect. She has made us aware of some lesser known actors of Hindi movies, and some of them have earned their well deserved name among movie lovers thanks to Greta now, long after they retired from Hindi movies. She has struck close friendships with some of them. Other HFM lovers too have followed suit after getting inspired by her. Online collaborative efforts like “Edu Productions” and “Artists Gallery” are two of her pioneering efforts that have made watching old movies a much better experience for movie lovers especially those who do not speak Hindi/Urdu.

I like to think that a good human empathises with fellow humans as well as with other creatures. And Memsaab is a great pet lover. we all know about her pets and her pets have great fan following all over the world thanks to their cute photographs that Memsaab shares on facebook from time to time.

It gives me great pleasure to wish Greta a happy birthday. Here is hoping that she will have a gala time ahead of her and she will continue to bring cheers in the lives of people around her, and that includes all of us who are her fans on blogosphere. Have a blast today and on everyday.

On this occasion, here is a song from “Samson”(1964). this movie had Dara Singh and Mumtaz in lead roles- both Memsaab’s favourites, as we know. The song is picturised as a synchronised dance song on two female dancers. I can recognise Ameeta who lip syncs all the solo lines in the song voice but does not dance. I will need the help of our knowledgeable readers to help us identify the two dancers who lip sync all the lines sung by the two singers together. They perform their dance for the pleasure of the rulers seated on the throne, played by Mumtaz and Feroz Khan.

The song is sung by Lata and Usha Mangeshkar. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Chitragupta.

This is the fifth and final song from this movie to appear in the blog. with this song, “Samson”(1964) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.
Prakashchandra informs that the dancers are Madhumati and Jeewankala.


Song-Ham to kharaab huye sanam (Samson)(1964) Singers-Lata, Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Chitragupta


o o
o o o

aa aa aa

hum to kharaab huye
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye ae

thhaam ke dil jab khud ko sambhaala
aur bhi ham kuchh bahke
thhaam ke dil jab khud ko sambhaala aur bhi ham kuchh bahke
pi nahin phir bhi ishq mein tere
phirte hai mahke mahke
mast sharab huye
mast sharab huye sanam
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye ae

aankh se teri aankh mili to dard e jigar ne sataaya
aankh se teri aankh mili to
dard e jigar ne sataaya

chhaanv palak ki dekhi to zaalim dil ne sulag ke jalaaya
bade betaab huye
bade betaab huye sanam
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab hue ae

hum sa na hoga duniya mein koi sun lo hazaar fasaane
hum sa na hoga duniya mein koi
sun lo hazaar fasaane

kehne ko laakhon gujre hain aashiq
phir bhi tumhaare deewaane
sabka jawaab huye
sabka jawaab huye
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye
teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke
hum to kharaab huye ae

16 Responses to "Ham to kharaab huye sanam teri matwaali aankhon se mil ke"

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Greta Memsaab !!!


@ Atul ji – Congratulations on covering all songs of ‘Samson-1964’ 🙂


Dancers are Jeevankala and Madhumati


Thanks Prakash ji,

Also, can you please help to identify the male actor with a beard, watching the performance.



He is BM Vyas, a staple of B movie Goodness 🙂


Sudhir ji

Male actor with a beard,watching the performance is B.M.Vyas


Oh Atul…you have made me cry on my birthday but only in the best way. The biggest blessings from the blog will always be the wonderful like-minded people I am privileged to call friends whom I have met there. Thank you and lots of love 🙂


Happy Birthday. tum jiyo hazaro saal, saal ke din hon pachas hazar gaane!
You are Greta Garbo of old songs or rather Memsaab of HFdom


Thank you Nitin 🙂


What a wonderful birthday post this is, Atul. And for a truly wonderful person. Happy birthday, Greta!

You’ve described Greta (or memsaab as she is probably better known) so perfectly. 🙂

This song brings back memories. I remember subtitling this movie (and obviously all the songs, in the process). In fact, all the songs in this film are very pleasant to listen to.


I have so many lovely subtitled movies thanks to you Raja!


What a lovely post and a lovely way to greet a lovely person. Many happy returns of the day, Greta.

Congratulations on achieving several milestones on the blog, Atulites.


Awww, thank you 🙂


Hullo Memsaab
here is wishing you a belated happy birthday.


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