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Mat chhedo gham ki baaten

Posted on: December 9, 2018

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“Bullet”(1976) was directed by Vijay Anand for Navketan Productions on the occasion of the silver jubilee of this production house. This movie had Dev Anand, Parveen Babi, Rakesh Roshan, Kabir Bedi, Jyoti Bakshi (new discovery), Sonia Sahni, Shreeram Laagoo, Jagdeep, Mohan Sherry, Ranjana Sachdev, Murad, Ranjan, Sheela, Shefali, Jazebel, Julie, Ratna, Julien, Mamaji, Moolchand, Sharat Saxena etc in it.
This movie was supposedly based on a James Hadley Chase novel but was slaughtered ( aka adopted) suitably as befitting a movie starring Dev Anand. 🙂

The movie had four songs in it. Two songs have been covered in the past. That leaves two songs to be covered.

Here is the third song from “Bullet”(1976) to appear in the blog. Video of the song does not appear to be available on YT. audio is available and that too is supposed to be a rare song.

The song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by R D Burman.

The audio begins with a dialogue where a lady (played by Parveen Babi perhaps ?) is slapped by her father and then she utters some dialogues which precede the song.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

PS-Prakashchandra, our extremely knowledgeable reader has provided the video link of the song, and has informed that the song is picturised on Jyoti Bakshi.
Sudhir Ji points out that the dialogue comes after the song in the movie.



Song-Mat chhedo gham ki baaten (Bullet)(1976) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


ye chaanta aapko tab maarna chaahiye thha
jab maine pahla cigarette piya thha
us waqt main gyaarah saal ki thhi
lekin aapko meri taraf dekhne ki fursat kahaan thhi

ye chaanta aapko tab maarna chaahiye thha
jab maine pehla boyfriend banaaya thha
us waqt main chaudah saal ki thhi
lekin aapko dekhne ki fursat kahaan thhi

ye chaanta aapko tab maarna chaahiye thha
jab pehli baar main juye mein sau rupaya haari thhi
us waqt main pandrah saal ki thhi
lekin tab bhi aap ko fursat kahaan thhi

tab maarna chaahiye thha
jab maine pehli baar LCD ki goli khaayi thhi
pehli baar charas pi thhi
us waqt main solah saal ki thhi
lekin tab bhi aap ko meri taraf dekhne ki fursat nahin thhi
nahin thhi

o o o o
hey hey hey hey hey
hey hey hey hey
mat chhedo o o
gham ki baatein
in baaton mein aen aen aen aen
dum nahin
in baaton mein aen
dum nahin

kaise hum jee rahe hain
aise hum jee rahe hain
kaise hum jee rahe hai
aise hum jee rahe hai
jaise koi zeher hai
hans ke hum pi rahe hain
sote huye ye din guzre
jaagte beetin raaten kayi
peene ke baad
aati hai yaad
bhooli huyi baatein kayi
o o
peene ke baad
aati hai yaad
bhooli huyi ee baatein kayi

jaadu se chal rahe hain
armaan nikal rahe hain
jaadu se chal rahe hain
armaan nikal rahe hain
shole lapak rahe hain
din mein dil jal rahe hain
palkon ke neeche
in aankhon ke peechhe
chhupi hai barsaten kayi
peene ke baad
aati hai yaad
bhooli huyi baatein kayi
o o
peene ke baad
aati hai yaad
bhooli huyi ee ee baatein kayi
bhooli huyi ee ee baatein kayi ee ee


4 Responses to "Mat chhedo gham ki baaten"

It was silver jubilee of Navketan films, not Golden Jubilee!


Thanks for pointing out the error.


song video link featuring Late Jyoti Bakshi


Atul ji,

Aah yes, Prakash ji has swiftly brought out the associated video, showing that the song is picturized on Jyoti Bakshi.
Thanks Prakash ji 🙂 .

In the film, actually the dialogue appears after this song. Jyoti Bakshi returns home very late after the party. Sonia Sahni plays her step mother, who incites her father, Dr. Sriram Lagoo, to take his daughter to task for her wayward habits. So when Jyoti returns late at night, the father is waiting, and then this exchange happens.

Praveen Babi is the love interest of Dev Anand, and Jyoti Bakshi is the love interest of Rakesh Roshan. Both are police officers. Praveen Babi works for Kabir Bedi, who is actually a gangster. Dev Anand is after him, but Kabir Bedi is successful in getting Dev Anand suspended from the police force on fabricated charges.

In the sequence of events, Jyoti Bakshi gets killed, and that pits Rakesh Roshan against Dev Anand, as the suspicion falls on the latter. Dev Anand then visits Kabir Bedi in his office and drops a bullet on his table, and challenges him that this bullet carries his (Kabir Bedi’s name) and that his days are numbered. That is where the title of the film comes from.

Of course, the forces of right are victorious over the forces of might and all is sorted out at the end – Kabir Bedi’s criminal life ends, Dev gets Praveen Babi, and the two officers are friends again.



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