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Chandrama Ja Un Se Keh De

Posted on: January 25, 2018

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Missing Films of 1960s – 52
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A bit of a coincidence here that the song of this series posted yesterday “O Chanda. . . Aaj Ki Raat Na Dhalna”, and today’s next song in this series, both are ‘chaand’ songs. Yesterday’s song got posted early in the morning, and later I was thinking – posting a ‘chaand’ song at sunrise time is wholly inappropriate. And so, today’s ‘chaand’ song I am bringing to you at an appropriate time in the evening – a waxing moon is in the skies.

Today’s film is ‘Bharat Milap’ from 1965. The film was produced under the banner of KP Productiond, Bombay, and the director’s name is Babubhai Mistry. The cast of actors includes Sohrab Modi, Sulochana, Ashish Kumar, Indrani Mukherjee, Leela Misra, Anand Kumar, and Mridula amongst others.

The film has seven songs, all from the pen of Bharat Vyas. Music is by Vasant Desai. Today’s song is a duet in the voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Mahendra Kapoor. Unless I am mistaken, the actors performing this song on screen are Ashish Kumar and Indrani Mukherjee. I request other knowledgeable readers to correct me in case I am in error.

The storyline of the epic ‘Ramayan’ is quite well known. After Shri Ram departs from Ayodhya to spend fourteen years as an ascetic in the woods, Bharat ji makes one attempt to bring him back. He goes to meet him at Chitrakoot. The entire portrayal in this epic is a guidance for the right things to do in life. The meeting at Chitrakoot is very significant. The various dialogues that happen here are so full of deep learnings for mortal humans, on how to conduct themselves in real life. The decision at this juncture is that Bharat ji will return to Ayodhya, and continue look after the administration of the kingdom, and take care of the family and the people. Shri Ram along with Sita ji and Lakshman ji will continue his stay away from Ayodhya, till the specified time.

Bharat ji returns with the ‘charan paduka’ (sandals) of Shri Ram, and places them on the throne of Ayodhya. And he places himself on the ground next to the throne, while administering the kingdom, asking for inspiration and guidance at every step, from the ‘charan paduka’. He further resolves that he will not stay in the palace, for the duration that Shri Ram is traveling in the woods. He also has a hut made for himself in a small village, Nandigram, next to Ayodhya, and stays there only. Even inside the hut, he does not sleep on the ground. He digs a cavity or a trench in the ground, a couple of feet deep, and he sleeps at that level. He says he will not sleep on the same ground on which Shri Ram is walking bare footed for fourteen years. He forsakes all the comforts and luxuries, and also all the pleasures and shared nearness in his own personal life. His spouse, Mandavi, stays in the palaces, but they do not share any proximity.

The tale and the teachings of ‘Ramayan’ are the best examples of personal sacrifices that individuals make for the sake of their dear ones, and for the sake of moral and uprightness in life. I may be digressing here, but I would like to briefly tell about the role of Shatrughan, the youngest of the four brothers, in these complex circumstances.

It is stated that Lakshman ji had taken a vow that he would not sleep for all the time that Shri Ram is away from home, and that he would always be standing guard for the safety and well being of his elder brother and bhabhi (sister in law). What is not well known is that even Shatrughan ji followed a similar stringent regime. All during the day, he would be assisting Bharat ji with the matters of the kingdom. And in the night, he would make one round of the kingdom, and then come and sit on a stone at the gates of the kingdom, keeping vigil, till dawn.

Taken in the right spirit, this tale is the pinnacle of a visionary and inspirational lesson. To keep the honor of a promise, all the four brothers make unparalleled sacrifices. One leaves home with the resolve to live like an ascetic in the woods, for fourteen years. Another resolves to accompany him to secure the comfort and safety of his elder brother, forsaking even sleep. The third brother declines to sit on the throne, gives up his own comforts and resolves to also live like an ascetic for the same period, albeit in his own kingdom. He also resolves to sleep in a pit below the ground, and not on the ground on which his elder brother walks barefoot. And the fourth brother, also forsakes his comforts, and sleep, keeping vigil over a kingdom which all acknowledge belongs to the eldest brother. All the four brothers forsook family life for the duration of this exile. A tale like this has no parallels anywhere in the annals of world history or literature.

This is a wonderfully crafted song, that is simultaneously moving at two levels. Both the levels are expressions of love. But one level is expressing love for a beloved spouse, and at the other level, the love being expressed is for a beloved elder brother. The expression of love in the second level is amounting to love for God Himself. Mandvi, the wife of Bharat ji, is calling out to her husband, expressing her emotions of missing him, and feeling incomplete within herself. Bharat ji is singing the same song at the same time, only that his call is directed towards Shri Ram, reminding Him that his (Bharat ji’s) life is in a precarious balance, if He does not return on time, as promised.

A lovely melody created by Vasant Desai, and a memorable song this one is.

Video (Some skipped words)

Audio (Complete)

Song – Chandrama Ja Un Se Keh De  (Bharat Milap) (1965) Singer – Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics – Bharat Vyas, MD – Vasant Desai


chandrama ja un se keh de
na bano itne kathor
baat takte ho gai
geeli mere palkan ki kor
chandrama ja un se keh de
na bano itne kathor
baat takte ho gai
geeli mere palkan ki kor
chandrama ja un se keh de

kehna tujh bin adhkhila
maathe ka tika hai
kehna tujh bin ye mera
sansaar pheeka hai
oo oo oo
chandrama ja un se keh de

kehna ab na seh sakoongi
vireh ki jwaala..aa
toot jaaye na kahin
meri saans ki maala
oo oo oo
chandrama ja un se keh de

ye basanti raat kaate se
nahin kat’ti
ye ghadi nishthur
ghadi bhar bhi nahin ghat’ti
un charan ki raah mein
ye nain bhatke hain
un ke darshan ke liye
ye praan atke hain

oo oo oo
chandrama ja un se keh de
na bano itne kathor
baat takte ho gai
geeli mere palkan ki kor
chandrama ja un se keh de

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे
ना बनो इतने कठोर
बाट तकते हो गई
गीली मेरे पलकन की कोर
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे
ना बनो इतने कठोर
बाट तकते हो गई
गीली मेरे पलकन की कोर
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे

कहना तुझ बिन अधखिला
माथे का टीका है
कहना तुझ बिन ये मेरा
संसार फीका है
ओ ओ ओ
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे

कहना अब ना सेह सकूँगी
विरह की ज्वाला॰॰आ
टूट जाये ना कहीं
मेरी सांस की माला
ओ ओ ओ
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे

ये बसंती रात
काटे से नहीं कटती
ये घड़ी निष्ठुर
घड़ी भर नहीं घटती
उन चरण की राह में
ये नैन भटके हैं
उनके दर्शन के लिए
ये प्राण अटके हैं

ओ ओ ओ
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे
ना बनो इतने कठोर
बाट तकते हो गई
गीली मेरे पलकन की कोर
चंद्रमा जा उनसे कह दे


2 Responses to "Chandrama Ja Un Se Keh De"

Respected Sudhir ji ,
Namaskar ,

A bit late in appreciating the sweet uploaded song by U.
What a gem of a song it is !
Thanks a lot.

I think the actor is Anant Marathe , who is credited as Anand Kumar in the cast ( whom we have seen in ” Barakha ” “Hamari Yaad Aayegi ” etc.
And the actress is Kanan Kaushal ( Indumati Paigankar ) who is credited as Indubala.

With regards ,
Pramod C.Godbole.

Dear Pramod ji,

Thanks so much for your kind words of appreciation.

Thanks are also due for the information provided about the actors on screen in this song.



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