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Mangal bhawan amangalhaari

Posted on: November 27, 2018

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“Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye”(1977) was a movie that must be regharded as a landmark movie of its time. It had a profound impact on movie goers who watched it. I was one of those who were impacted by this movie.

I was one of those who would only watch Amitabh Bachchan angry young man movies those days. And most movie watchers were like that. This movie was clearly a small budget non action movie which did not have Amitabh Bachchan. From the title, I concluded that it was a “sissy” kind of movie not fit to be watched by action movie watchers like yours truly. 🙂

The local daily newspaper that I got those days carried a list of local cinema halls and movies played in them. This movie was released in a new movie hall called “Uphaar”. Most movie halls of Ranchi were located around a single road of Ranchi called “Main Road”. This hall was one of the four that were not located on that road and was in fact situated as the farthest distance. Not that it mattered for movie goers like me. I had watched “Don”(1978) in that hall and I had quite enjoyed that experience. But that was an Amitabh Bachchan action movie, as one can notice. There was no way I was going to this hall to watch “Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye”(1977).

Most movies in Ranchi those days lasted for just three or four weeks if they were popular movies. “Sholay”(1975), the biggest hit of that time had lasted for 14 weeks, which was a big achievement for a place like Ranchi those days.

I noticed that this movie “Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye”(1977) was going on and on and it was showing on signs of being taken off even after the passage of seven or eight weeks. A few weeks later, this movie was taken off “Uphaar”, but released in “Sandhya”, another movie hall not on Main Road, but close enough to my College. Incidentally, I college was located at a place where the main road ended /started and the road going towards Sandhya cinema called Purulia road started/ended. That central location where roads ended/started was called Firayalal Chowk, which was renamed as Albert Ekka Chowk in 1972. Albert Ekka, a native of those places won Paramveer Chakra during 1971 war and so this landmark, one of the most important landmarks in Ranchi was renamed in his honour though the place continued to be known by its earlier name as well.

Coming back to topic, “Sandhya” cinema was close to my college. I decided to watch the movie to see what the fuss was all about. I went to the movie hall, with very low expectations.

For the first few minutes, I thought that I had wasted my time and money. But soon thereafter, I warmed up to the movie and became engrossed in it. By the time the movie ended, I was overwhelmed, as were the others who had come to watch it. I liked the movie so much that I watched it four more times. It was the first time that I went for repeat watch of a movie.

The movie had a simple tale that may have been told quite a few times. Here is the plot of the movie as mentioned in wikipedia:
Seth Harikrishan, the industrialist had as his heir, his only grandson Prem. The grandfather’s only desire was to see the bride of his grandson. When he fell seriously ill, his friend and doctor Farid prevailed upon Prem to bring his girl friend Rita, whom he wanted to marry. But as luck would have it, Rita had gone away to Srinagar to participate in a fashion show and she could not return, as due to snowfall all roads were blocked and air service was suspended. To satisfy his dying grandfather, Prem suggested to his company’s Public Relations Officer Jagdish to hire a model girl who could pose as Rita for some time. Instead, Jagdish brought an illiterate flower seller girl Kammo, with whom Prem and his sweetheart Rita had many altercations. But when Rita came, followed by her scheming mother, Kammo knew that her days were numbered. Yet all efforts of Rita and her mother to win the grandfather’s favours failed. Ultimately, on the birthday of the grandfather, Rita’s mother divulged the truth to doctor Farid. And at the birthday party, it was apparent that Kammo’s true identity was known to everyone. Despite this, the grandfather announced his grandson’s engagement to Kammo, whom he had really liked. His grandson blew into a rage and threatened to leave the house along with Rita and her mother. The grandfather did not stop him. Prem rushed to Rita only to find that without his grandfather’s wealth, his love and sacrifice had no meaning for her. Meanwhile, Kammo, hurt and disillusioned, decided to leave the house for good. Did Prem realise his mistake? Did Kammo forgive him? Did the grandfather welcome him back? See for yourself.

This movie was a Rajshree Productions movie directed by Lekh Tandan. The movie had Rameshwari, Prem Kishan, Shyamlee, Madan Puri, Iftekhar, Shivraj, Sunder, Leela Mishra, Savita Bajaj, Piloo Wadia, Shashikala, Viju Khote, Jagdeep etc in it. Rameshwari, who made her debut with this movie became a overnight sensation. It was she who won over the heart of millions in her role of a simple illiterate flower seller Kammo.

Rameshwari’s debut was like a cricketer scoring a century on test debut. There are many cricketers who have done that but then failed to replicate that in subsequent movies. Sadly the same happened with Rameshwari as well. Her subsequent movies were damp squibs and this debut movie of hers remains the biggest highlight of her acting career.

As far as I am concerned, I remember her for this role. The magic that she cast over her audience in this movie four decade ago is yet to wear off. I realised this fact when I watched the picturisation of this song in the process of covering this song in the blog.

The other big attraction of this movie was its music. In fact, it was the music of this song blaring out on loudspeakers that played an important role in forcing me to go to the movie hall.Ravindra Jain’s music and Hemlata’s voice created magic in this movie and also in subsequent Rajshree Production movies for nearly a decade.

Here is this bhajan for “Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye”(1977). It is sung by Hemlata and chorus. The picturisation shows Kammo singing this bhajan and the rest of the family, including the ailing sethji (Madan Puri) getting attracted towards the puja room and joining her.

One can find such beloved figures of those days as Leela Mishra (playing her usual role) and Ifthikhar (playing not a police officer but a kindly family Doctor). Prem Kishan (son of Premnath) was the errant grandson of sethji and the hero of this movie. The picturisation also reminds us of those days when long distance telephone calls were not as easy (and cheap) as they have become now a days. 🙂

Song-Mangal bhawan amangalhaari (Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye)(1977)Hemlata, Traditional, Ravindra Jain

mangal bhavan amangal haari ee ee ee ee
dravhu sudasrath achar bihaari
raam siyaaraam siyaaraam jay jay raam
raam siyaaraam siyaaraam jay jay raam

o o
jiya bin deh nadi bin paani ee ee ee ee
jaisiyanaath(?) purush bin naari
raam siyaram siyaram jay jay raam
raam siyaram siyaram jay jay raam

o o o
tum te adhik punya badhkaake ae ae ae
raajan raam sarit sut jaake
raam siyaraam siyaram jay jay ram
o o
raam siyaram siyaram jay jay ram

ram siyaram siyaram siyaram
ram siyaram siyaram jay jay raam

o o
hoi hai sohi jo raam rachi raakha aa aa aa aa
ko kari taraa badhai saaka
raam siyaram siyaaram jay jay raam
raam siyaram siyaram jay jay raam

o o o
jehike jehi par satya sanehu u u u
so tehi milayi na kachhu sandehu
raam siyaram siyaram jay jay raam
o o
ram siyaram siyaram jay jay raam

ho o
maat pita guru prabhu ke baani ee ee ee
bin hi bichaari kariya shubh gyaani
ram siyaaram siyaaram jay jay raam

raam siyaram siyaram jay jay raam
ho o
hari anant hari katha ananta
aa aa aa aa
kahahi sunahi bahuvidhi sab santa
raam siyaram siyaaram jay jay raam
o o
raam siyaaram siyaram jay jay ram
o o o
raam siyaaraam siyaaraam jay jay raam


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No nitpicking, this!
Title….Mangan×. ….Mangal Bhavan

It has been corrected.


taisi anaath purush bin naari

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