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Pocket mein bottle haathhon mein pyaala

Posted on: May 5, 2017

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“Agra Road” (1957) was produced and directed by Ravindra Dave for Nagina Films, Bombay. This crime movie had Shakila, Vijay Anand, Nanda, Bhagwan, Satish Vyas, Amarnath, Krishnkant, Dhumal, Nazi etc in it.

The movie had nine songs in it. Eight songs from the movie have been discussed in the past.

Here is the ninth and final song from “Agra Road” (1957) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Rafi. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Roshan.

This is a rare song. Only its audio is available and that too just the first stanza. One uploader of this song has joined this first stanza with portions of other songs from the movie and attempted to pass it off as a full song.

I have only provide lyrics of the first stanza. The joined up portions are part of other songs that have already been covered in the blog.

This is the best we can do at present till we come across the full version of the song. Till then we ahve to remain satisfied with just this small portion of the song.

With this song, “Agra Road” (1957) joins the list of movies thatg have all their songs covered in the blog.

And with this fun song, Bharat Vyas has slowly and un-noticeably has completed 300 songs as a lyricist in the blog.

Song-Pocket mein botal haathon mein pyaala (Agra Road)(1957) Rafi, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Roshan

Pocket mein botal
haathon mein pyaala
main hoon bairam ji daaroowaala

duniya mere khilaaf
ghar ke mere khilaaf
?? mere khilaaf
aur bachche mere khilaaf
ye bhi khilaaf
wo bhi khilaaf
tum bhi khilaaf
sabhi khilaaf
arre waah waah
phir bhi
sunday ke sunday jaaun khandaala
sunday ke sunday jaaun khandaala
main hoon bairam ji daaroowaala


4 Responses to "Pocket mein bottle haathhon mein pyaala"

?? – ‘Biwi’.

Atul ji,

I watched the film on the DVD in parts and of the relevant portion in detail.
There appears to be some confusion about the song under discussion.
Just watch 1:52:00 to 1:59:25 of the DVD of the movie :

The song is picturised as stage show and is presented as the medley of 3 songs in which the song is also the part of the medley.

However, ‘pocket mein botttle haathhon mein pyaala’ is missing in the medley. It is quite possible that in the DVD, this part of the song may have been deleted as it usually happens with film DVDs.

My guess is that the audio clip of the song may have been ripped off from one of the Radio Ceylon programmes as I find hissing sounds at around 1:20 to 1: 25 of the audio clip. If it is so, it is possible that 78 rpm record of the medley song in two parts may have been issued.

Sadanand ji,

Thanks so much for your efforts to track and piece together the puzzle that this song is turning out to be.

I will add one more piece of info. I checked my collection and this song is present, as it is, starting with the words “Pocket Mein Bottle…”. That implies that this song is very much a part of the film.

Now after seeing the video portion that you have pointed out, it seems that this whole ‘medley’ is one complete song which is the complete stage presentation. The stage presentation enacts two or three small scenarios, and then settles down into a formal song performed by Shakila, Nanda and a group of dancers.

Another factor to note. The film has four 78 rpm records released. Which means 8 songs. The Geet Kosh lists 9 songs. Of these, no.9 is the complete song “Gunaahon Ka Chiraagh…” sung by Shamshad Begum, Geeta Dutt and Rafi Sb. This corresponds to the formal song portion of the stage show medley.

So the most likely scenario of what might have transpired is, that the first part of the medley of the stage program was left out of the 78 rpm records. One option could have been that the entire stage show could have been accommodated on two sides of one record. But that would have left out one complete song from the remaining seven. In all likelihood, to avoid publishing a fifth record, the decision may have been taken to cut out the first half of the stage show, from records publication.

That is how we now have four records, with only the second half of the stage show. Now, the audio of the first half of the stage show is most likely taken from the sound track, or from the later released VCD/DVD discs. The variation that we see in this piece, is now dependent on two factors.
a. The completeness of the film available on discs, and
b. The possible cut paste selection made by the individual who transferred this portion of the song to audio in the first place.

So my take is that the list of songs of this film should be considered as 8, with the complete stage show being taken as one long song sequence or medley.


Sudhir ji,

Thanks for a detailed analysis.
After reading your comments, I am also inclined to think that there may be only 8 songs instead of 9 listed.

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