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Socha thha kyaa kyaa ho gayaa..gadbad ho gayi seeti baj gayi

Posted on: September 3, 2017

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Hullo Atulwaasis

Today’s(3 september 2017) post is inspired by this post of Atulji. To be more exact I have been saving up this post ever since this was posted and this was mentioned in the comments by Bharatji and Maheshji.

I was saving this song to present it on the occasion of the birthdate of two people involved in this song.

(1) The music director Shri Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma son of a renowned trumpeter Ramprasad Sharma also known as Babaji. I am sure regular visitors of this blog will know that I am talking of Pyarelal of the Laxmikant- Pyarelal duo. Today(3 september 2017) is his 78th birthday. Happy Birthday Pyarelalji and thank you for making our life musical.

(2) The multi-talented actor who started his career doing villainy and went on to excel even in comedy and also the lovable uncle and best friend in a lot of movies has his birthday today. I am talking of our pyaara “Nandu, sabka Bandhu” alias Sunil Sikanderlal Kapoor who was given his screen name by Sunil Dutt that his name will not do justice to his villainous stint in movies and so Shakti Kapoor was born.

Today’s song is from the 1989 Prakash JhaPankaj Parashar directed “Chaalbaaz”. It starred Sridevi in a double role with Rajnikant and Sunny Deol, with Anupam Kher, Rohini Hattangadi and Shakti Kapoor heading the villain gang and Annu Kapoor and Aruna Irani being nice to the separated at birth twin sisters- Anju and Manju. It is sung by Jolly Mukherjee Amit Kumar and Kavitha Krishnamurthy with Anand Bakshi as the lyricist.

Let us enjoy this fun song where suddenly in the middle the playback singers get interchanged between the artists so much so that we find even Rohini lip syncing to Jolly Mukherjee.

Audio (Longer)


Song-Socha thha kya kya ho gaya…gadbad ho gayi (Chaalbaaz)(1989) Singers-Amit Kumar, Kavita Krishnamurthi, Jolly Mukherji, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Lamikant Pyarelal


hoo hoo hoo hoo
socha tha kya
kya ho gaya,
kya ho gaya
dhoondho mujhe
main kahin kho gaya
main bhi kahin kho gayi
chhutti ho gayi
chhutti ho gayi
dhinaka dhin tinaka dhin
dhinaka dhin tinaka dhin
arey gadbad ho gayi
arey chhutti ho gayi
arey gadbad ho gayi
arey seeti baj gayi

ara ra ra mujhko sambhaalo main chala
gadbad ho gayi
seeti baj gayi
ara ra ra mujhko sambhaalo main chala
rok sako to rok lo
o saalon main chala
o ho gadbad ho gayi
arey seeti baj gayi
apna jooloos tum nikaalo
main chali
arey kahaan chali tu,
arey laut ke aaja
arey ruk jaa pagli
o gadbad ho gayi

sun o o o
sun o bhateeji
chaachi chaacha ji
aaye chakkar
maaro takkar
tan man doley
man kya boley
jaan bachaao
lo pi jaao
ismein kya hai
tumhen pata hai
pi ke maroon kya
yeh bairi
aur karoon kya
mere sar pe thhanda paani daalo main chala
o gadbad ho gayi
are seeti baj gayi
ara ra ra mujhko sambhaalo main chala
arre rok sako to rok lo
o saalon main chala

dharti ghoome ambar jhoome
ho gaya ghapla
baj gaya tabla
lag gayi hichki
hichki hik hik
hik hik
arre baj gayi seeti
(turrr turr)
josh mein aao
zara hosh mein aao
mujhko chadh gayi
mahangi pad gayi
vaidya bulaao
aisa karo balmaa
tum mar jaao
raam kaa naam lo duniyawaalo main chala
o ho gadbad ho gayi
arey chhutti ho gayi
a ra ra mujhko sambhaalo main chala
arre rok sako to rok lo o saalo mai chala

arey gir gaya jhanda
rah gaya danda
arrey ho gaya thanda
murgi kaa anda
daude tattoo ghoome lattoo
bhang ki goli
aakhir boli
ghor udaasi
shaam ki bela
panchhi akela
arey majnu chhaila
mar gayi laila
bhool bhulaiya
natkhat sainyya
arey premi paagal
aaj nahin kal
taash ka patta
ho chol kolkota
dekho ye tamaasha dekhane waalon main chali
o ho gadbad ho gayi
arey seetti baj gayi
ara ra ra mujhko sambhaalo main chala
rok sako to rok lo o saalon main chala
gadbad ho gayi
haan arey seeti baj gayi
arey apna jooloos tum nikaalo main chali
o ho gadbad ho gayi
arre seeti baj gayi
arey gadbad ho gayi
arrey dhin tinaka dhin
arrey seetti baj gayi
ho gadbad ho gayi

5 Responses to "Socha thha kyaa kyaa ho gayaa..gadbad ho gayi seeti baj gayi"

correction in the post please

Chaalbaaz was not directed by Prakash Jha ,
it was directed by PANKUJ PARASHAR aka Pankaj Parashar,
the one who directed follwing Movies
Ab aayega maza(Anita RAj,Farooque Sheikh)
Jalwa(Naseeruddin Shah,Archana Puransingh),
Banaras(Ashmit Patel, Urmila Matondkar,Dimple Kapadia)
Himalay Putra(Akshaye Khanna`s Debut film)
Peecha Karo(Farooque Sheikh, Roma Manik)
Tumko na bhool payenge(Salman Khan,Sushmita Sen,Dia Mirza,
Aasman se gira(Children film, starring Raghuvirlal yadav, in which Sridevi made a cameo appearance),
Rajkumar(1996-starring Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Naseeruddin Shah),
Inteqam(2004 starring Manoj Bajpayee,Isha Khoppikar,Netra RAghuraman),
Karamchand(famous TVSeries)
Meri Biwi Ka jawab nahin(long in the making and half baked Sridevi,Akshay Kumar starrer-Partially directed by Pankaj Parashar-halfway everybody involved with this film left the film, Akshay Kumar and Sridevi`s voice got dubbed by someothers, and there is no proper climax in the movie, as told by Akshay kumar in his interview “Koffee with Karan”)(this movie started in the year 1994 and released in 2004)


sorry Kaan pakdti hoon my mind was telling Pankaj Parasher as i typed Prakash Jha,
sorry accept kijiye PCji


longer audio link ??? haven`t heard properly




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