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Aji sunte ho

Posted on: February 12, 2019

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

Back to writing after a break and am having a problem trying to get my thoughts in order. These last few days I have made a few posts mentally and here I am trying to write about one of my favourite actors who would have turned 99 today.

The year 1972 saw a new genre of films wherein two actors who were past their prime – 61 and 52 was definitely not the age where actors play college students or young characters- were playing the central characters in a movie where the lead actor or the supposed- hero played second fiddle to these two. I am talking of Victoria No 203 by Brij Sadanah. Brij himself made another movie a few years later “Chori Mera Kaam” with these two seniors playing central characters. I am talking of an all-time favourite Jodi of cinelovers – Ashok Kumar and Pran.

S. K. Kapur was another producer -director who made this Jodi the centre of his stories in the moves of 70s and early 80s – Apna Khoon, Shankar Dada, Durga, Maan Gaye Ustaad. But the best tribute to the lovable Jodi was Kapur’s movie “Raja Aur Rana” – it didn’t have a regular actor playing the hero. Puneet Issar made his debut in this movie and was supposed to be a hero but “Raja aur Rana” was essentially Ashok Kumar- Pran all over. They did every antic that they were famous for from the time “Victoria No 203” became a success.

Before I go any further let me clarify one thing- Ashok Kumar and Pran did not team up for the first time in “Victoria No 203”; they have been cast together in movies since the 50s or even before that. Back then they used to play serious characters, mostly the protagonist and the antagonist. “Victoria No 203” changed all that. We saw the comic timing of these two senior actors.

I need to clarify one more thing- both these actors have performed in song situations through their career but post “Victoria 203” that also changed. The ability of these two to switch from insane characters of Raja and Rana can be gauged from the fact that about the same time Ashok Kumar played the grandfather in “Anuraag” and Pran was the grandfather in “Parichay”; Pransaab (as he used to be addressed) also played a regular cigar munching villain in “Roop Tera Mastana” that year. Such great actors and trailblazers – there are no replacements for them only actors who are inspired by them and aspire to be like them.

Today I bring to the blog a song from S. K. Kapur produced and Shibu Mitra directed “Raja Aur Rana”. The cast included Ajit, Shakti Kapoor, Puneet Issar, Madhu Malhotra, Chand Usmani, Aaloka etc etc supporting Ashok Kumar and Pran (Pran was always billed in the credits of movies as “And Pran”).

I have not seen the movie but I fell in love with this super Jodi all over again when I accidentally saw this song a few months back. We have Pransaab cross-dressing in this song and Shakti Kapoor and his henchmen playing the peeping- toms on the “loving couple”. The song was written by Varma Malik and Bappi Lahiri was the music director. We have Kishore Kumar singing for Ashok Kumar and Mahesh Kumar singing for Pransaab – the female voice belongs to Mahesh Kumar about whom our in-house encyclopaedia had written a few lines in a post of his. The post contained a song sung by Mahesh Kumar in dual voice, it seems he could sing in 32 voices.

This is such a cute husband-wife exchange with which we remember the adorable Pransaab on his 99th Birth anniversary.

I would also like to wish a fellow Atulite on his birthday today with lots of fun and music in his life. All the best to Avinashji on his birthday.



Song-Aji sunte ho (Raja Aur Rana)(1983) Singers-Mahesh Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Bappi Lahiri


haaye haaye
haaye haaye haaye
aji sunte ho
o aji sunte ho
haan sunta hoon
aji sunte ho
lekar tum akhbaar ka panna
race ke ghode ginte ho
o aji sunte ho
koi vaid bulaao
koi doctor laao
hakeem mangaao
aji sunte ho

mujhe nauwaan lagaa hai
ik dard jagaa hai
haaye yahaan se uthha
aur yahaan gayaa hai
shaadi na hoti
main aaj na roti
dulhan na banti
bacche na janti
zaalim ye mahina
mera dhadke hai seena
tu dekh le apna
ye kaarnaama
kyun mujhe phansaaya
kar kar ke drama
ki toone mujhse
kartoot hai koi
tu mard nahin hai
jinn bhoot hai koi
o aji sunte ho
o aji sunte ho
haan sunta hoon

ab kyun roti hai meri dulhan
pyaari tumhen yaad nahi aati
ab kyun roti hai meri dulhan
pyaari tumhen yaad nahin aati
woh baatein saari
har roz tu kehti
mujhe sair kara de
mujhe ticket manga de
mujhe film dikha de
chal India gate mein
zara ghoom ke aayen
aur Tajmahal mein
hum khaana khaayen
tu surkhi laali
powder bhi lagaati
aur daal ke surma
tu teer chalaati
tu karke fashion
har roz aa jaati
aur kehti le chal
mujhe Juhu Chowpati
wahaan paani puri
tu khoob udaati
kabhi idli dosa
kabhi kulfi khaati
main ho gaya kadka
palle nahin paayi
tera sair sapaata
kha gaya kamaayi
o bhool gayi tu
jab maze udaati
ab dard uthha toh
phir kyun chillaati
main sunta hoon
jeb mein kitne paise reh gaye
baitha baitha ginta hoon
main sunta hoon

munnu ke paapa
tera karoon siyaapa
mujhe hichki aaye (hitchki)
mera ji machlaaye (hitchki)
mujhe saans na aaye (hitchki)
mera sar chakraaye
mera munh bedardi
kya halaat kar di
main baithhi baithhi
khaaun hichkaule
koi amma amma
ander se bole
tu roz yeh kehta
ke munda hoga
agar tujhpe gaya woh
koi gunda hoga
main aath maheene
mushqil se bitaaye
tu pyaqr se ek din
nahin poochhne aaye
o aji sunte ho
koi vaidh bulaao
koi doctor laao
hakeem mangao
o aji sunte ho

kyon taane deti
sapnon ki raani
tere dushman mar jaayen
teri jiye jawaani
pehla aur dooja
kab tumhen laga thha
na tujhko khabar thhi
na mujhko pata thha
phir teeje maheene
meri khench rajaai
toone aadhi raat ko
khushkhabri sunaai
aur chauthhe paanchve
jab tu ghabraai
aur chhathe maheene
tujhe ulti aayi
main bhaag ke aaya
tujhe paass bulaaya
tujhe maalish ki thi
tujhe tel lagaaya
chhodo ab gussa
aa tujhe sula doon
tu thhak chuki hai
tere paanv daba doon
hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai

biwi ke har koi (some sound by Ashok Kumar)
hai paanv dabaata
tu tel lagaake
ehsaan jataata
kis baat ke liye
phir tu akadta
gharwaala hoke
mere sar pe chadhta
aurat ka farz hai
bacchon ko janna
koi toone anokha
nahin kaam ye karna

mere paass na aana
batti na bujhaana
mujhe seeti bajaa ke
nahin kabhi bulana
meri tauba tauba
kaanon ko pakdoon
hai meri galti
main naak bhi ragdoon

jhaado na bhaashan
ka milta ration
hai ye situation
karwaao operation
dono nasbandi
chal kar karwaayen
kyun apne desh ki
aabaadi badhaayen

is mehangaai mein
ek baccha kaafi
aage se tauba
aage se maafi
aage se tauba
aage se maafi
aage se tauba
aage se maafi

3 Responses to "Aji sunte ho"

Avinash ji

Many happy returns of the day


Thank you Prakash ji , thanks a lot !!!


@ Peevesie’s Mom ji,
thank you for this song+post and remembering Pran Saab on his birth anniversary.
I remember this movie during those years but I think I have not watched it, though I wish to watch it then. Enjoyed the song and as usual both Pran Saab and Ashok Kumar have their ‘chemistry’ at its best here 🙂

also thanks for the birthday wishes to me here on the blog …!!!


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