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Inhi logon ne le leenha dupatta mora

Posted on: July 25, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This is his 100th writeup in this blog.

Yesterday, Shamshad Begum hit a double century on this blog. That reminded me that I had missed writing an article on her on the occasion of her 93rd birth day on April 14th. Her songs of 40s, 50s and 60s are still remembered and some of them have reappeared in the guise of remix songs. At 93, she is the senior most playback singer amidst us. Manna Dey, the next senior most playback singer is 16 days younger to her.

My first memory of one of her songs was in 1951. While travelling with my mother and aunt in a long distance train to Bomaby (Mumbai), I saw in my compartment an old man with beards accompanied by a small girl singing ‘bachpan ke din bhula na denaa’ [from ‘Deedar’ (1951)]. I became aware of her name only when one of her song ‘ O leke pahla pahla pyaar’ from ‘CID’ (1956) became a super hit.

For Shamshad Begum, her first recording of song as a playback singer for ‘Khazaanchi’ (1941) under the baton of Ghulam Haider was not her first recording. She had already sung many non-filmy songs composed by Ghulam Haider for a recording company based in Lahore. She was also a regular singer on All India Radio, Lahore. The fact that she sang all the songs for her debut film ‘Khazaanchi’ shows as to how much faith Ghulam Haider had in her. The film as well as its songs became super hits. This was followed by ‘Khandan’ (1942), ‘Zamindar’ (1942) and ‘Pagli’ (1943). With the success of the songs from these films, she became one of the most sought after play back singers in the 40s. In 1944, Ghulam Haider decided to shift his base to Bombay along with his team. Since Shamshad Begum was his favourite playback singer, he was keen that she also shifted to Bombay with his team. He prevailed upon her father who was initially opposed to her shifting, to let her join him in Bombay. This opened up more opportuniies for her to work with other prominent music directors of that time such as Rafiq Ghaznavi, Shyam Sundar, Anil Biswas, Naushad, C Ramchandra, Bulo C Rani etc. However,in the 40s. she did maximum films with Ghulam Haider.

After partition, Ghulam Haider migrated to Pakistan.At this juncture of time, Naushad came in to support her career by getting her to sing in ‘Anokhi Ada’ (1948), ‘Mela’ (1948), ‘Chandani Raat’ (1949), ‘Baabul’(1950). The 50s were still good in terms of her career but the 60s saw some new trends – the type of films produced, the Hindi film music, the lead actresses had all changed which required some sophisticated voices like that of Lata Mangeshkar. With this, the demand for Shamshad Begum for playback singing came down drastically. Noting that her singing assignments were drastically reduced, she decided to retire from the film industry in 1972. Since then she has being leading a quite life away from the film industry. During her filmy carreer, she sang around 1100 Hindi films songs-nearly 40% of these songs were sung by her during 1946-50.

I admire her for the way she conducted herself during her post retirement period. She shunned publicity and maintained a dignified silence on the matters relating to film industry. I have gone through some ofher interviews, both public and private but at no time she spoke of any ill feeling against her contemporary singers or music directors. When she was conferred the Padma Bhushan award by the Government of India in 2007, her fans felt that it was too little and too late for a singer of her calibre. But she was very graceful in telling the media that she was grateful for getting this award at this age. We are fortunate that Shamshad Begum is with us and we wish her a happy and healthy life.

I have selected one of Shamshad Begum’s early and very rare songs for the discussion. We are all well aware of one of the popular songs “inhi logo ne le leena dupattaa mera” from the film ‘Paakeezah’ (1972) which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. This song was written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and set to music by Ghulam Mohammed. I came to know only yesterday that the same song was sung by Shamshad Begum 30 years before ‘Paakeezah’ was released.

The song ‘inhi logon ne le leenaa dupatta moraa’sung by her was from the film HIMMAT (1941), probably her second Hindi film. The song was written by Aziz Kashmiri and the music was composed by Pandit Govindram. The film was produced under the banner of Kamala Movietone and directed by Roop K Shorey. The star cast included Ragini, Majnu, Manorama, Zahoor Shah, Malti etc. Only the audio clip of the song is available. My guess is that she may have given playback for Manorama. Incidentally, her first song in Hindi film as a playback singer ‘ek kali naazon ki pali ‘ in Khazaanchi’(1941) was picturised on Manorama. She also sung for Manorama in ‘Khandan’ (1942).

When a song with more or less the same lyrics and same tune is composed by two different music directors and sung by two different playback singers, comparison is inevitable. Shamshad Begum has sung this song in a thumri style with some colloquial words in lyrics. The background and interlude music is simple. In my view, with her earthy voice, the song does give the feel of a typical ‘kotha’ song. The song sung by Lata Mangeshkar with improvisation of lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri ( example : ‘moraa’ to ‘meraa’,‘mori’ to ‘hamari’, ‘jinane’ to ‘jisne’, ‘padosan’ to ‘sipahiyaa’ etc) and good orchestration gives an impression of a sophisticated mujra song. The difference is understandable as during the intervening period, the concept of courtesan and mujra songs have changed in keeping with the changed circumstances.

So, listen to this song and have your own judgement.


Song-Inhi logon ne le leenha dupatta moraa (Himmat)(1941) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-Pt Govindram


inhi logon ne le leenaa dupattaa moraa
inhi logon ne le leenaa dupattaa moraa

mori na maana bajajwaa se poochho
mori na maano
haan mori na maano
haan mori na maano
bajajwaa se poochho
jine ashrafi gaz deenaa dupattaa moraa
jine ashrafi gaz deenaa dupattaa moraa
inhi logon ne le leena dupattaa moraa

inhi logon ne le leenaa dupatta moraa
inhi logon ne le leenaa dupatta moraa
mori na maano rangrejawaa se poochho
mori na maano
ho mori na maano
rangrejwaa se poochho
jinane gulaabi rang deenaa dupattaa moraa
jiane gulaabi rang deenaa dupattaa moraa

mori na maana padosan se poochho
mori na maano
haan mori na maano
haan mori na maano
padosan se poochho
jinane hansi hansi mein chheenaa dupattaa moraa
jinane hansi hansi mein chheenaa dupattaa moraa
inhi logon ne le leenaa dupattaa moraa
inhi logon ne le leenaa dupattaa moraa

19 Responses to "Inhi logon ne le leenha dupatta mora"

Kahan kahan se ye heere aur zaveraat dhoondhke laate ho! Pahele kabhi ye gana nahin suna. What a beautiful write up! The very first song I heard of her was Door koi gaaye dhun ye sunaye..from Baiju Baawra. I am not too familiar with all her old songs, but do love selected songs from 50s and more from 60s. Thanks for the valuable info.


Dekho Sadanandji, ye gaane sun ne ki uttejana (hope it’s the right word for excitement) mein aapko badhaayi dena hi bhool gayi. Congratulations on your century post. If I am correct, your first post was on January 6, 2012 and the song was Dil jawaan hai aarzoo jawaan from Samundari Daaku. So 100 posts and 30 lyrics in 5 months and 18 days only. Thanks for sharing all info about the song, artists, MD, lyricist, movie, etc with us.


To the best of my information, the three senior-most Bollywood playback artistes still amongst us are: Shamshad Begum (b. 14 April 1919), Juthika Roy (b. 20 April 1919) and Manna Dey (b. 01 May 1919).


What a surprise! while I was reading I was thinking hope you have post her song from film Dekhoji (1947) “jhumka gira bareli ke bazar”
I forgot the header…than…Lata and Pakeezah…it was confusing…But all well that ends well with great surprise.
You are a great treasure hunter who finds a best gem of a song but this one is a guinea, kind of hard, tough and difficult to find.
Shamshadji is an anti-aging lady. She will be live her life well over into hundreds with highest number of the triple digits As you said in her interview you will not find negative thoughts so she is a positive charge lady 🙂
God has truly blessed us by giving Dey, Roy and Shamshadji in 1919.


Kamath ji,
Congratulations on your Maiden Century.
The kind of feast you have been giving to us-the Music Lovers-is beyond description in words.Only we know what is the pleasure you have been giving us.
Hats off to your skill of locating hidden Gems from the History of indian Film music.Added to this,is your command over language and the hard home work that you must be undertaking to ensure perfection in presentation.
May God bless you and help you in your future endeavours.


Kamath ji,
I forgot to mention that this song is NOT written by Aziz Kashmiri.
Actually it is a tradional song,sung in the kothas of lucknow,hyderabad and such muslim states,since ages.No one knows who wrote it.
It is sung privately by many famous singers,like begum Akhtar,Phiroza begum,Umrazia begum and the likes of them.
It is used in many Hindi films in India and in Urdu films in Pakistan too.
A third version is featuring in the film too the name of the writer is not mentioned.
in Paakiza too I do not think this song is written by Majrooh,though it is mentioned so.just think of it,if he wrote it,how can the song be exactly the same almost 40 years ago ?that too,word by word.Majrooh started writing for films only in 1946,with Shahjehan.


I also felt that Shamshad Begum version looked like a traditional mujhra song. I have mentioned in the wrote-up that this song gives a typical feel of a ‘kotha’ song. I had no way to know except to rely on accredition given to Aziz Kashmiri’ in Indian Film Trade website.
If HFGK mentions it as a traditional song, we may change it here.

I will not be surprised if Majrooh Sultanpuri has been given credit for this traditional song for ‘Pakeezah’ because he changed many words in this song. .


There is another on Youtube with a nice dance which may not be from the original film but may be of that period


The song has been remixed with the video of the song ‘nighaayen milte he dil kaa machalna’ from ‘Hyderabad Ki Naazneen’ (1952).






First of all, congratulations Sadanandji for your century. Have loved reading your write-ups here – they are full of nostalgia, anecdotes and trivia. Besides, the songs you’ve posted are also true gems of yesteryear, many of which I heard (and enjoyed hearing) for the first time.

Shamshad Begum is one of my favorite singers – she has/had such a rich voice. As has been said, most singers with a “strong” voice left for Pakistan during partition. From an Indian point of view, it was good Shamshad stayed behind and continued to be part of our Hindi film industry.

The first time I heard her name was as co-singer in Kajra Mohabbat Wala – “Kismat” (1968). Though it is far from one of her best songs, the voice did strike me as very distinctive and impressive even then. I then heard “le ke pehle pehla pyar”. I then saw Bahaar – and I just loved “saiyan dil mein aana re”. From that time onwards, Shamshad became one of my favorite singers.

Thank you so much for this post. May we see your next hundred coming up soon. 🙂


Kamath ji,
Pakeeza was also made in 1956,but it was never was in B/W.
Here is the song ‘ inhi logon ne….’-dancer Meena Kumari.


Thanks very much for the link. I saw this for the first time.

I was under the impression that ‘Paakeezah’ in B/W was shelved after picturisation of one or two songs as Kamal Amrohi wished to make the film afresh in colour and in cinema scope.

It will be good to know whether the B/W version of ;Pakeezah’ was really completed.


Is it true that the film took almost 14 years to complete? I have read somewhere that due to the rift between Kamal Amrohi and Meena Kumari, the movie was shelved. It was only after Sunil Dutt and Nargis’s involvement, the things were ok and the movie was completed.


Khyati, derubala, Prakashchandra, Arun, raja,
Thanks for the appreciation of my efforts.
It gave me an immense pleasure in sharing these 100 songs with the regular visitors and other readers of this blog.


A belated congratulations for the feat and the treat. Thanks


Kamath ji,

Congratulations on your 100th posts. Thanks for this song too, which is a treat to the ears. Now whenever i will hear the song from Pakeeza i will remmeber this.



Dear Atul,
One more version of the song


Thanks to Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji, we have now an opportunity to listen to the earliest of this song which was recorded in 1921 and rendered by Akhtari Jaan of Lucknow. She rendered this song as a Dadra:

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