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Zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka

Posted on: December 8, 2016

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

So today is the 81st birthday of our favourite “he-man” (a tag like the angry-young-man tag that was given to Amitabh Bachchan a long time ago.)

Born in Punjab and loved the world over he is an actor first who went on to become a producer to launch his sons in filmdom. He was possibly the only actor to have sailed successfully through the Rajesh Khanna and then the Amitabh Bachchan wave. He had a hold on comedy too -“Chupke Chupke” is a case in point. So today we are celebrating Dharamendra.

He is the recipient of the civilian award Padma Bhushan in 2012. His debut was in the 1961 Arjun Hingorani produced and directed “Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere”. Their association went on for about thirty years.

His first action movie was O.P.Ralhan’s “Phool Aur Pathar”; the 1971 “Mera Gaon Mera Desh” only confirmed his action hero status. He has worked with directors of various styles from Bimal Roy (Bandhini) to Hrishikesh Mukherjee (Guddi etc) to Pramod Chakravarty etc.

His pairing with Hema Malini was the most loved (any doubts here) but he was also comfortable with Asha Parekh, Tanuja, Nutan, Waheeda, Sharmila, Mumtaz, Rakhee, or the later heroines like Rekha, Zeenat, Parveen, Anita Raaj, Sridevi or Jaya Prada. He was a male costar who had equal standing in movies which were multi starrers i.e. where there were two or more male leads. He has sung in the voices of all the leading sigers of the Hindi film world be it Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Mahendra Kapoor, Manna Dey or even some of the playback singers who followed these legendary singers. All the voices seemed to suit him.

So where does all these talks lead us? To a problem. What problem? Problem of a wide range to choose from.

So how does one solve the problem? Think up a song and check (and hope) that it is not yet posted. What foloows is that many of the songs in my list are already posted ad movies of the Garam- Dharam that are yet to be yyiippeed only have one or two songs left but those are not filmed on our dear Dharam paaji.

But I have not given up, I have zeroed in on a very entertaining song which does justice to Dharamendra’s comic timing. And as an icing to the cake it is in the voice of the redoubtable Kishore Kumar. The song was written by Anjaan and Bappi (disco) Lahiri was the music director. Here is Anita Raaj is the Biwi to whom Dharamendra plays a “Naukar”. (I am sure many girls of that time would have died to have a “Naukar” like this * 😉 Omprakash is Dharam’s grandfather-in-law here. Nishi Kohli gave playback in this song to Anita Raaj.

So wishing our Dharamendra a very Happy Birthday let us have the song.



Song-Zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka (Naukar Biwi Ka)(1983) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Nishi Kohli, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Bappi Lahiri


he ae ae sambhal
arey log mujhe kyun dete hain taana
haan main hoon biwi ka deewaana
arrey to kya hua
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
tak dhina dhin
tak dhina dhin
tak dhina dhin
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
log mujhe kyun dete hain taana
haan main hun biwi ka deewaana
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka

saare shehar ko aankh dikhaaye
sabki udaaye khilli
shauhar baahar sher bane par
ghar mein bheegi billi
saare shehar ko aankh dikhaaye
sabki udaaye khilli
shauhar baahar sher bane par
ghar mein bheegi billi
ghar ghar ka dastoor yahi hai
bambai ho ya dilli
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka

jai ho patni raani
har pooja se badh kar dekhi
maine patni pooja aa aa aa
pyaar mein dooba biwi ke toh
aur nahin kuchh soojha
har pooja se badh kar dekhi
maine patni pooja
pyaar mein dooba biwi ke toh
aur nahin kuchh soojha
duniya mein khush rahne ka
koi aur na rasta dooja
kyon ki
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka

biwi aisi kahaan doosri
mahun mahun mahun mahun mahun
karoonga saari umar naukari
mahun mahun mahun mahun mahun
doonga main din raat salaami
karoonga main har waqt gulaami
pyaar mujhe tu sacha de de ae
de de
de de
de de
de de bas ek bachcha de de
de de bas ek bachcha de de
o dont be silly
shut up

main to boloonga
main to boloonga
koi kunwaara
maane na maane
shaadi jo kar le
ye wohi jaane
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
arey chhodo na
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
off ho
ye kya kar rahe ho

zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
arre re
dada ji dekh rahe hain

haan haan
zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka
off ho chhodo na
aah aah


6 Responses to "Zamaana to hai naukar biwi ka"

Who Is this singer Nishi Kohli?. Is she the Old actress Nishi, who is also the mother of Arman Kohli?

Yes. She was the producer of this movie as well.

Thanks for this post, Peevisie’s Mom. I missed writing one for this occasion but am glad to see posts on Dharmendra. Wish him a very happy birthday.

I didn’t realise this is his 81st. I somehow keep thinking he is still in his 70s.

I didn’t even know Nishi sang. I quite like her movies of the 60s – she used to often act in B-films, I remember her in many Dara Singh movies. Thief of Baghdad, for example.

I haven’t seen this movie “Naukar Biwi Ka” (it was during my black-out period). But this song was definitely quite popular in its time.

i don’t thing what Nishi did in this song is singing. telling “don’t be silly” etc qualify as song, she was only reacting. this could also have been done by Anita Raaj herself. these thoughts iof mine is similar to what my mom had asked at the time of Ek Duje Ke Liye why in the song “Mere jeewan Sathi” Rati needed Anuradha Paudwal for telling “ja jaa” and such other such reaxns

Nishi Kohli is the wife of Rajkumar Kohli who had produced and directed many films during 1970s through 90s. In this film, their son Armaan Kohli has also worked as a child artist.

This was her first and last playback
1945 Sawan
1955 Char Paise
1955 Railway Platform
1956 26th January
1956 Bharti
1956 Ghulam Begum Badshah
1956 Kismet
1957 Mera Salaam
1957 Neelofar
1957 Samundar
1958 Baghi Sipahi
1958 Chaalbaaz
1958 Chaubees Ghante
1958 Milan
1958 Miss Punjab Mail
1958 Night Club
1958 Phagun
1958 Son of Sinbad
1959 Bhangra
1959 Flying Rani
1959 Forty Days
1959 Insan Jaag Utha
1959 Kangan
1959 Kya Yeh Bombai Hai
1959 Main Nashe Men Hoon
1959 Sawan
1960 Delhi Junction
1960 Miss Goodnight
1960 The Test
1960 Tu Nahin Aur Sahi
1961 Black Shadow
1961 Boy Friend
1961 Dark Street
1961 Guddi
1961 Jija Ji
1961 Pyar Ki Pyas
1962 Banto
1962 Dilli Ka Dada
1962 Pick Pocket
1962 Raj Nandini
1962 Vallah Kya Baat Hai
1963 Bin Badal Barsaat
1963 Ek Tha Alibaba
1963 Gul-e-Bakavali
1963 Laajo
1963 Pyar Ka Bandhan
1963 Sapni
1964 Aaya Toofan
1964 Badshah
1964 Darasingh: Ironman
1964 Ek Din Ka Badshah
1964 Hercules
1964 Main Jatti Punjab Di
1964 Main Suhagan Hoon
1964 Sarfarosh
1964 Satluj De Kande
1965 Dharti Veeran Di
1965 Lootera
1965 Naya Kanoon
1966 Husn Ka Ghulam
1966 Khoon Ka Khoon
1966 Laiye Tod Nibhaiye
1966 Sher E Afghan
1966 Shera Daku
1967 Naujawan
1967 Pind De Kuri
1967 Sardar
1968 Lutera Aur Jadugar
1968 Watan Se Door
1969 Danka
1969 Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai
1969 The Thief of Baghdad
1970 Ganwaar
1970 Moojrim
1971 Daku Mansingh
1971 Sher E Watan
1984 Jeene Nahi Doonga
1992 Dilli Ka Dada

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