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Anuraagi Mann Sab Kuchh Seh Le

Posted on: April 26, 2018

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 66# Singer – Mukesh

Just few days back I came across this song that I am presenting today. After listening to it I was feeling like maybe I had heard it on ‘radio’ many many years back. When I listened to it once I just kept listening to it again and again and with every new day this song is growing on me, on and on. The song is from the 1978 movie ‘Pal Do Pal Ka Saath’ and it is sung by Mukesh ji.

‘Pal Do Pal Ka Saath’ was directed by BR Ishara for Kaveri Films, Bombay. The cast of actors includes Shekhar Kapoor, Rama Vij, Shamli (New Discovery), Asit Sen, Paintal, Johny Whisky, Aarti, Tiger, Mishri Lal, Mohammad Ali, Amal Sen, Narayan Gwalani, Hameed, Sitaram, Jasbir, Prakash Joshi, Vijay Nangia, Bhaiyalal Sharma, Kashi Prasad Chaurasia and others.

This movie has four songs penned by Naqsh Lyallpuri, Yogesh, Balkavi Bairagi and Dev Kohli. Music for this movie is composed by Shyam Saagar. One song from this movie had been posted on the blog earlier in 2014 i.e. four years back and it was introduced by Sudhir ji – ‘Chupke Se Peechhe Se Aa Ke’ sung by Rafi Saab and lyrics of this song are by Dev Kohli.

As mentioned by Sudhir ji in his post this movie seems to be an ‘obscure movie’ though it contains ‘gems of songs’ (‘veritable gems’ as Sudhir ji has mentioned in his post) as we can say for the earlier song and the today’s song after listening to them. I don’t remember to have heard about this movie earlier and not gone through its information before. It was only after listening to the today’s song that I searched for its details in HFGK Vol V and also read the earlier post on the blog. This movie was passed by censor board on 07.04.1978.

Almost forty years have passed since the movie and its music had been created, however listening to its songs revives the memories of the music of those years and Mukesh ji’s singing of the many other songs for Yogesh ji. Yes, today’s song is penned by Yogesh.

Since the movie was an obscure movie I think its songs were also forgotten easily. I am not able to locate online, the other two songs of this film. As per Geet Kosh, these are solo songs in the voices of Asha Bhosle and Manna Dey. We have to search for them and need to bring them here for our listening pleasure. Till then let us listen to this wonderful composition of Shyam Saagar and savour the magic Yogesh ji’s words and Mukesh ji’s singing…

Only the audio of this song is available as of now. I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and its songs please.

Song – Anuraagi Mann Sab Kuchh Seh Le (Pal Do Pal Ka Saath) (1978) Singer – Mukesh, Lyrics – Yogesh, MD – Shyam Saagar


anuraagi mann sab kuchh sah le
anuraagi mann sab kuchh sah le
har uljhan mein
hans ke tu rah le
anuraagi mann sab kuchh sah le

ik sang tera
parichay gehra
janam janam ka ye naata re
ik sudh kho kar
besudh ho kar
geet tumhaare hi gaata re
do chehron ka tu ik darpan
anuraagi mann sab kuchh sah le

mita’ti nahin hai prem ki rekha
toofaanon ke bhi aane se
tripti adhoori
rah jaati hai
saagar ko bhi
paa jaane se
ho na ho poora tera samarpan
anuraagi mann . . .
har uljhan mein
hans ke tu rah le
anuraagi mann sab kuchh sah le

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

अनुरागी मन सब कुछ सह ले
अनुरागी मन सब कुछ सह ले
हर उलझन में
हंस के तू रह ले
अनुरागी मन सब कुछ सह ल

इक संग तेरा
परिचय गहरा
जनम जनम का ये नाता रे
इक सुध खो कर
बेसुध हो कर
गीत तुम्हारे ही गाता रे
दो चेहरों का तू इक दर्पण
अनुरागी मन सब कुछ सह ले

मिटती नहीं है प्रेम कि रेखा आ
तूफानों के भी आने से
तृप्ति अधूरी
रह जाती है
सागर को भी
पा जाने से
हो न हो पूरा तेरा समर्पण
अनुरागी मन. . .
हर उलझन में
हंस के तू रह ले
अनुरागी मन सब कुछ सह ले


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i have listened thisg more than 50 times in a single go still man nahi bhara.

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