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Mera saanwla salona mehboob

Posted on: April 15, 2017

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When I switch on the computer and open the blog in the morning, I have two things in mind. First, I need to find a song that would YIPPEE a movie, and second, a song that would cause a movie to make its debut in the blog.

If I am not careful and systematic, then the above two daily targets would become similar to the task of finding needle in a haystack. As for debutant movies, I need to have a list of movies that are not yet introduced, eliminating those that have already been introduced. It is a better approach that looking at all movies indiscriminately only to discover later that most of these movies are already there in the blog.

Likewise, when I am searching for a song to ensure that the movie gets YIPPEED, it is essential that I look for movies that have only one songs left (instead of looking at all the movies that do not fulfil the conditions.

When I look at the list of eligible songs, I find that some of these songs are suitable of festivals/ anniversaries etc and so they are ruled out for that day. Then there are some songs that sound so special that they are required to be held back for special occasions. Then there are some songs that somehow cannot be used because more input is required on them and I do not have time for that on that day.

So, it is often a tough task to decide on a song for a YIPPPY movie.

And that is not all. I should also ensure that there is a steady supply of soon to be YIPPEED movies. In other words, I need to keep discussing songs from movies that still have a few songs remaining so that these movies become eligible (viz only one song remains to be discussed).

“Shrimaan Funtoosh”(1965) is a movie that was thus made elible for YIPPEEhood when I discussed its penultimate song (viz fourth song out of five songs) a few days ago.

This movie was directed by Shantilal Soni for S B Production, Bombay. The movie had Kishore Kumar, Kumkum, Anoop Kumar, Mohan Choti, Ashalata, Kesari, Harin Chattopadhyay etc in it.

Here is the fifth and final song from “Shrimaan Funtoosh”(1965) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Lata and it is picturised as a stage performance song on Kumkum. This song is an expression of love song where Kumkum expresses her love for Kishore Kumar. The picturisation has some special effects in it that shows a tiny Kishore Kumar posing with Kumkum, sometimes standing on her palm, sometimes climbing on her arm, etc, lustily cheered and clapped by the housefull audience.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

With this song, “Shrimaan Funtoosh”(1965) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Mera saanwla salona mehboob (Shriman Funtoosh)(1965) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


mera saanwla salona mehboob
ho mera saanwla salona mehboob
aaye jab jab wo mere aage
jage re meethhi meethhi
kasak dil mein jaage
hoy hoy hoy
mera saanwla salona mehbub
mera mahboob
mera mahboob
oye oye hoye
mera saanwla salona mehboob

saare jag se niraala mora saajan n
saare jag se niraala mora saajan
jaise baarah maheenon mein saawan
jab miley
dard ho dil ka doona
jab na ho
jag lage soona soona
pag pag doloon
kuchh na boloon
usey jab paaun
main waari waari jaaun
kaise natkhat se naina laage
jaage ji meethi meethi
kasak dil mein jaage
oye hoye hoye
mera saanwla salona mehboob
mera saanwla salona mehboob

jab main roothoon
to mujhko manaaye ae
jab main roothhoon to mujhko manaaye
main jo man jaaun
khud rooth jaaye
uske andaaz hain kitne pyaare
koi poochhe ye dil se hamaare
in batiyon ne
un ankhiyon ne
jaadu hai daala
deewaana kar daala
jaane kya hoga aage aage
jaage ji meethhi meethhi
kasak dil mein jaage
oye hoye hoy
mera saanwla salona mehboob
mera saanwla salona mehboob

mora chhota sa balma hathheela aa
mora chhota sa balma hathheela
jitna naadan utna rangeela
mere dil ko khilauna wo jaane
laakh samjhaaun
bairi na maane
kuchh na soche
kuchh na dekhe
aise bahke ke mujhko hansi aaye
roop uska anokha laage
jage re meethi meethi
kasak dil mein jaage
oye hoye hoy
mera saanwla salona mehboob
o mera saanwla salona mehboob
mera mehbub
mera mehbub
oy hoy hoy
mera saanwla salona mehboob
mera saanwla salona mehboob

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