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Baadal se jal barsa dharti ki pyaas bujha

Posted on: June 5, 2018

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“Durga Pooja”(1962), not to be confused with “Durga Pooja”(1954), was a bhakti pradhan movie which was produced and directed by Adarsh for Adarshlok, Bombay. The movie had Jaimala, Anant Kumar, Hiralal, B M Vyas, Naazi, Mohan Modi, Deepak, Master Raja, Sandeep, Baby Shobha, Champak Lal, Poonam Kapoor, Rehana Zariwala, Lalita etc in it.

The movie had 13 songs in it. Details of songs are not available in HFGK for any of these songs which are all rare songs.

Here is the first song from “Durga Pooja”(1962) to appear in the blog. As mentioned above, singer is not known, but it is clear from the voice that the song is sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Pt Indra Chandra is the lyricist. Music is compose d by Pt Shivram.

Only audio of this song is available. From the lyrics, it can be deduced that a female devotee is praying to goddess Durga requesting her to cause rain to fall on earth where people are suffering from water scarcity. It is the first such song that I am aware of where Goddess Durga is asked for something which is not in her jurisdiction. 🙂 Causing rainfall falls under(pun uninted) Lord Indra, but the devotee is apparently not aware about the distribution of portfolios among various gods and goddesses. 🙂

With this song, “Durga Pooja”(1962) makes its debut in the blog. And rather appropriately, this song makes it to the blog on a day (5 june 2018) which is being observed as “World Environment Day”.

Baadal se jal barsa dharti ki pyaas bujha(Durga Pooja)(1962) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Pt Indra, MD-Shivram


o o o o
neeche to dharti jaley
gagan jaley
bin neer
jagdambe tere bina
kaun hare jag peer
hey ambe jagdambe
hey ambe

baadal se jal barsa
dharti ki pyaas bujha
kaam hai mera
naam hai tera
donon ki baat bana
o o o o
baadal se jal barsa
dharti ki pyaas bujha

pade kaleje pe lahraake
din sab(?) sunsaan
sookhe taal talaiyya saare
gaaye kaun malhaar aar
meghon ko maiyya bula
baadal se jal barsa
kaam hai mera
naam hai tera
donon ki baat bana
o o o
baadal se jal barsa
dharti ki pyaas bujha

aaj laaj tere haat
baat mat jaane de meri
meri baat kya baat to jaayegi meri
paani ke teer chala
baadal se jal barsa
kaam hai mera
naam hai tera
donon ki baat bana
o o o
baadal se jal barsa
dharti ki pyaas bujha

gagan ghata ghan ghor
shor chahoon oar
umad kar baadal aane de
pyaasi dharti ko pila neer
har taal talaiya nadi jheel
saagar bhar jaane de
saagar bhar jaane de
saagar bhar jaane de
hey ambe
hey ambe

1 Response to "Baadal se jal barsa dharti ki pyaas bujha"

Atulji, Indra is a Semi-God (not even a permanent one), While Goddess Durga is a supreme powerful Goddess and poor Indra is very much in her command, so Sumanji is rightly prying the Goddess for the rain.


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