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Teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liyaa

Posted on: June 26, 2016

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“Aabroo”(1943) was directed by Nazeer for Hind Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Sitara Devi, Yakoob, Nazeer, Jagdish, Masood, Shakir, Vatsala Kumthekar, Laddan, Chanda Bai, Janardan Sharma etc in it.

The movie has eleven songs in it. Nine of the songs are sung by Sitaara Devi and are picturised on her.

There are two other songs in the movie and they too are special songs. One of them is sung by Yakoob, which goes Inhi logon ne le leenha dupatta meraand it is the original inspiration behind the “Paakeezah”(1972) song Inhi logon ne le leenha dupatta mera. Incidentally, a silimarly worded song was composed by Pt Govindram earlier in “Himmat”(1941) as well which was sung by Shamshad Begam.

The other non Sitaara Devi song in the movie is arguably the best song in the movie in my opinion and that is saying a lot in a movie teeming with superb songs.

This song, the tenth song from “Aabroo”(1943) to appear in the blog, is sung by Vatsala Kumthekar and it is picturised on her as well. One cannot help but become a fan of Vatsala Kumthekar after listening to this song. I tried to find about her online. It turned out that the most authentic and comrehensive information about her is available online in our own blog, thanks of our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia Mr Arunkumar
Deshmukh. Here is whatb he has to say about Vatsala Kumthekar.

VATSALA KUMTHEKAR was born in Bombay in 1909. Her family was a noted singers family from Goa. After schooling she got regular music training fro Ustad Barkat Ali, the elder brother of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. She specialised in Thumris.

Her beauty and sweet voice attracted many and she started holding Mehfils and Jalsas from 16-17 years onwards. Her fame spread far and wide and she did programmes all over India. No wonder film companies ran after her. She started the career with Prabhat’s “WAHAN”-1937.
Then came Banke Sanwariya, Madhu Bansari, Hurricane special, Jumbo ka beta, Aaj ki duniya, Anuradha, Jai swadesh, Aurat, Holiday in Bombay, Rabhat, Sangam, Lalaji, Aabroo, Jabaan, Aashirwad, Ishara and Rahat.

She was quite popular and many film personalities were keen to marry her. She got married in 1940, but her married life was bad. Her husband left her for another woman. After 3 years he returned to her. She openly accepted him and looked after him till he died. By now she had stopped getting films. After husband’s death, she almost became penniless and lost her mind. She was seen roaming in Bombay like a mad woman and begging.

One day her dead body was found on Tardeo Bridge, Bombay. She was identified by some onlooker, but before the news reached the film industry, she was already cremated by the Municipality as an unclaimed body.

Here is this tenth and penultimate song from “Aabroo”(1943). Lyricist of this song is not known. Music is composed by Pt Govindram.

Now only one song from “Aabroo”(1943) is left to be discussed. I have not been able to locate this song “Dukh Dard Ke Maare Hain” sung by Sitaara Devi. So unless this song becomes available, “Aabroo”(1943) will remain unYIPPEED in the blog. I request our knowledgeable readers to point out this song if they can locate it. For now, let us savour this superb song from “Aabroo”(1943).



Song-Teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya (Aabroo)(1943) Singer-Vatsala Kumthekar, MD-Pt Govindram


teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya
teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya
aap ne muskuraa ke loot liya
aap ne muskuraa ke loot liya
teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya

bhola bhaala samajh rahe thhe jise
haa aa aa
bhola bhaala samajh rahe thhe jise
usne jaadoo chala ke loot liya
usne jaadoo chala ke loot liya

sadqe jaaun main
abruon pe tere ae ae ae ae
sadqe jaaun main
abruon pe tere ae ae
do do khanzar dikha ke loot liya
do do khanzar dikha ke loot liya
aap ne muskuraa ke loot liya
aap ne muskuraa ke loot liya
teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya

kya adaawat thhi aapko o o hamse ae
aa aa aa
kya adaawat thhi aapko hamse
ae ae ae ae ae
jo yoon nazren chura ke loot liya
jo yoon nazren chura ke loot liya
aap ne muskuraa ke loot liya
aap ne muskuraa ke loot liya
teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya
teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liya

2 Responses to "Teekhi chitwan dikha ke loot liyaa"

Atul ji,

Please correct the singer’s name from Shamshad Begum to Yakub for ‘Inhi logo ne le leena dupatta mera’.

I have searched for the remaining one song from the film in Dr Surjit Singh’s Website but drew blank. The song may have been deleted from the film as I do not find the song in the VCD/DVD of the film. Probably, some private collectors may have 78 rpm of the song.


Thanks for pointing it out. The Shamshad Begam song was from “Himmat'(1941), also composed by Pt Govindram which serves as the inspiration for this song of “Aabroo” as well as the song of “Paakeezah” several decades later.


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