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Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna

Posted on: October 17, 2018

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Blog Day : 3743 Post No. : 14700

Those who have followed cricket for as long as I have, old time cricket followers may recall that test cricket centuries used to be quite rare. One test Indian batsman managed to score one test century in one test series then it waas considered a major cricketing achievement. One Indian cricketer scoring more than one test century in a test series was a rarity. It was quite a rarity indeed when Sunil Gavaskar scored as many as four test centuries in one test series, and that too his debut series.

It was three years later that Gavaskar would score his next test century in 1974. After that he did not look back snce and went on to make a record breaking 34 test centuries. Subsequently we have another little master, namely Sachin Tendulkar who rewrote that hrecord by scoring more than 50 test centuries and more than one hundred internationa centuries.

In olden days, we often found batsmen batting quite slowly and taking almost one full day to score a century. Mudassar Nazar of Pakistan took 557 minutes to score a test century in 1977-78 against England. He faced 419 balls to reach his century. In contrast, we had someone like Virender Sehwag who scored a triple century against South Africa in 278 deliveries.

We in this blog also regularly score centuries of posts. We have had 146 such centuries so far. quite a few of these centuries have been Sehwag like when 100 posts were completed in 16 days or even less. Such fast centuries have been described as Sehwag like by our regulars- such as Raja.

On the other end of the scale, sometimes our centuries have been painfully slow, like Chris Tavare or Mudassar Nazar. We “fondly” remember both because they often found it easy to showcase their “talent” against India.

This post is the 14700th song post for the blog or in other words this post marks the 147th century for the blog. This century has come at a Mudassar Nazar like rate. It has taken us as many as 53 days to reach this century.

This song is a rare song from “Fariyaadi”(1953).

“Fariyaadi”(1953) was produced and directed by Habib Sarhadi for Habib Productions, Bombay. This “social” movie had Rehman, Shakuntala, Mirza Musharraf, Wazir Mohammad Khan, Ramesh Thakkar, Parvati Devi, H Prakash, Devraj, Sadiq, Krishn, Chaandni, Qamar, Jankidas, Shanta Kunwar, Manju, Minni etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it. Two songs from the movie has been covered in the past.

This song, the third song from “Fariyaadi”(1953) to appear in the blog is sung by Rafi. Muzaffar Orkazai is the lyricist. Music is composed by B N Bali.

This song is a rare song, that few people may have heard before. And we have chosen this song as the 14700thsong for a special reason. This song happens to be the 29th century of Rafi in the blog. In other words, Rafi now has as many as 2900 songs in the blog, just 100 songs short of the magical 3000 songs mark.

Instead of taking more time than what has already been consumed while reching this century, I decided to just get on with this century without much fanfare so that we can concentrate of future posts. So here is this post that combines blog century number 147 with Rafi century number 29.

So here we are, to yet another landmark, without much fanfare. I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their support and encouragement. We have come a long way and we still have lots of songs yet to be covered. This post gives us an opportunity to take fresh guard and get down to the task of covering more songs from the teasure of HFM.

Song-Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna (Fariyaadi)(1953) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Muzaffar Orkazai, MD-B N Bali


Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna

mushqil hai bahut pyaar ki duniya ko basaana
bedard zamaane ka tareeqa hai puraana
do pyaar bhare dil kabhi aabaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna
Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna

aakaash ki choti pe mahal hamne banaaya
duniya se bahut door jahaan apna basaaya
kismat ne magar chaaha hamen shaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna
Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna

ab apne khayaalon mein mujhe tum na basaana
bhoole se kabhi tum mere sapnon mein na aana
gar dil mein uthhe dard to fariyaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna
Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna
main yaad bhi aaun to mujhe yaad na karna


4 Responses to "Jal jal ke shama ki tarah fariyaad na karna"

Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji on this 147th century on the blog …!!!
Heartiest Congratulations to all members and readers associated with the blog.
Thanks and regards,

Congratulations to you, Sudhir ji and all of us.

Congratulations to atulji and sudhirji for having 14700 posts. Also congratulations for Mohd. Rafi’s song number 2900.

Congratulations on the Double centuries.
Slow or fast… let them keep coming. We will watch them all.

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