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Khat khat khat khat gaadi kyun rok rahi hai rasta

Posted on: March 3, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from a film made by Gemini, Madras, namely ‘Sansaar'(1951). It is sung by Lata Mangeshkar and an unknown male, with chorus.

Bombay had always been a great attraction to people in India, for various reasons. Though there were several film making centres in undivided India, like Lahore, Calcutta, Kolhapur, Poona, Madras and few more, the crowd was always looking for Bombay to make careers. When the Calcutta giant-New Theatres collapsed, most Bangla cine artistes made a bee-line for Bombay because that is where they saw good career prospects. Other centres too had felt attracted towards Bombay the same way. Madras had a different reason for being attracted to Bombay though. Their actors and actresses were unable to dream of making careers in Bombay because most of them could not speak Hindi. Further, compared to other centres like Lahore, Poona, Kolhapur etc, Madras film industry was solidly entrenched and grew fast, providing ample scope for artistes to prosper there itself. Nevertheless attraction for Bombay was was their secret ambition.

Compared to south, the Hindi film market was wider and highly profitable. Therefore Madras filmmakers looked to make inroads into the Hindi film markets with their films. Truth was, if Hindi was difficult for southerners, then south languages-Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malyalam- were Greek and Latin for the Hindi belt. The only way out was to either make films in Hindi or dub south films in Hindi. The melodramatic type of acting by south actors was not liked by rest of India, so dubbing automatically became the last choice. Making remakes with Hindi actors was the best bet.

An enterprising film maker, S.S.Vasan of Gemini Studios, Madras did this with his ambitious film ” Chandralekha “-48, making it simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi. With more than 100 prints-in those days- the film was released all over India. This venture proved to be successful beyond his own expectations and it set a new trend of making Hindi remakes of hit and popular Southern films.

Thus in the Golden Era, many remakes were made in Hindi. Such films came in dozens. They were good entertainers. In this remake business Vasan was joined by B. Nagi Reddy of Vijay Vauhini, L.V.Prasad of Prasad Productions, Meippan of A.V.M. films and many others. Due to this surge, the Hindi audience got a taste of successful south films. They had typical joint family based stories advocating old values and these films were mostly tear jerkers.

In 1950, L.V.Prasad produced and directed a film in Telugu- “Sansaram”-50. It became a popular and a hit film. S.S.Vasan, who was always on look out for good films, showed this film to his Studio staff in their Preview Theatre. The film made everyone weep in plenty. The story and songs were too good. Vasan immediately bought the remake rights of this film for Tamil and Hindi remakes.

As an experiment, Vasan kept the lead pair of Pushpvalli and M.K.Radha even for Hindi version. He wanted to make these actors popular in Hindi also.( of course it never happened ). For all other roles there were hindi actors like Mohana, Meera, Agha, David, J.S.Kashyap etc etc. Among the actors we find even B.S.Kalla’s name. He was one of the Music Directors of this film. The main music director was E.Sankar Sastry. The music was supervised by D.Parthasarathi, who was a senior Music Director in Gemini family. The tunes of all songs were kept the same in Tamil and Hindi versions.

As expected, Tamil version became a hit film and the songs were also liked by audience. The famous south Indian singer A.M.Raja made his debut with this film in Tamil. All his songs were sung by Talat mehmood in the Hindi remake. One song ” Amma Roti de, baba roti de ” became very popular in all three versions. However, there was lot of criticism in the Tamil media about this song. The critics claimed that no self respecting mother would ever send her children for begging on the streets ( see the story ). This song in the Hindi version also became the most popular beggar song. Usually, Beggar songs are by male singers.

This Beggar song trend actually started from film Pooran Bhakta-1933, in which the blind singer K.C.Dey had sung 2 Beggar songs- ‘ kya karan hai rone ka ‘ and ‘ Jao jao aye mere sadho raho guru ke sang ‘. The film Sansar Beggar song ‘ Amma Roti de ‘ was probably the first beggar song sung by a female ! This song did not create any ripples in the Hindi belt areas-unlike Tamil media. I guess the audience had accepted that anything can happen in melodramatic south films !

The female lead actress Pushpavalli was the second wife of actor Gemini Ganesan. Hindi famous actress Rekha is her daughter. Male lead actor M.K.Radha was a good actor. (there was another actor in Tamil M.R.Radha, who shot to fame when he fired at MGR and then tried to commit suicide ).

Though by 1951, Lata Mangeshkar had established herself as the Top leading female singer, she had never sung for a South film. ‘ Sansar’-51 was the first film in which Lata sang for a South film. She sang not 1 or 2 but 7 songs- 4 solos and 3 duets/with chorus.

The Music Director was E.Sankar Sastry along with B.S.Kalla. They composed jointly. This was his second Hindi film in Gemini. S.S.Vasan had a habit that in all Hindi remakes, he would appoint senior Music Director from Gemini, D.Parthsarathy, as a supervising Music Director on the team of other Music Directors. The composing and orchestration etc was done by the team. Parthsarathi would only help and supervise their work.

Emani Sankar Sastry was a very famous and renowned Veena player of International recognition. Born on 23-9-1922 in a small village of Andhra, he hailed from a family of celebrated classical musicians. He was trained in traditional Veena by several experts. He did independent concerts all over India.

He joined Gemini Studios in 1948 and stayed for 10 years as MD. During this period he was involved in the Music Direction of Hindi films like, Mangala, Sansar, Bahut din huye, Mr. Sampat, Krishna Kanhaiya and Do Dulhe, as well as the English version of Chandralekha-48.

He joined A.I.R Madras in 1959 and rose to become Director and Chief Producer of Music. He won several awards including Academy award, Kala Parishad Award and Padmashree. He played Veena in Rome Festival and at UNESCO in New York.

E.Sankar Sastry died in 1987.

Here is the story of ‘ Sansar’-51, in short-

A struggling clerk lives with his wife and two children. Their blissful life is threatened with the arrival of his scheming mother and sister. A short time later, the clerk disappears, abandoning his family, and his brother comes to their rescue.

Exploiting the fragile situation, mischief makers suggest an immoral relationship between the clerk’s brother and wife. Frustrated, the clerk’s wife sends her two children to beg on the streets.

Several years later, the elder of the two children, now working in a mill, meets a bearded beggar who, unknown to him, is actually his father. He obtains his father a job in the mill, and the family later reunites.

Today’s song is a video showing Nok-Jhok between a Girl and a Boy. The girl is actress Vanaja. she was companion of Vasan and worked only in Gemini films. The boy is actor Sriram. The video is very clear. Considering it is a 65 year old film, this is a pleasant surprise. Enjoy…..

Song-Khat khat khat khat khat khat gaadi kyun rok rahi hai rasta (Sansaar)(1951) Singers-Lata, unknown male voice, Lyrics-Pt Indra Chandra, MD-E.Sankar Sastry, B.S.Kalla


khat khat khat khat khat khat gaadi
khat khat khat khat khat khat gaadi
rok rahi hai rasta
rok rahi hai rasta
khat khat khat khat khat khat gaadi
rok rahi hai rasta
kyun rok rahi hai rasta
chal chal

o o o
o o o
o o o
cheenti si chaal
kaisa ye haal
janjaal hui re teri gaadi
cheenti si chaal
kaisa ye haal
janjaal hui re teri gaadi

o bail chhod de rasta
chhodenge nahin tujhe sasta
khat khat khat khat khat khat gaadi
rok rahi hai rasta
kyu rok rahi hai rasta

pam pam pam
ghur ghur ghur ghur motor gaadi
naagan ye kaali
dhool udaati
kyun dhool udaati
ghur ghur ghur ghur motor gaadi
naagan ye kaali
dhool udaati
kyun dhool udaati

chal chal

karta tar tar kab se jangli
darta bilkul hi nahin
karta tar tar kab se jangli
darta bilkul hi nahin

allam gallam
humse na karna

band karo
ab munh apna
karti ho kyun nakhre itne
aji yahaan ullu kitne
baithe motor mein jitne
chhodnge nahin tujhe sasta
khat khat khat khat khat khat gaadi
rok rahi hai rasta
kyun rok rahi hai rasta


5 Responses to "Khat khat khat khat gaadi kyun rok rahi hai rasta"

I remember that Susarla Dakshinamurthy was the MD for the Telugu version and many of the tunes were the same in all versions. It was common those days I think for the Vasan team to be credited ( S.Rajeswararao’s name was included once I think). Sometimes, for films made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil music directors would be different though the tunes were the same.


BS Kalla
Rangila Rajasthan (1949)
Krishna Kanhaiya (1952)

I think Nissan was special in one respect. This tune was composed by S.Rajeswararao for the Hindi version first and then added to the other two.

Thanks gaddeswarup ji, for this additional information.
Nice to see your comments after a loooong time.

Arunkumarji, It is mainly due to ignorance. But I remember a few of these remade and dubbed fils from Telugu and Tamil. It started with a film, which was not remade in Hindi I think, but the tune was attributed to Ghantasala in Telugu and Subbaraman in Tamil.

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