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Is Jag Mein Kahin Bhi Rahiyo

Posted on: January 16, 2018

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Mohammed Rafi – Duets – ‘अ’  से  ‘ह’ तक  (From ‘अ’ to ‘ह’) – 3
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

‘इ’ – इस जग में कहीं भी रहियो


मेरी आवाज़ के पीछे चले आओ
चले आओ
चले आओ॰ ॰ ॰

Aah, only if it were possible in this physical world. The only recourse is to listen to the recordings. That charisma is going to remain alive, till the time there is music on this earth. The magic of Rafi Sb’s voice will never cease.

Moving ahead with the next instalment of this series. Picking up next letter ‘इ’, I bring to the blog this wonderful favourite song, which has become a rarity these days. I could not find this song online. Another collector in his own channel has, with deliberation, posted a very short clip of this song. I can see comments from other listeners, requesting for posting the complete song. But of course, some people, you know. . .

The song is from the film ‘Pyaar Ki Jeet’ from 1962. The film is produced under the banner of Roopvani Films and is directed by Vasant Painter. The cast of actors includes Mahipal, Indira, Heeralal, Ratnamala, Pal Sharma, SK Shukla, Baby Shobha, Kalpana, Mohan Choti, Arun, and Polson amongst others.

Only four songs are listed for this film. The songs are written by Qamar Jalaalabaadi and the music direction is by Sudhir Phadke.

In this song, the voice accompanying Rafi Sb’s, is of Asha Bhosle. The song has such an endearing flow, and when it comes to end after two antaraas, it seems almost abrupt. It builds into such a comfortable listen that, when it ends, the feeling it leaves behind is – ‘it ended too soon, there should be more’. Simple words, simple melody, rendered with deliberate softness and slowness. What a lovely song which is full of sadness of separation. Very touching.

Song – Is Jag Mein Kahin Bhi Rahiyo (Pyaar Ki Jeet) (1962) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Qamar Jalaalabaadi, MD – Sudhir Phadke


is jag mein kahin bhi rahiyo
meri preet bhool na jaiyo

is jag mein kahin bhi rahiyo
meri preet bhool na jaiyo

is jag mein kahin bhi rahiyo. . oo. . oo. .

ye lahu nahin hai pag mein
aasha ka lahu behta hai
tum sun jo sako to sun lo
beh beh ke tumhen kehta hai
aasha ko tod na jaiyo. . oo. . oo. .
meri preet bhool na jaiyo
is jag mein kahin bhi rahiyo. . oo. . oo. .

is lahu ko ik din sajni
sindoor banana hoga
teri maang sajaani hogi
doli mein bithaana hoga
us din ki khoj mein rahiyo. . oo. . oo. .
meri preet bhool na jaiyo
is jag mein kahin bhi rahiyo
meri preet bhool na jaiyo

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
इस जग में कहीं  भी रहियो
मेरी प्रीत भूल ना जइयो

इस जग में कहीं  भी रहियो
मेरी प्रीत भूल ना जइयो

इस जग में कहीं  भी रहियो॰॰ ओ॰॰ ओ॰॰

ये लहू नहीं है पग में
आशा का लहू बहता है
तुम सुन जो सको तो सुन लो
बह बह के तुम्हें कहता है
आशा को तोड़ ना जइयो॰॰ ओ॰॰ ओ॰॰
मेरी प्रीत भूल ना जइयो
इस जग में कहीं भी रहियो॰॰ ओ॰॰ ओ॰॰

इस लहू को इक दिन सजनी
सिंदूर बनाना होगा
तेरी मांग सजानी होगी
डोली में बिठाना होगा
उस दिन की खोज में रहियो॰॰ ओ॰॰ ओ॰॰
मेरी प्रीत भूल ना जइयो
इस जग में कहीं  भी रहियो
मेरी प्रीत भूल ना जइयो


1 Response to "Is Jag Mein Kahin Bhi Rahiyo"

Heroine of this movie was Kalpana (‘Professor’ fame). This was her early film. As far as I remember, ‘Naughty Boy’ & this movie had released before ‘Professor’ in Mumbai, though ‘Professor’ is considered as her first movie!!


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