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Bigdi meri banaa de

Posted on: December 13, 2015

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 7

PRITHVIRAJ SANYUKTA (1946) was the first film from Shalimar Pictures belonging to historic genre after producing social genre films like ‘Ek Raat’ (1942), ‘Prem Sangeet’ (1943), ‘Man Ki Jeet’ (1944) and ‘Ghulaami’ (1945). The film had Prithviraj Kapoor and Neena in the lead roles of Prithiviraj Chauhan and Sanyukta (Sanyogita) respectively. The other main characters were played by Tiwari (Raja Jaichand) and Bharat Vyas (Chand Bardai, Court poet), Cuckoo played the role of a court dancer. The film was released in May 1946.

We have some legendary love stories in the Indian history – Prithviraj Chauhan-Sanyogita, Salim-Anarkali, Shah Jahan-Mumtaz Mahal etc. These ‘readymade’ stories have a lot of scope for showing different cinematic elements. Hence, producer and director of the films used to get attracted to make film based on such legendary love stories which have romance, inter-personal conflicts, war scenes, extravagant sets etc. Furthermore, such legendary stories give some scope for dramatising events even though they may not be historically accurate.

The love story of Prithviraj Chauhan-Sayongita is well known. In fact, we all have read it in our history text books in the high school. The abduction of Sayongita by Prithviraj at the time of swayamvar organised by Jaichand and the wars of Thaneswar-I &II with Mohammed Ghori are the part of this story. One thing clearly emerges from the story that one misjudgement on the part of Prithviraj Chauhan in setting Mohammed Ghori free after winning the first Thaneswar war in 1191 resulted in a greater part of India being ruled by foreigners for about next 750 years.

Since the DVD/VCD of the film is not available to see for myself how the story in the film was handled, I have given below some snippets of the review of the film done in June 1946 issue of Baburao Patel’s ‘Filmindia’ magazine:

1. ’Prithviraj Sanyukta’ – 10999 ft. (movie length) of boredom.

2. Director Najam Naqvi did not seem to have enough brains and imagination to handle this historical subject with dramatic events.

3. Prithviraj Kapoor plays the lead role but looks more like U.P. milkman than a gallant Rajput king.

4. Bharat Vyas plays the role of Chand Bardai, the court poet but acts more like a court clown.

5. Tiwari in the role of Jaichand walks half the time like a woman.

6. The music of the film is too rotten for words………One wonders what the music director was doing unless he was drunk.

The film had 9 songs that were penned by Josh Malihabadi (3), Akhtar-ul-Iman (5) and Bharat Vyas (1). The songs were set to music by S K Pal. I could not locate any of the songs on YT. However, I got mp3 clip of the song ‘bigdi meri bana de man ko daraane waali’ from Dr Surjit Singh’s website which I have converted into a video and posted on YT. This song is credited to Neena but the voice, I guess, is that of Sitara Kanpuri.

Contrary to what the reviewer of ‘Filmindia’ had written, at least, the music of this song is not rotten in my view.

With this song, ‘Prithviraj Sanyukta’ (1946) makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Bigdi meri bana de (Prithviraaj Sanyukta)(1946) Singer-Sitara Kanpuri, Lyrics-Josh Malihabadi, MD-S K Pal


bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae ae
man ko daraane waali
parchaayiaan hain kaali
man ko daraane waali
parchhaayian hain kaali
deepak mera jala aa de ae
deepak mera jala aa de ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae

taare bhi kho chukee hai ae
taare bhi kho chukee hai
yoon rain so chukee hai
taare bhi kho chukee hai
yoon rain so chukee hai
iss rain ko jaga aa de ae
iss rain ko jaga aa de ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae

chhaaya hai ghhup andhera aa
chhaaya hai ghhup andhera
dil bujh gaya hai mera
chhaaya hai ghhup andhera
dil bujh gaya hai mera
dil ko diya dikha aa de ae
dil ko diya dikha aa de ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae ae ae
bigdi meri bana de ae ae ae

2 Responses to "Bigdi meri banaa de"

Yes, this is not a song deserving such caustic comments by ‘Filmindia’ . From whatever I gathered reading some issues of ‘Filmindia ‘ in mid fifties, Baburao Patel considered being caustic is to reveal his smartness & sense of humour. 😦


Lovely song, lovelier voice.
meri to bigdi bana di


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