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Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare

Posted on: February 21, 2019

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Today’s song is from film Tara-49. The cast of the film was Majnu, Kuldip Kaur, Jawahar kaul, Shyama,Nayantara, Chand Burke etc etc. This is a duet song sung by Satish Batra and Premlata. Aziz Kasmiri’s songs were composed by the melody master Vinod. The film was directed by R D Parinja.

I like to discuss less heard and not so famous films, because it gives me an opportunity to dig out information on the forgotten small time and big time artistes of yore. Some of the names are not even heard by the new generation and no wonder. That way, older film buffs of my age group (75 to 80) are not aware of the new and current Bollywood superstars- even if they are very popular and famous. With films making(rather raking) business in crores these days ( anything between 100 to 200 crores), every alternate actor is a superstar for a period of 2 to 3 years !

TARA-1949 was truly an obscure film,because when it was released,for unknown reasons,it went off the theatres within a week’s time and never came for even a second run,like other movies.
All my efforts to see this film came to a nought. I was keen to see this film,as its MD was VINOD,who had become popular due to the immortal Lara Lappa song from EK THI LADKI-49.

This film had 12 songs. Vinod had a penchant for giving chance to new/less known singers in his films. Thus Vinata Amladi(Dilli se aaya bhai Tingu fame) and Gandhari (Rane),Meenal Wagh, Satish Batra etc got opportunities in film world. In the 12 songs of the film Vinod had used as many as 7 singers-
Gandhari (Rane), Premlata, Uma Devi(Tun Tun), Raj kumari, Geeta Roy, Hameeda Bano and Satish Batra-the only male singer.

Vinod had another(good) habit. He liked to have atleast 1 or 2 fun songs in his films.In this film also there were 2 fun songs.

1. Mithhaai ki dukaan meri Dilli ke baazaar mein(Taara) Gandhari(Rane) and
2. Pyaar karna ho to yaaron kar lo teliphoon(Taara) Satish Batra and Rajkumari.

The director of this film was Mr.R.D.Parinja. He started his career as a Cinematographer in Bombay Talkies in its haydays.
He filmed Izzat, Prem kahani, Jeevan Prabhat,and Savitri-all 37 films, and then Kangan,Azaad,Jhoola,Bandhan,Naya sansar and Kismet.
When he was in Bombay Talkies,the German pair of Director Franz Osten and Cinematographer Joseph Wirsching were also there. He must have learnt a lot from them(or did he ?).

When Parinja left Bombay Talkies in its waning bad times he tired to produce and Direct films on his own.
first it was Sona Chandi-46 and then it was Tara-49.
After Tara,the film and the producer/Director disappeared into obscurity for ever.

Jawahar Kaul was the Hero of the film and the Heroine was not Shyama ( she was still a struggling artiste doing titbit roles) but Kuldip Kaur in this film. This was one of the few films where she was Heroine. Otherwise she was a perfect Vamp in films. Her life story is different . Saadat Hasan Manto has written several pages on her in his book ” Dastavez”-Volume 5 and as his wont was, it was not a flattering description of Kuldip.

Kuldip Kaur was born sometime in 1927 and brought up like a princess. Her spoiled Sardar husband wanted his wife to be like a modern westernized lady. He wanted his wife to learn swimming and rub shoulders with the club-going English elite based in Lahore and Amritsar.Once exposed to the club culture, Kuldip Kaur also started getting a taste of its dark side.

Since Lahore was a film city, Kuldip Kaur started dreaming about becoming a film actress. According to one story, Kuldip Kaur started admiring the professional qualities of actor Pran Nath, who was in film acting in Lahore since 1940, when he successfully performed the role of a hero in Punjabi film “Yamla Jutt” (The Simple Peasant).

By July and August of 1947, communal violence erupted into a full-fledged exercise in ethnic cleansing, with Muslims on one side and Sikhs and Hindus on the other. Both Lahore and Amritsar were engulfed in the worst sectarian violence in recent history.

Both Pran and Kuldip Kaur were made to leave Lahore in a jiffy, leaving virtually every belonging behind. Her own village being right on the border was also not peaceful. So Kuldip Kaur left straight for Bombay. According to one story, in order to impress Pran, Kuldip Kaur
decided to bring Pran’s stranded car from Lahore to Bombay. In a gesture of unprecedented daredevilry, she travelled from the safety of Amritsar to Lahore and drove Pran’s car first to Amritsar and then all the way to Bombay, where she handed over
the keys to a surprised but grateful Pran.

After leaving for Bombay, Kuldip Kaur’s contact with her parents and in-laws got diminished. On arrival in Bombay, Kuldip Kaur made up her mind to plunge headlong into the film industry. She was prepared to act in Hindi/Urdu as well as Punjabi films. The experts of film industry were of the opinion that her large piercing eyes and her flat chin made her an ideal choice for the role of a vamp.
The first ranking heroines of the time included Naseem Bano, Madhubala, Nargis, Suraiya and Nutan. Other heroines included Binarai, Shyama, Nimmi, Nirupa Roy, Meena Shori, Nigar Sultana, Veena and Kamini Kaushal. There was a shortage of ladies willing to perform the role of vamps.
One of Kuldip Kaur’s first films was a Punjabi blockbuster “Chaman” (1948). Within the same year Kuldip Kaur acted in two Hindi/Urdu films “Ziddi” and “Grahasthi“. All her 1948 films did well. After that she never looked back and went from strength to strength. At one stage Kuldip
Kaur was so busy in her film roles that for a long duration she did not visit Punjab.

In 1949, Kuldip Kaur worked in at least two films “Ek Thi Ladki” and “Kaneez”. “Ek Thi Ladki” was a blockbuster. Music Director Vinod composed some great tunes for this movie. “Kaneez” did not do too well.In 1950, Kuldip Kaur acted in two great musical Hindi movies “Samadhi” and “Adhi Raat” and did two Punjabi movies “Madaari” and “Chhai”. 1951 was a great year for her: she played the roles of vamps in six movies – “Stage”, “Rajput”, “Nai Zindagi”, “Ek Nazar”, “Afsana” and “Mukhra”. Her role in film “Afsana” received critical acclaim.
1952 was another great year for Kuldip Kaur. She worked in four movies – “Shisham”, “Nau Bahar”, “Baiju Bawra” and “Anjaam”. Again her role was highly praised in what became an all-time classic, “Baiju Bawra”. In 1953 again, Kuldip Kaur had four films – “Mashooka”, “Baaz”, “Anarkali” and “Aabshar”. Of these, “Anarkali” was a super hit and her role stole the limelight. 1954 proved another great year. She was featured in three movies – “Lal Pari”, “Gul Bahar” and “Daak Babu”. 1955 was one of her busiest professional years. She played the bad girl’s role in “Teer Andaz”, “Miss Coca Cola”, “Mast Qalandar” and “Jashan”.

In 1956, things slowed down a bit. She worked in two films, but none was released. Two of Kuldip Kaur starrers spilled over into the new year and were released in 1957. These were “Sheroo” and “Ek Saal”. In 1958 Kuldip Kaur had her roles in two films “Sahara” and “Panchyat”. In 1959, she did three films – “Pyaar Ka Rishta”, “Mohar” and “Jagir”. Out of these, one film, “Mohar,” was a great musical. Its music composed by Madan Mohan was simply outstanding. When Kuldip had fewer Hindi films in hand, she worked in Punjabi films.
1960 started as a reasonably good year for Kuldip Kaur. She had a Hindi film, “Maa Baap,” and a Punjabi film, “Yamla Jutt”.But during this very year, her life was cut short when she got some thorns in her feet and legs and she pulled those out by herself. True to her character of a daredevil woman, she did not seek medical advice immediately. Her sores became not only septic, but she contracted tetanus too, which was then incurable.

Kuldip Kaur died on 3rd February 1960. She worked in 69 films.

Jawahar kaul was one Hero, about whom not much is written about. That is because hardly any of his film was famous, nor was he known for his acting prowess or good looks like say Karan Dewan or Bharat Bhushan. I remember him in films like Khidki-48, Dekh kabira roya-57 and Bhabhi-57. Jawahar Kaul was born into a Nehru family on the 27th of September in the year 1927 in the place once revered as the heaven of India – Srinagar, Kashmir. When Jawahar was six days old, his grandfather’s sister adopted him, and his surname was subsequently changed to Kaul. Kaul did his Intermediate from the Punjab University and then went to the town of Rawalpindi. After spending some time there, he decided to go to Mumbai. His parents were not in favour of it and hence he convinced them that he would complete his graduation from the Pune University. He had a deep attraction for films from an early age and hence wanted to try his luck in the industry. In the 1940s, Dadar had three studios – Ranjit, Shri Sound and Supreme and hence was the epicenter of Indian cinema. Jawahar made Dadar his address.
He was always short on money as his family wasn’t aware of his venture into cinema. He often slept at the studio of Prabha Pictures. Due to his Kashmiri background – his looks, complexion, height were impressive, and he started getting work soon. Jawahar started his career doing minor roles. He used to potray supporting characters in big films. He made his debut while playing actor Kishor Sahu’s younger brother in the 1945’s ‘Veer Kunal’. In this year, he was seen in the role of ‘Humayun Mahawat’ in ‘Ek Din Ka Sultan’ which was made by Sohrab Modi. His first main lead role was in the flick ‘Khidki’ which was made in 1948. He was paired with Rehana for the same.

In Dadar, he became good friends with Radhakishan Mehra. Mehra used to live in the Lallubhai Mansion where Dada Bhagwan and Prabha Shankar Yagnik, ( brother of stunt film actor Navin Yagnik), the production managers of films used to stay too. It wasn’t long when Prabha Shankar and Kaul became good friends and started sharing their apartment. Their trio and friendship became popular in the film circle. Pyarelal Satoshi was friends with Radhakrishnan, and when he became a producer, he cast Kaul in his first movie. Kaul’s debut did average business, but the songs were a hit. Soon Kaul was seen in films like Azadi Ki Raah Par, Apni Chhaya, Kathputli, Pehli Jhalak, Laal Batti, Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam, etc. He was a legend of the Black and White Cinema. He was a superstar in the films made in the 1960s. Throughout his career, he worked only in a few selected flicks, but he was able to efficaciously enrapture the audience’s attention.

Jawahar was never happy about his career- the way it went. he had wanted it to be more successful. Anyway after his last film Zalim-1980, he left acting and joined as a Production Manager with Jwala Pictures of Sandeep Sethi. After two years he became his Secretary for the next 17 years. Meanwhile he produced a film-” Agniputra “, with Mithun Chakrawarty. It took a long time to release finally in 2000. Not only it was a flop, it also gave a heavy financial burden on him. However, his only son and producer daughter Shabanam Kapoor repaid everything. Today Jawahar is about 92 years and lives peacefully in Andheri,Mumbai. He looks after his school and college ‘ Children’s welfare Centre, nearby.

Jawahr Kaul acted in 31 films starting from a small role in Geet Govind-1947. I remember his role in my favourite film Dekh kabira Roya-1957.

In film Tara-49, there were two names which need a spotlight on them, because they are not a very popular or well known names. Sometimes a memorable role in a film becomes totally identified with the actor doing it. Many times the role name gets attached to him and he is known by that name popularly. off hand I know atleast two such names. One is ofcourse Gabbar singh. Amjad Khan did that role so intensely that this name became his identity. Second example is Meena Shorey. In her entire life time she was always known as the Lara Lappa Girl…that song from film Ek thi ladki-49 became her second name. There was also a name Bajarbattu, which many readers must have seen in the cast of old films of B and C grades. This was the name of actor Anant Apte, who did the role of Bajarbattu in film Amar jyoti-1936. The name stuck to him and till his last film he was billed as Bajarbattu in every subsequent film.

Similarly actor Majnu’s real name was Harold Lewis, but due to his role in his first film as Hero-Laila Majnu-1935, he became popular as Majnu only, till end of his career. MAJNU-Harold Lewis – was a Punjabi Christian.He was the childhood friend of Roop K.Shorey. When Shorey wanted to make his second film, he chose Harold as a Hero. The film was MAJNU-1935,which was a satirical spoof on the old Laila-Majnu story. There were many stunts and in one scene Majnu is tied up on railway track by the villain. The film became a hit and Harold was renamed MANJU for his film career.

He appeared in almost all of Shorey’s films.He was also doing films with other producers.In 1942 he did a double role in Nishani and in 1943 he directed his first film Paapi. Shorey also gave him a film Badnami-1946 for direction and it was here that Majnu met I.S.Johar who wrote the story and Dialogues of Badnami.

Majnu paired with I.S.Johar in EK THI LADKI-1949,the debut film of Johar.Later they made a comedy pair in 10 films,including the hit HUM SAB CHOR HAIN-1956.

Majnu acted in 77 films,from 1935 to 1966 film Akalmand-also with Johar for the last time.
Majnu directed 8 films including,Paapi-43,Badnami-46,Son of Alibaba-55,Tatar ka chor-55 baghi sardar-56,Chandu-58 etc.

The other less known name was Chand Burke. Chand Burke made her debut in Maheshwari Productions’ Kahan Gaye (1946), which Niranjan wrote and directed. They fell in love on the sets and got married in 1945. Thereafter, Chand appeared in a number of films made in Lahore, and was widely known as “the Dancing Lily of the Punjab.”

Partition and her subsequent migration to Bombay adversely affected her career. After “Hamari Manzil,” which was released in 1949, Chand Burke went into complete oblivion. It was Raj Kapoor who selected her for that important role as children’s tormentor in “Boot Polish,” over 200 other contestants, her screen-test convincing Raj Kapoor that she was a talented actress. Some of her well known films were Basant Bahar-56, yahudi ki beti-56, Adalat-58 and Lajwanti-58.

Chand was the only one in a family of twelve brothers and sisters to have joined the films (her brother S. M. Burke, I.C.S., was a Minister to the Scandina­vian countries for Pakistan). Chand ob­tained judicial separation by mutual consent from her husband, writer-director Niranjan in 1954.

She was also married to Sunder Singh Bhavnani- grandfather of superstar Ranveer Singh. She is also related to Suneeta Kapoor.

She acted in about 30 films. Her last film was Pehchan-72.

Let us now listen to the well tuned duet of Premlata and Satish Batra. this will be the 9th song from this film.

( Thanks to apnaorg, cineplot,,, film directory 1946, HFGK, cinerang by Isak Mujawar, MuVyz and my notes, for information used and adapted in this post.)

Song- Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare (Taara)(1949) Singers- Satish Batra, Premlata, Lyrics- Aziz Kashmiri
MD- Vinod


Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare
ho o khel hamaare
Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare
ho khel hamaare
khelo praan pyaare
khelo preetam pyaare ae ae
khelo praan pyaare
khelo preetam pyaare ae ae
duniya hamko
dekhe aate jaate saanjh sakhaare
duniya hamko
dekhe aate jaate saanjh sakhaare

hum duniya se aankh bacha kar
hum duniya se aankh bacha kar
karen ishaare ae
karen ishaare
karen ishaare ae
karen ishaare

Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare
ho o khel hamaare

isko duniya kahe muhabbat
hum isko ik khel kahen
aankh michauli aankhon ki
dil ka dil se mel kahen

haan aan aan
ye mel kabhi na chhoot sake
ye mel kabhi na chhoot sake
koi laakh jatan kar haare
Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare
ho o khel hamaare

deepak par jal gaya patanga
bol gaya hai duniya waalon
haan haan ae duniya waalon
bol gaya
jeewan hai ek khel
khel mein
apne sab armaan nikaalo
haan haan
armaan nikaalo
bol gaya
aas paas chanda se khele ae ae
aas paas chanda se khele ae ae

taare ban armaan hamaare
taare ban armaan hamaare
Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare
ho o khel hamaare
Duniya se nyaare hain khel hamaare


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