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Kaahe kaanha karat barjori

Posted on: June 25, 2017

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Hullo to everyone in Atuldom

Today 25th June 2017 is the 93rd birth anniversary of the legendary Madan Mohan.

At the outset, itself I should make it clear I am no authority on either Madan Mohan or any composer of that era. I have this disclaimer on all my writeups on legends of that era.

The best of these composers happened much before I even became aware that a song needs a lyricist, a composer, a singer and numerous musical instruments to make us-listeners fall in love with them. But for sure I love all music whether of the 50s, 60s, 70s or of the 80s to now. I am unsure of if I know any song of the 40s, hence I didn’t mention them in my list.

I love “lag ja gale ke phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho” as much as “simti si sharmayi si” or “bhor aayi gaya aandhiyaara”. I loved his “har koi chahta hai ek muthi aasmaan”; “mera naam abdul rehmaan”; “ai haseeno naazaneeno” much before I became aware (discovered this today) that they are all Madan Mohan compositions. Till yesterday they were all Kishore Kumar songs to be enjoyed. I loved his “kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare” as much as “tum bin Jeevan kaisa Jeevan”. I am a fan of all his work with Lata Mangeshkar-there are just too many songs to list out here. I am forever hooked on to “jhumka gira re” and “ai dil mujhe bata de”. I am not going to list anymore of my favourite songs; I am just moving on.

As I scrutinized the anniversary pages of this blog and the list of songs movie-wise page I zeroed in on a movie that is a family favourite; that is. everyone from my Grandpa (when he was there) to my teenage niece love the songs of this movie. Even I got my husband and his mom addicted to this movie after we shifted to Mumbai in the 90s. This movie had six or seven songs (I am unsure about the number we need HFGK to tell us the exact number) and the blog has only the popular three. Let us have one more today.

The movie was a N.C.Sippy, Romu Sippy & Hrishikesh Mukhrjee production for Rupam Chitra. Hrishikesh Mukherjee also directed it. It was given censor certificate on 30th June 1972 and released on July 7th the same year. So, we are also at the release anniversary of the movie. The movie had a small cast of Harindranth Chattopadhyay, Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Bhaduri, Asrani, A.K.Hangal, Durga Khote, Kali Bannerjee, Usha Kiran, Master Raju and Manisha. I think the name of the actor who played Jaya Bhaduri’s romantic interest is someone called Suraj. (I am sure Prakashchandraji will be able to give the right name).

Amitabh Bachchan was the narrator at the opening and closing of the movie.

I am most certain that everyone has by now understood that we are having a song from “Bawarchi” today to remember Madan Mohan on his birthday. The movie had dialogues by Gulzar. It was based on Tapan Sinha’s 1966 Bengali movie “Galpa Haleo Satyi”.

The songs were penned by Kaifi Azmi (another revelation for me; I seem to be discovering many things today). Todays’ song is semi classical in the voices of Chaube Maharaj (another discovery today, need light on this too) with Laxmi Shankar. This is Paintal tutoring Manisha (playing Meeta Sharma B.A.; daughter of A.K.Hangal and Durga Khote) kathak nritya. A little researching on Manisha and I found that she was married to Deb Mukherjee for a while. She is the mother of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s wife Sunita. And researching on Chaube Maharaj brought up the fact that he was son of Sukhdev Maharaj and that makes him brother to Sitaara Devi – found this in Kathak, Indian Classical Dance Art written by Sunil Kothari, page 71.

[Ed: The song is in three parts in the movie. The first two parts show Manisha practicing under the tutelage of Paintal. The third part shows her making use of her training in a dance competition. The video shown combines the three parts at one place.
The portion sung by Chaube Maharaj may need correction at several places. Knowledgeable raeders with keener ears are requested to point out the errors as applicable.]



Song-Kaahe Kaanha karat barjori (Baawarchi)(1972) Singers-Laxmi Shankar, Chaube Maharaj, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan


todat kala biraajat chhabi saajat
poorn chandr
sharad rain ujiyaari
ati pyaari
nirakh jog ??
jan hit
bajaayi bajaayi murali akhand
mandal maha??
mandal mad nirtak
dhishom dhishom
dhimik dhimik
tata thaiyya
ta thaiyya
tak tak tak dhig
bajat bheen mridang
?? murli
madhur dhuni kar
taal dhun dhun
bajat ghiti
dhig dhig dha
dhig dhig dha
dha dhig dhig dha
bansi bat pe
jamuna tat pe
?? dhig dhig dha
bansi bat pe
jamuna tat pe
?? dhig dhig dha
bansi bat mein
jamuna tat pe

kaahe kaanha karat barjori
kaahe kaanha karat barjori
chhodo chhodo
chhodo chhodo
chhodo chhodo
kalaiya mori

kaahe kaanha karat barjori
kaahe kaanha karat barjori
chhodo chhodo
chhodo chhodo
chhodo chhodo
kalaiya mori
kaahe kaanha karat barjori
kaahe kaanha karat barjori

kaahe kaanha karat barjori
kaahe kaanha
kaahe kaanha
kaahe kaanha karat barajori
kaahe kaanha
dhi dha dhigdhig
dhi dha dhigdhig
dhi dha dhigdhig
dhai dhi dha
tat tat dhigdha dhai
dhig dha dhig dha
dhig dha dhig dha
dhai tha
tat tat dhigdha
thai thai
thai ta
dhig dha dhig dhig
dhig dha dhig dhig
dhig dha dhig dhig dhai
dhig dha dhig dhig dhigdha dhai
dhig dha dhig dhig dhigdha
dhigdha dhigdhig
dhai dhai
tat thai
dhigta thai thai
dhatit dhatit
dhadha tit tit
dhakit dhakit dha
dhagin to to
nage nage tunda
tirkit dhagin
ghe ghe ghe ghe ghe ghe
ghe ghe ghe ghe ghe
tat ghe ghe ghe ghe
ta thai
tat ta thai
tat thi ta thai
tat tathai

sraant dhidhig dha
tam ta dhidhig dha
tha dhidhig dha
bansi bat pe
jamuna tat pe
dha dhig dhig dha
bansi bat pe
jamuna tat pe
dhigdha dhig dhig dha
bansi bat pe
jamuna tat pe

kaahe kaanha karat barjori
kaahe kaanha karat barjori

raar machaaye
ang lagaaye
raar machaye
ang lagaaye
bainyya dhare gori gori
kaahe kaanha karat

11 Responses to "Kaahe kaanha karat barjori"

Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji !!


thank you Avinasshji



Madan Mohan/Kaifi Azmi
1)”Bhor aai gaya andhiyara”
Manna Dey,H.Chattopadhyaya,Lakshmi Shankar,
Nirmala Devi-Kishore Kumar
2) ”Tum bin jeevan”: Manna Dey-Asrani
3) ”Mast pavan dole re”:Lata Mangeshkar
4) “Kahe Kanha karat barjori” :Lakshmi Shankar
5) “More Naina bahayen neer”: Lata Mangeshkar
6) “Pahle chori Phir sinajori” : Kumar Faiyyaz


As per
MANISHA is 1st wife of actor Deb Mukherjee
Mother of Sunita Gowarikar.(Wife of director Ashutosh Gowarikar). She divorced Deb Mukherjee years later. She is not the mother of Ayaan Mukherjee.Deb Mukherjee`s 2nd wife`s name is Amrit Mukherjee, who is the mother of Ayaan Mukherjee(director of wake up sid and ye jawani hai deewani(Ranbir kapoor,Deepika Padukone)


exactly what I said about Manisha. “Manisha and I found that she was married to Deb Mukherjee for a while. She is the mother of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s wife Sunita.”
I would like some information on the actor who played Jaya’s love interest. I found his name to be Suraj on IMDB.Com


The actor Suraj Sanim is the son of famous character actor Sajjan. He also acted in film ‘Badnaam Basti’ with which I was connected as Recordist and Still Photographer. He became my very good friend during our month-long stay at Mainpuri UP, during the shooting of the film. I lost his contact as I had shifted to US for many years.


Bharatji thank you for the information on actor who played Jaya’s love in Bawarchi. but there is also a Suraj Sanim in the film industry who is a song writer and script writer. are both the same?


Yes, I think so. He did have flavor for poetry, when I knew him. More clarification on the subject expected from Arunbhai or Sadanandbhai.


Thanks for the nice post remembering legendary Madan Mohan. I had practically forgotten this song, because the “winning act’ of Jaya Bhaduri rendering ‘More naina bahaye neer ‘ was so much etched in my mind along with Manna Dey’s ‘Tum bin Jeevan’.
‘Bawarchi’ is an unforgettable album.


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