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Main hardam kisi ko dhoondhta hoon

Posted on: October 11, 2016

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today, the 11th of October, is the birthday of Amitabh Bachchan, superstar, legend, colossus, role model, vagaira, vagaira, vagaira.

Just to clarify, the vagairas here are not meant to demean Mr. Bachchan in any way. Rather, they are meant to stress the fact that there are so many facets to his personality that I stopped trying to list them, after just a few. So no offence of any sort meant.

Anyway, first things first. Through this post, I’d like to wish Mr. Bachchan a very happy 74th birthday and many happy and healthy returns of the day. Bahut shubh kaamnaayen, Sir.

Just as with Rekha (for whom I wrote a birthday post yesterday), Amitabh Bachchan’s career has also been with me for as long as I remember. This establishes a sort of familiarity that I cannot claim with actors whose careers only partly spilt over into my film-watching life (like Dharam, Shashi Kapoor and Manoj Kumar). The rest of their career would be largely hearsay for me.

No such fears for Amitabh Bachchan. Right from his very early days, I have been following his career. Through its ups and downs. Or, in his case, maybe I should say, downs and ups .

Amitabh Bachchan’s career has been so well-documented that it doesn’t make sense to repeat it. Not just his film career but even his brief (if ill-fated) stint in politics has been discussed extensively. His early struggle, his rise to success thanks to Zanjeer and Deewaar, his superstardom days, his accident, his lows during his ABCL days, his return to acting in the mid-90s, his super-successful stint with Kaun Banega Karodpati, his cameos and strong character roles thereafter, to this day – there’s enough material there for not just one film, but a biopic trilogy.

If Hollywood could make a very successful Godfather trilogy, we could easily make a similar trilogy on Amitabh Bachchan. 🙂

And mind you, I have only touched on his professional life. Not even brought his family into this. His parents, his famous wife, or the next generation.

For me, Amitabh Bachchan, in my schooldays, was not someone I warmed to instantly. No, it’s not his fault – it’s entirely mine.

In those days, I used to like Rajesh Khanna. It hurt me everytime a Rajesh film flopped. And almost as if it was an on-off switch, everytime a Rajesh film flopped, an Amitabh film seemed to do well. His star was clearly on the rise just as Rajesh’s was on the way down.

I was only in school – and I didn’t take this very well in the beginning.

It was like Gundappa Vishwanath getting out to excellent swing bowling in overcast conditions in England. You know the bowlers deserve credit for exploiting the conditions but you’re angry with them for dismissing your favourite batsman. So, unsporting though you might appear, you just sulk and pretend it didn’t happen.

I was like that for a while.

And Amitabh kept notching up those hits. Even if it was the same old formula, of a little bit of romance, but a lot more of beating up the villain and his henchmen. The times had changed – more than romance, people apparently wanted to see villains being beaten up.

I deliberately wouldn’t watch his movies – as if that made the slightest difference to his success!

I waited for one of his films to flop – it was a long wait. I waited for a Rajesh film to become a hit – it was an even longer wait!

Finally I had to accept that I was only fooling myself. All my friends had converted – traitors! I was probably the last of the Mohicans.

In all this, acting didn’t even figure. Or even professionalism. These things matter to the coldly rational. Not to the sentimental schoolboy.

Later, when I grew up just a bit more, I could understand better the reasons for Amitabh’s success. And for Rajesh’s decline. It didn’t make it easier to accept – but at least I wasn’t in denial anymore.

Today, decades later, much more grown up – on this topic at least – I am willing to accept that Amitabh was the better actor, the more professional actor (by several miles). And certainly the less flawed person (again by several miles).

There, I’ve said it! Dil pe patthar rakh ke…but I’ve said it. Mother Earth, please open up and accept me in your arms. And Kaka, please forgive me – I hope you understand. I still love you! And your movies did have the better songs!

Ok, enough of the dramebaazi. 🙂

The fact is, Amitabh is where he is today largely due to his acting skills and thorough professionalism.
In a country where professionalism is more an exception than a norm, he truly stands out. Even today, he is just as professional as he was in his early days. That’s something that needs to be commended. There’s a lot to learn from him, for aspiring youngsters.

I must admit there are a fair number of Amitabh films I haven’t seen. Not that I don’t like him, but it has just turned out to be that way. Really, you’ve got to believe me on this. 🙂

Recently I saw him in Pink. I quite liked his performance. Amongst his films of the last 10-15 years, I’ve seen only a very few. Cheeni Kum, Piku are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head. I haven’t even seen the much-acclaimed Paa and Black.

I plan to correct this situation and see more of his films. There’s no grudge anymore within me, those days are long gone with my childhood. He’s a fine actor – and only I’d be the poorer for missing out. Besides, much like with Rekha, he can’t be blamed for some of the terrible roles he had (especially in the 80s).

For his birthday today, I have deliberately chosen a song from his pre-stardom days. In fact, I quite like the Amitabh Bachchan before he became a superstar. The films might have not done well but there was a likeable vulnerability about him in those films, that one didn’t get to see in his superstar-era films.

This song is from Raaste Ka Patthar (1972). I remember watching this film in the early 70s. And again, a couple of years ago. The title song did ok but the film just added to the long list of flops for Amitabh at the time.

This song today is a pleasant, romantic song that deserves to be much better-known. Its words are simple (typical Anand Bakshi). The song grows on you, the more you listen to it. The female actor opposite Amitabh is Neeta Khayani.

I know nothing about her. Maybe others can throw some light on her?

In any case, please do listen to the song. I hope you enjoy it too.

And yes, wish Mr. Bachchan once again a very happy birthday!


Song-Main har dam kisi ko dhoondhta hoon (Raaste Ka Patthar) (1972) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhta hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhta hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
Ye mujhko bahaaye liye jaa rahi hai
Jawaani samundar ki mauj hai
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhti hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhti hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
Ye mujhko bahaaye liye jaa rahi hai
Jawaani samundar ki mauj hai
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhti hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
kisi ki
Khoj hai

Koi aib mujh mein
Nahin ae zamaane
Mere dil mein koi kharaabi nahin
Koi aib mujh mein
Nahin ae zamaane
Mere dil mein koi kharaabi nahin
Kadam dagmagaate hain masti mein mere
Magar main kasam se sharaabi nahin
Main uske khayaalon
mein jhoomta hoon
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhta hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
kisi ki
Khoj hai
Ho o h
o ho
Ho o ho o
(Ho o ho ho)

Guzarti ho gulshan se to raaste mein
Nahin baat karti bahaaron se main
Guzarti ho gulshan se to raaste mein
Nahin baat karti bahaaron se main
Jo kuchh poochhti hoon
To bas poochhti hoon
Pataa ek usi ka hazaaron se main
Jise pyaar karti hoon
poojti hoon
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhti hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
kisi ki
Khoj hai

Ye jee chaahta hai
Wo baitha rahe
Saamne bas
main baithi
Nihaaroon usey
Ye jee chaahta hai
Wo baitha rahe
Saamne bas
main baithi
Nihaaroon usey

Wo yunh na suney to
Banaa kar bahaana
Ye awaaz dekar
Pukaaroon usey
Ki bacha lo
main toofaaan mein doobta hoon
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhta hoon
Mujhe kisi ki
Khoj hai
Ye mujhko bahaaye liye jaa rahi hai
Jawaani samundar ki mauj hai
Main har dum kisi ko dhoondhti hoon
kisi ki
Khoj hai
kisi ki
Khoj hai

6 Responses to "Main hardam kisi ko dhoondhta hoon"

hullo Rajaji
i am so glad that u have acknowledged and gained knowledge after all these years that Rajesh Khanna’s downward graph had nothing to with Amitabh the actor. it was only the roles that each portrayed and a bit of luck that played a part in the Down to Up and Up to Down. shaayad isiko “Der Aaye Durust Aaye” Kehte Hain.
Thank you for this post. and mind it this is one of the many Amitabh movies that i have NOT seen, in spite of being a Die-Hard fan
infact i have seen all his ABCL movies only on TV. 🙂


Raja Saab, we just love your posts, so when you write about Sahir we like it very very much. Your posts on Rajesh Khanna so far have been very very passionate and they create the aura of his style and mannerisms when I read them.
When you write on contemporary issues I could identify myself sharing the same views.
So, when you write a post about any other artists I like them too.
When you write about Cricket and Gundappa Vishwanath I liked it too.
Lekin Sir… ye kya …
When you write about Amitabh Bachchan, we liked it too Sir 🙂
Thanks ,


Manzilen apni jagah hain, raaste apni jagah
Amitabh Bachchan apni jagah hain, Rajesh Khanna apni jagah 🙂


Oh and BTW. Thank u for this never-heard-this b4 song. And also never-seen b4 lady. Any further details abt her?


I have not watched this movie ‘Raaste Ka Patthar’ so far. And I think I am listening this song for the first time now.


Amitabh everywhere….

Amitabh Bachhan is probably one who has touched every aspect of the life through his movies whether through likes n similarity or by opposites.

On his 74th birthday, an attempt with his 75 movies.

See the fun…

Amitabh Bachchan is in black, he is in khaakee n then he is in pink as well

he is in hum n in akela….

Number of occurrence
He is in kabhi kabhi n he is in silsila as well

he is in family, he is in parvarish n then in lawaris as well….

he is in deshpremi n in faraar….

he was in main azaad hoon n he was in janjeer, bandhe haath n also in geerftaar

he was in andha kanoon n also in adaalat….

he was in namak halaal n then in namak haraam….

he was in saudagar, jaadugar n then in baghban as well….

he was in jameer n in besharam….

he was in nishabd n in pukaar….

he was in shahenshah n in ghulami…

Magic stories
he was in aladdin n in ajooba as well…

he was in bhootnath n in god tussi great ho….

Belief in god
he was in khuda gawah n also in naastik….

he was in cheeni kum n then in garam masala….

he was in naseeb, he was in sanjog n in mukaddar ka sikandar also…

Freedom fight
he was in inquilab n in satyagrah….

he was in baabul n in Paa….

Self esteem
he was in abhimaan n in shaan….

he was in aankhe n in jabaan….

he was in chupke chupke n toofaan….

he was in kasme waade n in hera pheri as well…

No gender bias
he was in amar akbar anthony n in ganga jamuna sarswati too….

He was in yaaraana, he was in dostaana as well

he was in aaj ka arjun n in eklavya too….

He was in bemisaal, he was in mahaan n then he was in majboor as well

He was in teen n then he was in do aur do paanch as well

Playing cards
He was in satte pe satta, n then he was in teen patti as well

he was in manzil, in aakhari raasta and then in deewar as well..

he was in kasauti n in lakshya as well …

he was in sholey, he was in agneepath n he was in mashaal as well

N finally, Emotions
he was in krodh, n in aanand as well.


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