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Mere Janam Maran Ke Saathi

Posted on: February 27, 2016

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Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 14

KAADAMBARI (1944) was produced under the banner of Laxmi Productions and was directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal. The star cast included Shanta Apte, Vanmala, Pahadi Sanyal, Harish, Jeevan etc. There were 15 songs in the film, all penned by Miss Kamal B.A, a pseudonym which Kavi Pradeep used for this film, probably due to his contract with Bombay Talkies. The songs were set to music by Hari Prasanna Das.

The film is based on Baanbhatta’s classic novel in Sanskrit ‘Kadambari’ which was written sometime during the 7th Century AD. It is said that Baanbhatta could not complete the novel during his life time. Bhushanbhatta, his son, is said to have completed the last one-third of the novel. I have browsed through the English version of ‘Kadambari’ written by C M Ridding which is available on the internet archives.

The story is very complicated as it is the story within a story with sub-stories involving two main male characters – Pundarika and Chandrapeeda who die due to some curses but are reborn twice on the earth. The story has also two main female characters – Kadambari and Mahashweta, the princess of a Gandharva king who are in love with Chandrapeeda and Pundarika respectively as I understand it. But due to certain circumstances, the lovers are separated. Pundarika meets with an untimely death. Mahaswashweta’s undying love for Pundarika brings him back to life and they are united so are Kadambari and Chandrapeeda. In short, the novel ‘Kadambari’ is stories of reincarnations (punar janam). Some of the Hindi movies like ‘Madhumati’ (1958) and ‘Milan’ (1967) may have got inspiration from the novel.

I have no idea as to how the story was adopted for the film as the film’s VCD/DVD is not available. With so many sub-stories and characters, it would have been challenging for the script writer to convert the complicated love stories into a concise script for a film.

I am presenting the first song from the film KAADAMBARI (1944) to appear in the Blog. The song is ‘mere janam maran ke saathi’ sung by Shanta Apte, obviously picturised on herself. The song was not available on YT. So I have made and uploaded the video of the mp3 clip. The lyrics of Kavi Pradeep bring out the extreme desperation for Shanta Apte (probably in the role of Mahashweta) arising out of the undying love for her beloved when she witnesses the funeral pyre of her beloved.

What a soulful rendition by Shanta Apte!

Song – Mere Janam Maran Ke Saathi (Kaadambari)(1944) Singer-Shanta Apte, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-H P Das


mere janam maran ke saathi
chal chitaa pe so jaayen aen
chal chitaa pe so jaayen
mere janam maran ke saathi
chal chitaa pe so jaayen aen
chal chitaa pe so jaayen
mere janam maran ke saathi

aaj maran thohaar hamaara
aaj maran tyohaar hamaara..aa
jal jal ke khaak ho jaayen
chitaa pe so jaayen aen
chal chitaa pe so jaayen
mere janam maran ke saathi

door desh se aayi dulhaniya
apna roop sanwaare ae
apna roop sanwaare ae
door desh se aayi dulhaniya
apna roop sanwaare ae
apna roop sanwaare ae
maathe pe kumkum suhaag kaa
nain mein kaajal daare ae
maha milan ki in ghadiyon mein
tu kyun udaas hai pyaare ae

2 Responses to "Mere Janam Maran Ke Saathi"

Atul ji,
Just a small correction. Kavi Pradeep’s contractual obligation was with Bombay Talkies and NOT with Shalimar. Please correct in the write up.
Sorry for my slip up.


Lovely soulful rendition

Hari Prasanna Das
Mohabbat (1943)
Meena (1944)
Begum (1945)
Sati Toral (1947)
Veerangana (1947)


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