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Kya khabar thhi yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaayegi

Posted on: August 6, 2018

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We have read many accounts of artists, famous as well as obscure and those in between, in the blog. One theme that repeatedly gets played while discussing all these artists is that very few of them managed to have successful and fruitful careers throughout their lives. In most cases, a vast majority of aspirants failed to achieve any worthwhile success. Some relatively lucky persons managed to achieve some modicum of success though that was not enough for them to be considered as successful.

Then these are some people whose tales turned out to be rags to riches and hen back to rags !

We have described many such artists in the blog- for instance names like Master Nisar, Bhagwan Dada, Vatsala Kumthekar readily come to mind.

Why is it so that some successful artists managed to remain successful throughout their careers whereas some artists, having tasted crazy stardom could not handle that and came crashing down !

If one tries to analyse such cases, may be one can come to some conclusions that may help explain the matter.

I, with my experience, have this hypothesis that every individual needs to be good at (1) his chosen profession (2) his inter personal relations and (3) financial matters.

1. Good in chosen profession:-
There are a good number of people who believe that one needs to have “talent” in his chosen field and that would take care of the rest. That is hardly the case. One gets to show one’s “talent” only when one gets the “breaks”. And one needs qualities like patience, persistne, tenaciy, fighting spirit, strength of character, never say die spirit etc that are essential without which one can not get the right reaks. Once a person gets the break, he needs to make it count. If he fails at first, he still needs to persist.

Moreover, one needs to keep reinventing oneself instead of just doing the same old stuff again and again which after some time may turn stale and unappealing to the public.

2. Inter personal relations- No matter how “talented” a person may be in his profession, if he is unable to get along with people, including his patrons/ employers then one can be prety sure that the person will only get limited opportunities to prove his worth. A Sajjad Hussain, exteremely talented musician but quite poor in getting along with people, readily comes to mind. O P Nayyar is another such example though he managed to have far more success than Sajjad Hussain. But that was inspite of his poor man management skills, and not because of that. As soon as success began to desert him, O P Nayyar found himself getting snubbed by even those whom he had helped get established in their careers.

3. Financial matters- This third and final point is the most underrated one. No matter how much one knows about one’s profession, one needs to have good understnding of financial matters. If one is unable to handle one’s finances well, then the money will sooner or later part ways with the artist who is not savvy enough to be able to manage his finances well.

Sadly, Indians in the past were brought up to believe that poverty was noble while being rich was evil. Our leaders made us think so. With some exceptions, most leaders themselves came from moneyed families and continued to remain moneyed while glorifying poverty. Little wonder then that many artists who suddenly found themselves covered with money were unable to handle success. They had no clue what to do with all that money and they blew the money up.

There were some wise artists, who were like the political leaders. While they often championed the cause of povery on screen, they were savvy enough to soon turn movie producers and thus became the owners rather than employees of the movie making business. Ashok Kumar is aclassic example. He was a humble lab technician in fild world. A chance occurence found himself being made the hero of a movie opposite a lady who was his employer, no less ! And in less than a decade, the business savvy Ashok Kumar had become a film studio owner and film producer. Ashok Kumar was one filmy character who never saw and bad days, financially speaking, throughout his long career in Hindi movies.

People who woud fail to capitalise despite getting good opportunities were those who lacked the abbilities to sell themselves. It does not surprise me to realise that this category of artts are those who were rather poorly educated. So they did not have the wisdom that a well rounded formal education could have given them. They often did not know how to get heir due or how to survive in the film world.

If one looks at Mubarak Begam, one can see that she was an extremely talented playback singer no doubt but she lacked in the other departments that I have discussed. She had no idea how to sell her artistry among film producers as well as music directors who ultimately decide the playback singers for their movies. The fact that she was poorly educated (in fact uneducated) was a clear handicap for her.

The fact that she ended up in a poor financial condition is also a well known fact. And that should come as no surprise really.

With this background, let us have a song sung by an artist who was “talented” in singing but was not quite so in matters of “inter personal relations: as well as “financial matters”. I am talking about Mubarak Begam

“Rishta”(1954)was produced by Rashid Parvez and directed by Aslam for Rajasthan Productions, Bombay. This movie had Nigar Sultana, Suresh, Anwar, S Nazir, Rai Mohan, Leela Mishra, Neelam, Faizi, Agni, Sheikh, Ramlal, K R Thapar, Baby Chaand, Nadir, Kalyan, Vijaylaxmi etc in it.

This movie had seven songs in it. Four of these songs have been covered in the blog in the past.

Here is the fifth song from “Rishta”(1954) to appear in the blog. This song, a forgotten gem, is sung by Mubarak Begam. Pt Phani is the lyricist. Music is composed by K Datta aka Datta Korgaaonkar.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.


Song-Kya khabar thhi yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaaayegi (Rishta)(1954) Singer-Mubarak Begam, Lyrics-Pt Phani, MD-K Datta


kya khabar thhi
yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaayegi
kya khabar thhi
yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaayegi
hum to samjhe thhe
mohabbat raas hamko aayegi
hum to samjhe thhe
mohabbat raas hamko aayegi

ashq aankhon mein machal kar
keh rahe hain baar baar
dil ki dhadkan dard ban kar
har ghadi tadpaayegi
kya khabar thhi
yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaayegi

ghamzadon ka koi na hoga
is jahaan mein gham gusaar(?)
ghamzadon ka koi na hoga
is jahaan mein gham gusaar(?)
zindagi ko har kadam par
maut bhi thukraayegi
raat rone mein kategi
din katega yaad mein
raat rone mein kategi
din katega yaad mein
ye judaai bewafaai
umr bhar tadpaayegi
kya khabar thhi
yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaayegi

2 Responses to "Kya khabar thhi yoon tamanna khaaq mein mil jaayegi"

I hear as,
“kya khabar thee, tamanna khak mein mil jaayegi” – perhaps ‘yoon’ is not there.
“Ghamzadon (ग़मज़दों) ka koi na hoga –“.
Please consider.
Pity Mubarak Begam’s voice not used much in our films.


Another artist, like Ashok Kumar was Suraiya. She sang well, earned well did not squander her wealth and had a peaceful and comfortable post-retirement period.


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