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Aaj bachche hain ham

Posted on: January 26, 2018

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Today (26 january 2018) is the 69th republic day of India. As for the blog, it was the 10th republic day for us. It may be unbelievable but we are just six months away from completing a decade of existence for this blog.

Today, three articles have been covered by three contributors. One post introduced a “debutant” movie. Sudhir Jee had planned to post a suitable song from “Susheela”(1966) that we thought would make “Susheela”(1966) our YIPPEE movie of the day. But Sudhir Jee discovered that this movie had another song left (this additional information was lying hidden in the corrigendum.

After posting this song, a worried Sudhir Jee emailed me, telling me that our YIPPEE target for the day is not yet achieved and we need to achieve it by posting balance song from any YIPPIABLE movie even if that song was not really a Republic day kind of a song.

I had myself given some thought to this matter and I had found that we indeed have an appropriate YIPPIABLE movie for the occasion. This is in fact quite a special song on many counts.

For once, this song is perhaps the earliest song of the “bada hoke desh ka naam karoonga” genre of song. This song just one year after Indian independence. The movie is “Tigress”(1948). “Tigress” was directed by Keshav Talpade for Basant Pictures, Bombay. It had Fearless Nadia, Prakash, Dalpat, Sona Cahtterji Boman Shroff, Radha, Qamar, Jal Khanbata, Kareem, Salim, Rajput (the horse), Moti (the dog), <Austin ki bachchi (the car) etc.

Thisb movie had five songs in it and it was a treasure trove of songs for occasions like Republic day. In fact, Sudhir Ji himself has covered a song from this movie during the republic day of 2013.

I think that the picturisation of this song is similar to the picturisation of the song covered by Sudhir Ji on this day five years ago. Two teachers (played by Sona Chatterji and Fearless Nadia) are singing this aspirational song in the presence of school children who hope to grow into adults citizens who would then take the destiny of the nation in their hands and cover the nation with glory. The song also shows Nadia unfurling the national flag.

Great sentiments are expressed in this song. It is worth noticing that India was not yet a republic at that time. That will happen only two years later.

I have read an article today by one of our youngest contributors who has expressed cynicism at the state of affairs of the nation as present. I, on the other hand, who has been attending republic day from the 18th republic day (today it was the 69th republic day today), I feel extremely optimistic. From a nation that was a begging bowl economy at that time, we are now one of the biggest economies of the world. The country was never in this good a shape as it is now. I was a hopeful “nanha munna raahi” in those days. Now I feel that we are really at a stage where we can take off.

Today I actually find myself holding a “baagdor” of the nation as a grown up citizen of the country. I actually represent the Government and as such I help run the nation. Instead of looking at others and complaining that they are not doing anything for the nation, I seriously think that everyone of us should ask ourselves what we are doing for the nation. If we do our job to the best of our abilities- and out best can really be quite something- then we will in some way help contribute in nation building.

We all take pride in the fact that India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and that its GDP is growing at a growth rate of 7 % per annum. Let everyone of us ask ourselves- am I contributing in this GDP growth rate ? If I am not making a positive contribution, then at least I should try not to come in the way of those who are contributing in this GDP growth.

For instance, I ask myself. What is the contribution of Indian Railways in Indian GDP ? And what is the contribution of my unit in that GDP. I find that Railways, despite being such a huge government organisation, contributes only 1 % to national GDP. Road sector on the other hand contributes 4 %. It shows that railways have lots and lots of room for improvement. I ask such questions for my own unit as well, and that helps us keep ourselves in our toes.

If one does not waste time then one can achieve a lot. In India we do not realise the value of time. I can claim to be one of the very few people who values time. I do not waste my time or the time of others. That helps me achieve lots of things, including in my official works that most people cannot even dream of, because they always run out of time.

No doubt there are people in India who are self serving and their contributions in national building is in the negative, but let us not waste our time lamenting that. Let us do our own jobs sincerely and to the best of our abilities. That alone will make lots and lots of difference in the long run.

I feel that I have some experience and insight in such matters, I will share my views about where we stand as a nation and what can be done to progress fast vis a vis other nations in a series of articles in future. I hope our regulars will find those articles informative and interesting.

For the time being, let us enjoy this song from “Tigress”(1948). The movie had five songs in it. Following were the four songs that were covered earlier in the blog.

Song Title

Post No.

Post Date

Prem ke taange pe main udd jaaun 7363 18-Jan-13
Hum iss zameen ke hain 7410 26-Jan-13
Ae gham naseeb gham ko lahoo kar piye jaa 7415 28-Jan-13
Ye chaand taare hamen beqaraar karte hain 13668 21-Oct-17

Singers are not identified. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify them. Lyrics are penned by C M Hunar. Music is composed by Chitragupta.

With this song, “Tigress”(1948) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy 69th republic day. May we be in an even better shape the next year on the same day.


Song-Aaj bachche hain ham (Tigress)(1948) Lyrics-C M Hunar, MD-Chitragupta


aaj bachche hain ham
kal honge jawaan
kal honge jawaan
kal honge jawaan
aaj bachche hain ham
kal honge jawaan
kal honge jawaan
kal honge jawaan

aur padh likh ke hona hai hamko vidwaan
aur padh likh ke hona hai hamko vidwaan
aaj bachche hain ham kal honge jawaan
kal honge jawaan kal honge jawaan

jahaalat ka kar denge ham munh kaala
vidya se duniya mein hoga ujaala
taakat ke sar pe jeet ka sehra
taakat ke sar pe jeet ka sehra
apne gale mein ho jaimala jaimala
apne gale mein ho jaimala jaimala

kasrat karen ham kartab dikhaye
ek do teen char paanch
varjish kare ham taakat badhaayen
ek do teen char paanch
ham taakat badha ke dikhaaye aan ban
ham taakat badha ke dikhaye aan ban
aaj bache hai ham kal honge jawan
kal honge jawan kal honge jawan

taakat se chadayenge apne vatan pe apna jhanda
ilm se lahrayenge apne vatan pe apna jhanda
ilm se lahaayenge apne vatan pe apna jhenda
vande matram vande matram
vande matram vande matram

1 Response to "Aaj bachche hain ham"

wow what a nice and simple song. even the actions of the kids- simple and straight-forward. Extra treat of Nadia in a saree. Thank you Atulji.
And may your positive thoughts bear fruit. Ameen 🙂


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