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Jahaan tu tu tu wahaan main main main

Posted on: September 10, 2016

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mukesh and his Composers – 12
Mukesh singing a light-hearted peppy number and none other than Bharat Bhusan dancing a few steps to the tune; the combination of such a scene is extremely rare in hindi cinema, knowing the songs that the singer has mainly sung and the roles the actor has played. We shall discuss more about this rare occurance a little later.

Coming to the next post in this series, we take up the case of Mukesh singing for Hansraj Behl.

On the face of it, there doesn’t seem much to be written about the combo. However there are some very important songs to be discussed. I too could measure the full extent of the excellent collaboration of the combo as I prepared the table and listened to the songs in continuity. Many of the songs are rare for the co-singers associated with Mukesh in Hansraj Behl’s compositions. The list includes 17 songs starting from 1946 and up-to 1964. There are also two Punjabi songs which Mukesh has sung for the composer. These two songs cannot be included here, but are however available on utube. The list of 17 songs is as below out of which all but one have already been covered on the blog.

S.No Name of song Movie (Year of release) Co singer if any Lyricist
1 Lagat nazar tori chhalaiyya more gore badan ko Gwaalan (1946) Susheela Rani Pt Indra Chandra
2 Lut gayi Laajo beech bajariya Chheen le azaadi (1947) Shamshad Begum Pt Indra Chandra
3 Moti chugne gayi re hansi Maansarowar teer Chheen le azaadi (1947) Shamshad Begum Pt Indra Chandra
4 Dekh hamen muskaaye kyun Duniya ek saraai(1947) Hamida Bano Kidar Sharma
5 Aagre se odhni mangaa de balmaa Lakhon mein ek(1947) Shamshad Begum Pt Indra Chandra
6 Hoshiyaar naujawaan jaag ae naujawaan Pardesi mehman(1948) Pt Indra Chandra
7 Parwaane ho parwaane Pardesi mehman(1948) Husn Bano Pt Indra Chandra
8 Sukh dukh ke donon paaon par Hanuman janam (1954) SP Kalla
9 Gori peehar chhod mukh hamse mod Hanuman janam (1954) SP Kalla
10 Main teri tamanna kartaa hoon taqdeer se lekin dartaa hoon Khaiber (1954) Madhubala Jhaveri Asad Bhopali
11 Sab shiqwe mitey dil ke Khaiber (1954) Madhubala Jhaveri Asad Bhopali
12 Aawaaz hai ye pyaar ki Maano Na Maano /Andhkaar (1955) Kaif Irfani
13 Nain dwaar se man mein wo aake Sawaan (1959) Lata Mangeshkar Prem Dhawan
14 Chalo chalen dil le chale jahaan Miss Goodnight (1960) Lata Mangeshkar Prem Dhawan
15 Jahan tu tu tu wahan main Mud mud ke na dekh (1960) Prem Dhawan
16 Haseen ho Khudaa to nahin ho Mud mud ke na dekh (1960) Prem Dhawan
17 Pehle se kyun haan na ki bolo meri jaan Dara Singh : Ironman (1964) Suman Kalyanpur Prem Dhawan

The 1st song with Susheela Rani is the only one which Mukesh has sung with her. Shamshad Begum with her heavy metallic voice was very popular with the composer for Hindi as well as Punjabi songs. She has sung 3 duets with Mukesh for the composer. The 5th elusive song was very recently posted by Sudhir ji.

I have provided the links to all the songs and would request readers to explore more of these vintage gems. Song no 6 is a patriotic song sung by Mukesh with much gusto. The 7th song with Husn Banu is an absolute wonder and also rare as it’s again the only song sung by Mukesh with her. 8 and 9 are solos with the usual hallmark voice of Mukesh. Whereas 8 is a philosophical song sung with absolute sincerity and composure, 9 features a “bidaai” song which touches the soul of anyone listening to it for Mukesh has poured his heart into it. 10 and 11 are the only two duets which Mukesh sang with the melodious Madhubala Javeri. The composer uses all his talent to orchestrate the two voices to form 2 unforgettable duets. 12 is like Mukesh singing to everyone at all times. I would again request readers to listen to these songs to appreciate the master creations.

13 is a rare duet with Lata and is unique for its composition is inter-woven with a very fast paced rendering by Lata and an equally opposite tune and pace sung by Mukesh, taking all his time to complete the verses. To go off track for a moment, Salil Chowdhary used somewhat similar technique in Poonam ki Raat (1965), again with Mukesh retaining the same style and Lata as well as Usha Mangeshkar joining together to form a wonderful traid. Here is the song. For the time being, let me just say that I have more to talk about the songs in this paragraph in the form of another post. 🙂

14 and 17 are two duets with Lata mangeshkar and Suman Kalayanpur respectively.
16 is a rare teasing song picturised on Bharat Bhushan and Anita Guha with a nice write-up by Atul ji. 🙂
15 is the only song yet to be posted and is featured in this post with the description in the very first para.
Before, we discuss the song itself, I would like to thank Shri Harish Raghuwanshi for going through the table and confirming the contents to be correct.

A couple of months back Arunkumar ji sent me the video and lyrics of this particular song and asked me to take it up in the series. I gladly replied in the positive but was very late in writing the post. I thank him also for sending me the song and considering me worthy enough to write a post on it. 🙂

Like the other solo in this movie “jahan tu tu tu wahan main main main” is a light-hearted romantic song. Both the tunes are catchy. The speciality of today’s song is the dance steps by the actor, something which I have not come across with my very limited viewing of hindi films. It’s a short song with three words uttered by a female voice which is not identified in Mukesh Geetkosh. I personally feel that it could be Anita Guha herself because I cannot imagine the producer or composer engaging a playback singer just to say these three words. And that too Shut up and Idiot of all the words. 🙂



Song-Jahaan tu tu tu wahaan main main main(Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh)(1960) Singers-Mukesh, Unknown female voice, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Hansraj Bahl


jahaan tu tu tu
wahaan main main main
jahaan main aen aen
wahaan tu
jahaan tu tu tu
wahaan main main main
jahaan main aen aen
wahaan tu
tu hai kali gulaab ki
main hoon teri khushbu
jahaan tu tu tu
wahaan main main main
jahaan main aen aen
wahaan tu

tere bina mera guzaara nahin
mere bina tera koi chaara nahin
moti moti aankhon se na dekh mujhe
maine kuchh tera bigaada nahin
o madam
o begam
o miss ring ring ring ru
jahaan tu tu tu
wahaan main main main
jahaan main aen aen
wahaan tu
tu hai kali gulaab ki
main hoon teri khushbu
jahaan tu tu tu
wahaan main main main
jahaan main aen aen
wahaan tu

tu to bani hai bas mere liye
main hoon bana bas tere liye
ghadi ghadi chhod ke tu jaati hai kahaan
tere peechhe phirta hoon tere liye
o madam
o begam
o miss ring ring ring ru
jahaan tu tu tu
wahaan main main main
jahaan main aen aen
wahaan tu
tu hai kali gulaab ki
main hoon teri khushbu
Shut up!!!

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