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Kaisi lag rahi hoon main

Posted on: October 10, 2018

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

Last year on this date, post our Avadh Lalji had asked in the comments “I wonder whether it is a deliberate omission on your part to exclude many of her successful films she has done with the Millennium Star as also his name from the list of her leading co-stars?”

My answer to this was “You are right about not mentioning Amitabh. Because that is my normal habit. Posting a common song also. And I forgot to put in the disclaimer… Errors and omission to be excused.”

This year too I am attempting a similar post today (10 october 2018). A Rekha song with another superstar/ actor of those times. Two movies of Rekha with this smart, handsome, he-man (so many adjectives) released in 1973. They have co-starred in about twelve movies in the 70s to the late 80s out of which they made a pair in six. Their pairing was as good, eye- soothing and well received as say Amitabh- Rekha or Jeetendra- Rekha or Vinod Mehra- Rekha. They came together after a gap of 29 years this year when Rekha made an appearance in a song that plays with the end credits of the movie. The song paid a salute to all things that this He-Man actor is known for and I went to see the movie for old times’ sake. Review about that on a later date.

Today’s song is from the 1984 released “Jhootha Sach” which was produced by A.G. Nadiadwala and directed by Esmayeel Shroff. The songs were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri and R D Burman was the music director.

It told the story of Vijay (Dharmendra) who is bringing up his son and daughter with the help of a nanny (Lalitha Pawar) after the death of his wife. But the children miss a mother’s presence and so with the help of their nanny find a mother for themselves and wife for their father. They pack the two off to a honeymoon. On their way back, the father is killed now the new mother is unable to break the news to the kids. But she is lucky to find a person who looks exactly like Vijay only he is a tough goon. The rest of the movie is full of the twists and turns that are regular fare in Bollywood movies.

This movie came 10 years after the Dharam- Rekha blockbuster “Kahaani Kismat Ki”. The ordinary looking Rekha of KKK had undergone a transformation and learnt the art of looking gorgeous. Possibly she had taken a few tips from various quarters on how to present herself. The transformation was slow as can be seen in her movies that released post 1976 when she stopped being a gawky teenager and entered her 20s. Today’s song seems to be a question that she is putting to the audience in the guise of asking her hero. “Kaisi lag rahi hoon main?” If you ask me her eternal fan she was gorgeous then and gorgeous now even when she is 60+.

Wishing her on her birthday today (10 october 2018).



Song-Kaisi lag rahi hoon main (Jhoothha Sach)(1984) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


kaisi lag rahi hoon main
kaisi lag rahi hoon main
kahiye kya khayaal hai
bijliyaan na gir paden
abb toh yeh sawaal hai ae

kaisi lag rahi hoon main
kahiye kya khayaal hai
ho bijliyaan na gir paden
abb toh yeh sawaal hai ae

kaisi lag rahi hoon main

meri nazar na lag jaaye
aaja laga doon dilbar
teraa hi kaajal tere rukhsaar pe

ho oo
abb kya nazar ka lagna
dil lag chuke hain dekho
khoye hain ik dooje mein
kiss pyaar se
yeh mera tera milan kitna bemisaal hai ae
kaisi lag rahi hoon main
kahiye kya khayal hai
ho bijliyaan na gir paden
abb toh yeh sawaal hai

la la laa la la laaa

ghunghata gira ke thhoda
mukhda dikha ke thhoda
jab main chaloon toh tumko kaisa lage
hai aayegi aafat koyi
hogi kayaamat koyi
jeene nahin dogi tum aisa lage

ek hi jalwe mein tum
lut gaye kamaal hai ae
kaisi lag rahi hoon main
kahiye kya khayaal hai
ho bijliyaan na gir paden
abb toh yeh sawal hai

kaisi lag rahi hoon main
la la laa la la laa laa
arre bijliyaan na gir paden
abb toh yeh sawaal hai

kaisi lag rahi hoon main


4 Responses to "Kaisi lag rahi hoon main"

Thanks Madam ji
for posting my favourite Rekha duet,
there is another seductive Asha solo picturised on Aruna Irani(excellent orchestration by Pancham) in this movie
“Jahan bin hawa ke parda hiley, aa jaa main wahin hoon, lag jaa galey”

This movie got a kannada remake namely
Maanava daanava(1985)Starring Late Shankar Nag, Gayatri,etc


audio link


Thanks a lot for the nice post (as usual) and mentioning my last year’s comment.
You hit the nail on the head with your observation that she underwent a total transformation from being a provocative, voluptuous, simple, young girl in 70s to her avatar of a stunning, sophisticated, glamorous, beautiful lady in 80s.
No wonder, she truly deserves to be called an ultimate diva even now. Indeed, age has not withered her charms.
Best wishes to Rekha for a long life on her birthday.
Once again thanking you and with best regards.
Avadh Lal


i am glad you liked the post.
i could have written a lot more specially about her transformation, her struggle to come to terms in an alien language atmosphere, how she is considered a lucky charm by Jeetendra and how she did an insignificant role in “Censor” just so that she could act in a Dev Anand movie. she has always let her heart rule her mind when choosing work.
i think you should see this video where she was giving thanks when she won the Life- time achievement award in 2002


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