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Ye kaun hain ye kaun hain jo besahaara hain

Posted on: November 19, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is a Parody song, filmed on Mehmood, Aruna Irani and many others, from the film “Main sundar hoon”-1971.

Isak Mujawar was a Film Journalist, Film Historian and an acclaimed author in Marathi. He has written about 30 books in Marathi and just one book in English. This English book,”Maharashtra-The birthplace of Indian Film Industry” was published in 1969. This book is used by British and Australian Universities as a reference book. Copies of this book are not available anymore, but Amazon Ausralia sells this book at Rs. 3500, while the original price was just 50 rupees !

You must be wondering why I am telling all this, instead of discussing the relevant song to be posted today. The reason is- I am a great fan of Isak Mujawar. I have 20 of his books in my library out of the 31 books that he has written. Mujawar recently died on 26th February 2015, at the age of 85 years. He had enjoyed silent films, Talkie films and had very close relations with almost every small and big personality in Marathi and Hindi Film industry.

His books describe incidents and facts which are rarely known to majority and are very interesting. His deep knowledge and intimacy with the cine artistes give us a glimpse into matters which are not well known, but highly informative. In today’s post, I intend to write about actor Mehmood’s early life and things which are hardly known, all based on Mujawar’s article in his book “Cinerang”. My thanks to him.

Ashok Kumar had a lot of connection to Mehmood’s early and later part of career. When Mehmood was 10-12 year old, his father Mumtaz Ali was a Choreographer, actor and dancer in Bombay Talkies. Mehmood used to go to the studio almost daily. In 1943, when film KISMET was being made, it was Mehmood who did the role of Ashok Kumar’s childhood. In a way, it was the begining of Mehmood’d career.

When film SHIKARI-46 was made in Filmistan, the film had a few scenes involving children. Those days Kishore Kumar, Mehmood and his sister Minoo Mumtaz took part in these scenes. They were young and their names were not known names in those days. In the film also, their original names were used and in one scene Ashok Kumar calls them,”chalo, Kishore, Mehmood, Minoo, chalo mere saath”. When this film came for a re-run in the 60-61 period, these three were quite well known in films. When that scene came on the screen, audience used to clap when Ashok kumar took their names on the screen !

In 1957, Ashok Kumar acted in the film Mr X . In this film there were a few scenes where Ashok had to remain in Burkha, as he was supposed to be invisible. Actually Ashok Kumar never did those scenes. It was Mehmood in the Burkha as Ashok Kumar. Those days Mehmood was an Extra.

In 1960, Mehmood did the role of Ashok Kumar’s son in the film KANOON. In the same year, he did villain’s role in Ashok Kumar’s film KALA AADMI. Later in 1973 also, Mehmood did Ashok kumar’s son’s role in the film DO PHOOL-73.

When KISMET-43 was made, film BASANT was also being made simultaneously in Bombay Talkies on another floor. Madhubala was doing a child role in this film. Raibahadur Chunilal’s son Madan Mohan, Madhubala, Kishore and Mehmood used to pay together in the studio compound. They used to play a game of marriage. Kishore and Mehmood used to make Madan Mohan and Madhubala the Bride and Groom and the marriage would take place, as any other normal children’s play.

Madhubala became a Heroine in 1947 in NEEL KAMAL. After MAHAL-49, she became famous, but Mehmood was nowhere. He was P L Santoshi’s driver. Once on the sets of film NADAAN-51, Mehmood- who was present at the shooting- got a role opposite Madhubala and spoke a few lines. This was his first Adult role as an Extra ! Later Mehmood was driver of Shakti Samanta and also of Guru Dutt. Shakti Samanta featured him in films BAHU-55, INSPECTOR-56 and HOWRAH BRIDGE- 58 ( he did a Bhangda dance with his own sister Minu). Guru Dutt gave him roles in C I D and PYAASA. Guru Dutt had recognised his Comical Talent and annonced a film DHANDHORA, with Mehmood as a Hero. This was to be a remake of earlier hit film DHANDHORA- 41. acted and Directed by another legend N.M.Charlie . Unfortunately, like many of his announcements, this too remained only on paper.

However, mehmood did N M Charlie’s role in the film “DUNIYA KA MELA-74”. This was a remake of the Debut film of Nargis TAQDEER-42. Charlie was father of Nargis in this film. Mehmood became father of Rekha in DUNIYA KA MELA-74.

When Mehmood was working as an extra, many times he used to borrow money from actor Yakub. He too used to oblige Mehmood every time. However when Yakub was in his twilight zone of career, he could not give Mehmood any money which he asked,but he said, “today I cant give you money, but I will pay you in another way some other time”. Yakub died in 1958. In 1963 a film GHAR BASA KE DEKHO was being made. This was actually a remake of Yakub’s film GRIHASTHI-48. Mehmood had the same role as Yakub did. That time Mehmood remembered Yakub’s last words to him. Before doing the make up for the shooting, Mehmood visited the grave of Yakub, put a Rose and then came back for shooting !

Sometimes, when the film becomes old, an extra song or a scene is added to it and the film again attracts crowds who are curious to see that extra addition to the movie. Mehmood is the only comedian who has this honour. From 1960 to 1980, Mehmood was in Top form and his scenes were a must in almost every film. Film AARTI-62 was a successful hit film. However, after a few months, Mehmood’s comedy scenes were shot and added to the film to continue its popularity.

Finally, in an informal chat in 1984, Ashok Kumar was asked who, according to him, was the best actor of that time. Ashok Kumar,without hesitation, said, “among the present day crop of actors, I don’t find anyone who can surpass Mehmood in acting.” Coming from Ashok Kumar,this was certainly the most appreciative remark for Mehmood !

The film MAIN SUNDAR HOON-71 was made by A.V.M. Madras and was directed by Krishnan-Panju. Music was by Shankar-Jaikishen. Lyricist was Anand Bakshi. The cast was Mehmood, Biswajeet, Leena Chandavarkar, David,Mukri etc etc. The story of the film is….

Sunder (Mehmood) works in a hotel owned by Ram Swarup (David Abraham) as a waiter. He is a very funny, uneducated man, with a suitably funny face, opposite to his name. Radha (Leena Chandavarkar) is the daughter of Ram Swarup. She often comes to the hotel, and Sunder happens to meet her and amuse her with funny jokes. One day, in a casual remark, she says,”I like your innocence”. He does not understand the word ‘innocence’, and thinks that she likes him. He also likes her, but is afraid to tell her, as he works in her father’s hotel.

Then, he seeks help from his friend, Amar (Biswajeet). He helps him get work in film industry. And in no time, Sunder emerges as leading comic actor. But in this duration, Amar, ignorant about his friend’s love, and Radha fall in love. When he knows that Sunder’s love is Radha, he asks Radha, who says that she never loved Sunder. Amar stops Sunder multiple times from expressing his feelings to Radha, thinking that the truth will break down Sunder.

During his stardom days, he once performs at a charity show for orphan children. He gets emotional seeing the children, and decides to stay a day longer, and in the process, misses his father’s death ceremony at his home. Her mother asks him to be with her in her last moments. And he promises to.

One day, during an interview to the All India Radio, he says that he likes to have his old dress of the waiter in front of him, so that it could remind him of what he was earlier, and he does not develop any pride. And in the same interview, he says that he is going to marry someone he loves. Amar and Radha listen to this on the radio. Knowing that Sunder will come to express his love to her, Radha urges Amar to tell him the truth, but he says, he is unable to do so. Sunder comes, and Radha tells her the truth. Heartbroken, Sunder wishes for his friend, and Radha.

Then, one day, he goes for the shooting of the climax of a film, whose date of release has come very near. The producer says to his guard that nobody, in any circumstance could disturb them. And back home, his mother falls down the stairs. She is rushed to the hospital. She wants to see her son, so, a man is sent to call him, but the guard does not allow him in. Instead, he himself goes to get some good medication. Sunder, after finishing the work, comes to know about the accident, and rushes away. But he finds her dead. He repents being a celebrity.

Amar and Radha marry. At that ceremony, Sunder comes in his old dress, of a waiter. He says, he will no longer work in films, as that life is unreal. He will meet his mother now onwards, by helping poor and orphan children.

With today’s song ALL songs of this film are posted.

Let us now re-live Mehmood’s typical comedy in this Parody Video from the film MAIN SUNDAR HOON-71. This film was a remake of AVM’s hit Tamil film SERVER SUNDARAM-64, directed by the duo Krishnan – Panju. Actor Nagesh had done the role which Mehmood did in this Hindi film. Enjoy….



Song-Ye kaun hain ye kaun hain jo besahaara hain (Main Sundar Hoon)(1971) Singers- Mukesh, Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Shankar Jaikishan
Aruna Irani
Shahu Modak
Unknown female voice


ye kaun hain ye kaun hain
jo besahaara hain
tum akele ho
magar ye poore gyaarah hain
bolo bolo saathi
nahin ji
taare nahin mere dulaare hain

mere chunno ko
mere munno ko
kisi ji nazar na lage

chashme baddu
mere chunno ko
mere munno ko
kisi ji nazar na lage

chashme baddu

arre munno ki amma
ye to bata
oy ??
teri football team ka naam kya hai
sach sach bata
prabhu se na chhupa
ismein sharmaane ka bhala kaam kya hai
munno ki amma
ye to bata
teri football team ka naam kya hai

bolo jooroo
sab ke naam

arre hato na beech mein se
january february march
april may june
july august september
november god mein
aur december pet mein

tumhaare ek parivaar mein
itne saare bachche

kyaa karoon bhagwaan
kyaa karoon
ye sab to aap hi ki den hain
kya karoon

khaali khaali thha ye ghar mera
bhar gaya ismein tera dera
khaali khaali thha ye ghar mera
bhar gaya ismein tera dera

ik roti de
langoti de
ik roti de
langoti de

ik taara bole
tun tun
o shankar bhole
sun sun
kaanten lagte hain ye phool
hamse ho gayi kaisi bhool
phir iske baad
unh taakoon takoon
ik tara bole tun tun
o shankar bhole sun sun

jyot se jyot jagaate rahe
haaye haaye
roz deewaali manaate rahe
roz deewaali manaate rahe
kaise deewaane thhe hum apne ae ae
ghar mein hi aag lagaate rahe
roz diwaali manaate rahe

roop tera mastaana
paas mere naa aana
phool koi phir se na khil jaaye

tada aa aa
hey roop tera mastaana
paas mere na aana
phool koi phir se na khil jaye

tadaa aa aa

oy oy oy oy

kya hua
kya hua
kya hua

ab aur phool nahin khilna chaahiye ??

is badhti hui aabaadi ki museebat se ham log kaise bachen
aap brahma ji se kahiye na
kuchh dinon ke liye bachchon ki paidaayish band kar den

hmm hmm
ye kaise ho sakta hai bhakt

to phir ek kaam kariye prabhu
wo kya
isse aabaadi bhi kam ho jaayegi
bachche bajaaye nau maheene ke
athhaarah maheene mein paida ho

aayaa yaa yaa yaa

kyun roti hai
athaarah maheene
arre ham auraton ka haal kya hoga
ye bojh tum mard kyon nahin le lete

nakko nakko nakko
ye dard mere ko nakko

prabhu aap hi kuchh bataaiye
dekho bhakt
brahm dev ki srishti ko badalne ki koi aawashyakta nahin
kyunki unhone pehle hi manushya ko
anant shakti ka vardaan diya hai
yadi manushya soch samajh kar
apna jeewan bitaane ka prayatn kare
to use sukh aur shaanti awashya praapt hogi

prabhu main kuchh samjha nahin

nahin samjhe baalak
ha ha
tum abhi samajh jaaoge
ye dekho
is aadarsh parivaar ko dekho

sirf do bachche
ye kaise

ye leejiye
parivaar niyojan
parivaar niyojan
jai ho prabhu

ye tum khud bhi samajh lo
aur sabko samjhaao
apni chaadar dekh ke
tum paanv phailaao
jaao bhakt jaao
jaao bhakt jaao

ae bhai
zara dekh ke chalo
dekho tum karo shaadi bhi
paida karo tum bachche bhi
kam hon to lage ae ae achche bhi
ae bhai
ae bhai
zara dekh ke chalo
dekho tum karo shaadi bhi
paida karo tum bachhce bhi
kam hon to lage ae achche bhi
ae bhai

13 Responses to "Ye kaun hain ye kaun hain jo besahaara hain"

GR8 write up Arunji—Subhanallah!!!! without hear the audio i was able to recall the tune of half the song..
this is the kind of song which i simply enjoy….specially setting lyrics to someone else’s tune…take a lot of imagination
Thank You Guruji/ Atulji


@ Deshmukh Sir – many thanks for the post !!

Have sent this song to Atul ji , Sudhir ji on 14.03.15, reminder on 19.03.15 and later-on on ‘world population day’ have sent a reminder request also, but then as usually it happens 🙂




You wrote:
‘Kishore and Mehmood used to make Madan Mohan and Madhubala the Bride and Groom’.
Obviously it is a ‘typist error’. But don’t ‘fire’ the typist, because we love what he writes in your informative and amusing articles.


Bharat ji,

I am amazed how keenly you must be reading the articles. ( chalo, atleast somebody reads it ! ). Frankly,I did not realise this faux pas while typing the write up. How could I make such a mistake ?(obviously,I could make this mistake very easily !). Hota hai aisa bhi kabhi kabhi.



Main bhi apne typist ko warn karke chhod deta hun, aur woh meri fire nahi kar sakne ki weakness janta hai isi liye bindhast phir se typist error karta raheta hai.


Arun Ji,
It was interesting to note tit bits about Mehmood that I was not aware of .Thanks.


Arunji, there is charm and magic in your writing that helps us to immediately connect with the content. I also read Mahmood’s auto biography which is available on Google Books for free and it was nauseating. Agreed that he was a good actor, comedian etc but his family background is egregious. Though I am kannadiga married to a maharashtrian, I found Padosan very offensive. Till now, his family’s problems have not got resolved. Lucky Ali was in the news for wrong reasons. Then Shyamlee Nadkarni who had married Pucky Ali after quitting films wants to come back to movies.
She had acted in Dil Se Miley Dil, Door Wadiyon Mein Kahi. and Dulhan wohi jo piya man baye. Her father used to work in a bank where Kishore Kumar had an account (in JVPD scheme). Mr Nadkarni requested Kishore Kumar to give her a chance but Kishore instead introduced him to Vijay Anand who asked his nephew Vishal Anand to cast her in Dil Se Miley Dil. Even though Shyamlee married against her parental wishes in 1979, she continued to act in the occassional film and finally her last film was – Door Wadiyon Mein Kahi with Kk that released in 1984. sHYAMLEE says she didn’t receive a naya paisa from KK for acting in Door Wadiyon Mein Kahin. So sad, na,..


Bhavana ji,

Thanks for your comments.

Mehmood’s family background and the earlier life he led was a result of his abject poverty Though this can not be an excuse or an escape,circumstances made them like that,I suppose. Nurturing good values becomes a luxury when daily bread is a big problem. With too many eating mouths and a drunkard useless father,earning bread at any cost must have been their priority. Once lot of money and social position comes,it is impossible to change what is embedded firmly in your natural behaviour for years.



This was a very good and interesting article.

Can you suggest other sources (website or books) where I can read or get more such interesting information about actors & movies.


Is this the same Shyamlee (also spelled Shamlee in some credits), who acted in Ramsay Brothers milestone ‘Darwaaza – 1978’? That was hell of movie that left me sleepless in the nights and scared during the days for 1 straight year. I watched it when I was 13 years old. That monster still haunts me when I am alone. And the transformation scene? Hell!!! It was macabre and fearsome. All those old men who had long white beard looked formidable to me.


This was an interesting read. I came to know that the actress Shyamalee passed away but couldn’t find anything related to the news online. Please enlighten if you have any info.


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