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Mujhko mohabbat ho gayi hai

Posted on: December 22, 2016

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Mukesh and his co-singers – 2
Talat Mahmood and Mukesh remained the best of friends till the latter departed for another world in August 1976. It gives me immense pleasure to present this second post in the series Mukesh and his co-singers featuring another of my all-time favourite singer.

Factually the combination does not ring a bell as there are no duets of them in films. There is one triad also featuring Khan Mastana from Pagle (1950) and the present song from Biwi aur Makaan (1966) which again features a very rare combination of singers namely Manna Dey, Jogindar and Hemant Kumar with them.

And then there are three glorious ghazals, one of which has been posted by Shri Sadanand Kamath ji with a very detailed post on the making of the ghazal.

Thus there are only two film songs and three non-film ghazals of the combo. So are we done discussing about Mukesh and Talat Mahmood.? Well, certainly not.

It’s not without reason, that I started the post with the first line about their friendship. Both of them had some same experiences, dreams, setbacks, favourite composers etc. To begin with, both wanted to be successful actor-singers. Whereas Mukesh failed miserably to be an actor, Talat saab lost the race for play-back singing while trying to concentrate on his acting and foreign concerts. Composers like Anil Biswas and Salil Chowdary swore by their golden voices. Both sang for Naushad but for reasons best known, the numbers are too less.

Coming to the films where their opportunities crossed and met, we have to discuss about Yahudi, Madhumati, Anari and Sujatha. Yahudi’s most memorable song Ye mera deewaanapan hai was composed by Shankar keeping Mukesh in mind whereas Dilip Kumar wanted it in the voice of Talat Mahmood. There was a toss of coin which went in favour of Mukesh. Rest as they say is history. Same was the contention of Dilip Kumar during the making of Madhumati. It was 1958 and Mukesh was not much in vogue because of his self imposed exile of giving playback which I have referred at many occasions. He was financially in a very bad condition. Talat Mahmood voluntarily backed off in favour of his friend Mukesh. Here is an article in this regard. These two films of 1958 along with Phir Subah Hogi contributed immensely thereafter to the singing career of Mukesh.

The very next year, both friends were in contention of filmfare’s best playback singer. Mukesh for Anari and Talat Mahmood for Sujatha. Talat saab ended without a filmfare award. Ever. Music lovers however know the quality of the silken voice of Talat Mahmood and he dwells in our hearts as one of the most glorious voices of the golden era. There may few exclusive Talat saab fans, but then all music lovers know that what he left behind will forever remain pure gold.

It was a period devoid of cut-throat competition and most of the artists were known to help each other. The friendship of Mukesh and Talat Mahmood may not be found in any articles. So how does one authenticate the events discussed above and the various anecdotes we come across often on the artists.

Well, there have been many books written and some authors have in fact done extensive research and interviewed the right persons in getting the acts together. And then there are film historians. But it’s also amusing about some historians who talk as if they were present in every single event that took place. This subject is a matter of great debate and I would not like to prolong it any further.

For this particular post and the case in hand, I happened to stumble upon a program of Talat saab on Vividh Bharti Service. Fortunately for us there are many such interviews/programs available which Talat saab has given. In this particular interview, Talat saab talks very affectionately about Mukesh and goes to the extent of saying that he could write a book on Mukesh. Since the Jaimala program of Talat Mehmood is just over half an hour and he had to talk as well as play songs, he seems to rush in. It’s from 18:35 to 19:25 in the link below. In less than a minute we hear about the close relationship they had.

Before we discuss about today’s song, as usual, here is the list of two filmi and three non-filmi ghazals. One each from each section has been discussed. The details were confirmed to me by Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji and I thank him for the same.

Name of song Movie (year) Co singer if any Music director Lyricist
Kyun Shiqwa kare Pagle (1950) Khan Mastana Snehal Bhatkar Anjam Rahmani
Anhoni Baat Thi Ho Biwi aur Makaan (1966) Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey and Joginder Hemant Kumar Gulzar
Kisi ko deke dil koi NFS Murli Manohar Swaroop Ghalib-‘Daag
Joshe giriyan se ye NFS Murli Manohar Swaroop Ghalib-‘Daag
Woh jo roothe toh NFS Murli Manohar Swaroop Jigar – Ghalib

In this post I had discussed in the 6th para that I had more to talk about some unique songs sung by Mukesh.
1. Saawan (1959) with Lata Mangeshkar
2. Poonam Ki Raat (1965) with Lata and Usha Mangeshkar
3. This present song from Biwi aur Makaan (1966)

In all these three songs Mukesh is in a self-suppressed slow rhythm mode while his co-singers are singing in a fast pace. Each of the three songs has the same characteristic feature and Mukesh comes out winning in his rendering on all occasions.
The present comic song is unique with a very rare combination of singers and actors lip-singing. The story of the movie is available on the net and coming from Hrishikesh Mukherjee it seems to be laughter-riot. The song in fact warrants a detailed description and the roles executed by each of the actors. But I am concentrating more on the statistics in these posts and would request readers to provide additional information regarding the movie and the circumstances in which the song appears in the film. A short synopsis of the movie can be found here. The list of actors in the song and the singers giving playback to them is as follows.


Ashish Kumar Mukesh
Biswajeet Hemant Kumar
Mahmood Manna Dey
Keshto Mukherjee Talat Mahmood
?????? Joginder



Song-Mujhko mohabbat ho gayi hai (Biwi Aur Makaan)(1966) Singers-Mukesh, Manna Dey, Talat Mehmood, Hemant Kumar, Joginder, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Hemant Kumar


mujhko mohabbat ho gayi hai
bas mujhko mohabbat ho gayi hai
le le
le thhanda peele
mede ki garmi hai
dil pe chadhh gayi hai re
arre kuchh nahin hai
dhad see tere dil ki dhadkan badh gayi hai re

ab kya hoga
yaaron kya hoga

bhaai dil ke jal jaane se
koi sar ki nas bhi
jal gayi hai re

dil jalta hai to jalne de
ab hamko mohabbat ho gayi hai
ab hamko mohabbat ho gayi hai
abe hosh mein aa
kuchh hosh mein aa
ghar waalon ko maaloom hua
to ek museebat hogi

aur uspe wahaan wo noonjahaan bhi
jaan gayi to khair nahin
tab aur kayaamat hogi

eeee eeee

wo chaal kayaamat ki chal kar
jab aankh ke saamne aate hain
do haathh kaleje par uthh kar
ek dil ko thhaamne aate hain
unki wo chaal qayaamat hai
har baat mein ek nazaakat hai
har baat mein ek nazaakat hai
aur aap ke haal pe laanat hai
har baat mein ek himaakat hai

is yaar ka yaaron kya hoga
naadan ka yaaron kya hoga

arre naadaan pagle tu
kya karne laga hai tu
zara se dil ki khaatir
khaamkhaaan marne laga hai tu
ye dil sabko banaata hai
tujhe bhi bargalaayegaa
hamen baahar nikaalega
tujhe andar karaayega

aa aa aa

main us ke dar pe sar rakh kar
ghar ke baahar mar jaaunga
main us ke dar pe sar rakh kar
ghar ke baahar mar jaaunga
ki mujhko mohabbat ho gayi hai
ki mujhko mohabbat ho gayi hai

shekhar bhaiya yoon nahin karte
itni oonchi aah nahin bharte
shekhar bhaiya yoon nahin karte

jhoothh moothh ki shaadi karlo
sachchi sachchi ishq nahin karte
shekhar bhaiya yoon nahin karte
marna ho to ispe mar lo
aur kisi pe yoon nahin marte

main us par poora marta hoon
wo kuchh kuchh mujh par marti hai
main usko sahi samajhta hoon
wo mujhko galat samajhti hai
chup rah
ye haalat kaisi ho gayi hai
aisi ki taisi ho gayi hai
shekhar ko mohabbat ho gayi hai

aur hamko museebat ho gayi hai
shekhar ko mohabbat ho gayi hai
aisi ki taisi ho gayi hai
aur hamko museebat ho gayi hai

anhoni baat thhi
ho gayi hai

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The First Line Is Missing In Lyric Section “Anhoni Baat Thi Ho Gai Hai” … Please Correct


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