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Main patton mein chhupi kali hoon

Posted on: September 4, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This article is his 600th writeup in the blog.

Today’s song is from film Aandhi-40. The film was directed by Dinesh Ranjan Roy, music was by K.C.Dey and this song is sung by Pankaj Mallik and Radha Rani.

There is a reason why I selected this song. I wanted a song sung by Radha Rani, so that I get an opportunity to settle the issue of multiple Radha Ranis. ” Same name confusion ” is very common in the world of Hindi cinema. Luckily, the confusion existed only between 1931 and 1960. There are many many cases of same name Directors, Music Directors, Singers and Actors. Information on all names is extremely difficult to come by. Still I managed to write on 15 pairs of Same name Artistes in 3 articles and tried to clarify the confusions.

There are still so many names which are on my radar and hopefully I may write about another 5-6 pairs soon under that series. Many times there is misleading, contradictory and overlapping information and we have to take extra effort to sort it out. The main difficulty is to get authentic, corroborative and reliable information. It should be irrefutable and defendable, if need be. Most of the old time artistes are either no more, or are no more residing in India or those who are alive and available, but may not be reachable or reliable due to their senile failing memories.

Just about a fortnight back, in a post on a song from film ” Hind ke lal “-40, I had written about 3 Radha Ranis. Our Mr. Sadanand Kamath ji had raised some queries on that information. Actually, at that time my work on Radha Rani was not complete and I needlessly hurried to write on Radha Rani. After these queries, I hastened my speed on this work and soon most unexpectedly, I stumbled upon a gold mine of information on Radha Rani from two reliable, provable sources and all the confusion is now very clear. The search seems to be complete for now. However, new bits of information keep on getting discovered sometimes and the history thus gets amended and re-written. It goes on endlessly. Presently, however the case of Radha Rani is clear.

Doing research on old time cine artistes is a very tedious task. The kind of sources one has to tap is simply unimaginable. If you happen to meet a close relative or a family member, who has the knowledge about the old timer, then you are lucky. This was precisely what happened in case of Bhudo Advani ( his son), Parshuram (his daughter), Mirza Musharraf ( his daughter/son in law ), Indurani (her son), and Latika ( her daughter), who met me and I could get enough Bio data on them. But this is by and large by pure Luck only. Otherwise hard work in such searches is the only way and one does not know how much time it will take and what will be the final outcome.

In case of Radha Rani, most important point is, there are only Two of them and NOT three as believed earlier. One was operating only in Calcutta and the other was from Bombay. Here are the details. Here, I am making it a concise version to avoid too long an article.


She was the daughter of a Military Officer. Born at Quetta, Baluchistan, in or around 1920-21, she had a British father and Indian mother. She had total Indian looks. Her initial education and schooling was done in Bombay. She became an expert in Horse Riding, swimming, cycling, driving and skating. She was very beautiful and attractive. At the age 15, she looked quite grown up with distinct features. While in school final itself, she got offers from films. Her first film was Romantic India-36. Being an expert singer, she started singing in films. Next she acted in Badhe Chalo-37.

She was called to Calcutta to act in film ‘ Swaraj ke Sipahi ‘-37. From Calcutta, she went to Madras to do a role in a Telugu film ‘ Bhakta Jaidev ‘-38. Returning to Bombay, Radha Rani acted in Sunehra Baal-38 and then joined Wadia movietone. Here she did 7 stunt/action films.

After this she became a freelancer and acted in 18 more films of different banners. She also acted in Punjabi film ‘ Kurmai’-41. Her achievements in films were amazing. Stepping directly from school classroom onto the Silver screen, in her first 5 years of career itself, she had bagged 15 feature films. This was mainly due to to her striking screen beauty, linguistic dexterity and histrionic versatility. She was a consummate actress, singer and dancer. She was very fond of reading English literature and would spend time reading books during shooting breaks.

She made a good pair with actor Zahoor Raja in 8 films. She acted in 3 films of his production company and in film Badal-42, he directed her. her last film was Rasilee-46. After this film she got married and went to England.

Filmography- Romantic India-36, Badhe Chalo-37, Swaraj ke sipahi-37, Bhakta Jaydev-38(Telugu), Sunehra Baal-38, kahan hai manzil teri-39, Hind ka lal-40, Diamond queen-40, Jai swadesh-40, Bambaiwali-41, Manthan-41, Safed sawar-41, Seedha Rasta-41, Darpan-41, Kurmai-41(Punjabi), Swami-41, Badal-42, Motorwali-42, Sewa-42, Suhagan-42, Jungle Princess-42, Mazaq-43, Mr.Jhatpat-43, Paraya Dhan-43, Sawal-43, Bhai-43, O Panchhi-44, Ghazal-45, Laaj-46 and Rasilee-46


This Radha Rani was born in 1903 at Jiaganj, Murshidabad in West Bengal. She was from a rich Marwadi family settled in Bengal for many generations. Her Bangla was very good.After the demise of her father, her mother established a Gopal ji Mandir at her residence.

Listening to keertans from in house offerings and also from visitors, she developed a liking for devotional songs. She was trained by Keertania Harimakhan Das and then Manju Ustad. She was trained in Thumris and Ghazals by Ustad Dabeer Khan. She stayed in Behrampur to learn music.

She started giving performances. In one such performance the Zamindar of Jiaganj, Surendranath Singh heard her. Impressed with her, he brought her to Calcutta and she was exposed to theatre ,Radio and films. Her first silent film was Sreekant-30. Then she acted in several silent films like in which she worked with Debki Bose, Sabita devi, Dhiren Ganguly etc etc. She cut several private records for Hindustan Records company. She sang pala Keertan songs which became very popular.

New Theatres too her in ‘ Yahudi ki Ladki ‘-33. Subsequently she also acted in film ‘ Kashinath-43’ from new Theatres. She acted in only films made in Calcutta and by Calcutta companies. She did many Bangla films.

Radha Rani also gave playback in 4 Hindi films,namely- Mukti-37, Nartaki-40, Aandhi-40 and Irada-44. She worked in Hindi films till only 1947. How long she worked in Bangla films, I do not know. This Radha Rani expired on 22-8-1997 at Calcutta, at the ripe age of 94 years.

Filmography in Hindi- Silent films like Srikant-30, Flames of Flesh-30, Panchsaar-30, After the Death-31, Money makes what not-31 etc Talkie Films- Yahudi ki ladki-33, Daku ka Ladka-35, Daksha Yagnya-35, Kadkati Bijli-36, Khudai Khidamatgar-37, karmaveer-38, Kashinath-43, Shri Ramanuj-43, Kurukshetra-45, Baap-46 and Aisa Kyun-47.

Film Aandhi-40 was made by Associated Production company- which was floated by New Theatres only. The film had 12 songs. Though Radha Rani did not act in this film, as she was New Theatre’s favourite, she sang songs in this film. There were her 4 duets -all with Pankaj Mullick. Out of these one duet and one song by K.C.Dey is already discussed on this Blog. Today’s song is the third one from this film. This is a typical old time style of singing.

My thanks to –

Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji-Surat
Dr. Jyoti Prakash Guha ji-Calcutta
Shri Kamalakar Pasupuleti ji-USA
Year Book-Who’s who-1938
Year Book-Who’s who-1942
Shri Kushal Gopalka ji-Mumbai
Isaq Mujawar’s books
Vithal Pandya’s books
My notes

Song-Main patton mein chhupi kali hoon (Aandhi)(1940) Singers- Radharani, Pankaj Malik, Lyrics- Aarzoo Lucknowi, MD- K C Dey


main patton mein chhupi kali hoon
kali mein jaise baas
main patton mein chhupi kali hoon
kali mein jaise baas
achraj jo tum taav lage to
pahunche mere paas
achraj jo tum taav lage to
pahunche mere paas

chaand chhupa ghanghor ghata mein
darshan ki nahin aas
man boley wo yahin kahin hai
nainan nahin vishwaas
chaand chhupa ghanghor ghata mein
darshan ki nahin aas
man boley wo yahin kahin hai
nainan nahin vishwaas

door bhi rah ke pas hoon pyaare
man ka darpan dekh
door bhi rah ke pas hoon pyaare
man ka darpan dekh
prem ki badhti ?? kaaran
taal nadi sab ek
prem ki badhti ?? kaaran
taal nadi sab ek

chhupne waale jhalak dikha ke
kaahe man lalchaaye
chhupne waale jhalak dikha ke
kaahe man lalchaaye
man ki ?? mein to mujhe bhi
nyaay mein kyun anyaay
man ki ?? mein to mujhe bhi
nyaay mein kyun anyaay

is milan mein maza nahin
is milan mein maza nahin
jo be-dhoondhe mil jaaye
chubhte kaante paanv se masle
chubhte kaante paanv se masle
dukh jhele sukh paaye


10 Responses to "Main patton mein chhupi kali hoon"

Arun ji,

Hearty congratulation for writing 600 articles on the Blog which are full of information and new revelations about the Hindi film industry in general and artists in particular.
These type of articles require a lot of patient but at the end it is a great feeling when perseverance is rewarded in the form of successfully
solving the ‘mysteries of some of the Hindi film artists.

Thanks for solving the mystery of Radha Ranis. You are Arthur Conan Doyle of Hindi film industry.

Sadanand ji,
Thanks for your comments.
Radha Rani was one of the most difficult cases for me.
You can understand the value of such articles as you too take efforts to dig the right kind of information, for your posts.

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart……
Arun ji

Aapka Prakash

हमारे प्रकाश जी,
आपका बहोत बहोत धन्यवाद.

Hullo guruji
Congratulations on post number 600. U r indeed an encyclopedia. And u have immense patience to do all the research. Hats off sir!

Thanks for appreciation of my efforts.

!! Heartiest Congratulations Shri.Deshmukh Sir ji on this 600th post !!!
Waiting for many more detailed, informative and enriching articles to come in future on the blog …
Thank you very much for enriching us with details about the movies of the golden era of Hindi Film Industry, along with information about the film personalities and the many unsung artists of the yesteryears.
Thanks a lot for the ‘treasure’ of these precious articles that you have given to us on this blog !!

Avinash ji,
I am thankful for your kind words.

Arun ji,
Kudos to you for your milestone moment in our journey in this blog.
600 articles and more looked forward to.. Wow. That is something.
Thanks .

Thanks for your nice words.

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