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Aaj tak jo kahaa tumne kahaa

Posted on: February 28, 2019

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Blog Day : 3877 Post No. : 14900

I began “Blog Ten year challenge (2009-2019)” early this year. As many as ten songs are covered in this series so far. Three other regulars (viz M/s Avinash Scrapwala, Sadanand Kamath and Sudhir Ji) have also chipped in with their articles in this series. In this series, we cover a song from a movie whose song (some other song obviously) was covered in the blog ten years ago on the same day.

There were days when no movies were eligible for “Blog Ten year challenge (2009-2019)” because all the songs covered on that day ten years ago had been YIPPEED by now.

I also noticed that those days in 2009 saw as many as six or seven songs being covered daily. That is in such sharp contrast to the present scene in 2019 where we are barely averaging one song daily thus finally living up to the blog name of “song a day”. 🙂

It basically tells us that a lot of things change in ten years. I was ten years younger in 2009. The blog too was just a few months old and I had a kind of passion and motivation for the blog that I now find impossible to summon for myself.

In one’s younger days, one is not as much in control of one’s life (professional as well as personal) as one becomes later in life. With time, one rises up the ladder in profession life. Simultaneously, ones kids also grow up.

In short, one feels far less in control of one’s life in one’s younger days. Still, that is compensated by youthful energy, passion and motivation. With time, one gains control of one’s life but begins to lose on the gifts of youthful energy, passion and motivation. 🙂

Despite being less in control of my life, I still had time and energy for online activities (which was something new those days). After spending nearly four years in various cricket forums (2004-2008), I began to try my hand in blogging in 2008. This blog was my second blog. My first blog was also related to HFM and associated topics and the articles in that blog were quite exhaustive and time consuming to write. If that blog was like test match, then this song blog was like ODI. 🙂 Much easier and less time consuming. 🙂

Just like ODI is more popular than test cricket, the song blog became popular whereas the other original blog fell by the way side. I posted fifty articles in that blog and then totally stopped updating that. That blog is now lying neglected, with the last post appearing nearly ten years ago in august 2009.

I found posting in the song blog a breeze, that is why I was able to cover six to seven songs everyday in the blog.

That was then ! Today, ten years later, even posting one song a day seems like too much work. Curiously, I had far more workload on me in professional and personal fronts ten years ago. Today I am almost in full control on both fronts. Still my present blog post productivity has taken a major hit. 🙂

There are reasons for that, of course. One reason could be that I posted with an uncluttered mind, like how Sehwag used to bat with an uncluttered mind. In fact, I recall Raja commenting those days that the blog centuries were coming at Sehwag like rate (viz in 14 to 15 days). 🙂

Another cricket concept that we have in the blog is dot day, like how there are dot balls in cricket. The blog more or less lived upto its aim of posting songs everyday come rain or shine, festivals or holidays. But still there are unavaoidable circumstances due to which there have been no posts on certain days. We call those days as dot days for the blog.

When I look at the dot days in the blog, I find that the year 2008 (when this blog began), there were three dot days, viz. 22 sep, 23 sep and 25 september. 2009, the first full year for the blog had as many as 25 dot days. Year 2010 saw a whopping 61 dot days. Year 2011 had 36 dot days.

Situation “improved” in 2012 with only 5 dot days whereas 2013 saw 7 dot days.

Next three years were bad. 2014 had 27, 2015 had 22 and 2016 had 22 dot days.

Amazingly, 2017 was a year with ZERO dot days. So there was a post every day in the year 2017. What an achievement for the blog that year, though I was not aware of it till a few days back.

2018 saw 7 dot days.

So far every day of 2019 has seen at least one post in the blog.

So overall there have been 215 dot days out of 3877 days that the blog has been in existence.

I mentioned above that 2009 had 25 dot days. The first dot day of 2009 was this day ten years ago, viz 28 february 2009.

Now, I would not like today to be a day without posts as part of my ten year challenge. 🙂 It only means that today is a day when blog ten year challenge cannot take place. 🙂

Today 28 february 2019 is the last day of the month. It is the day of clearing hisaab, viz that of milkman etc. It is also the day when many people whose birthday falls in the month superannuate if it was their 60th birthday.

It is a good time for the blog to notch another century, viz century number 149, in other words song post number 14900. This century has taken a glacial 72 days to arrive. The century must have been slow , but looking at the bright side, there was no dot day during these 72 days. 🙂

The song that I have chosen for the occasion is from “Shyam Tere Kitne Naam”(1977). This movie was produced by Vinod Kumar and A Narang and directed by Shantilal Soni. The movie had Sachin, Sarika, Meena T, Manhar Desai, Bharat Bhooshan, Shyama, Jalal Agha, Sunder etc in it.

The movie had six songs in it. Two songs have been covered in the blog.

The song under discussion is sung by Hemlata. Anjaan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravindra Jain.

The song is picturised on Sarika and Sachin, who were a hit jodi of low budget movies in 1970s (mostly produced by Rajshree Productions).

This song marks the birth anniversary of Ravindra Jain (28 february 1944-9 October 2015). This song also happens to be the 100th song of Ravindra Jain in the blog as a music director. So Ravindra Jain becomes the latest centurion in the blog. He is the 36th music director and the 87th artist overall to have one hundred (or above) of his songs showcased in the blog.

As always, I thank one and all for their continuous support and encouragement which keeps fuelling the blog which in turn continues to chug on and on relentlessly in its musical journey.



Song-Aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha (Shyaam Tere Kitne Naam)(1977) Singer-Hemlata, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Ravindra Jain


hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
ho ho
ho ho
aaa aaa
hmm hmm

aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna
mere man ki lagi man mein rahi
ab saajna aa aa
main boloongi
main boloongi main boloongi
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna

dabe dabe bol mere geet ke
ho meri dhadkan se hotho pe aa gaye
piya mera jiya tum jeet ke
ho mere jeewan pe suraj se chha gaye
lagne lagi duniya nayi
lagne lagi duniya nayi
tumhi tumhi tumhi
meri ankhiyon ko bha gaye
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna
mere man ki lagi
man mein rahi
ab sajna aa aa aa
main boloongi main boloongi main boloongi
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna

bujhe bujhe deep jale saanwre
ho naye sukh jaage
dukh saare so gaye
mili naye sapnon ki chaaaw re
mere din kitne rangeen ho gaye
aansu bhare wo pal mere
aansu bhare wo pal mere
yahin kahin yahin kahin
abhi abhi kho gaye
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna
mere man ki lagi man mein rahi
manmohana aa aa aa
main boloongi
mai boloongi mai boloongi
aaj tak jo kaha tune kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna

bandhi bandhi nadi meri preet ki
ho dekho chal di kinaare tod ke
baanh mili man chaahe meet ki
ho tere rang rangi jag saara chhod ke
tumse mili to jee uthhi
tumse mili to jee uthhi
nahin nahin jaana nahin
kabhi mukh mod ke
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna
mere man ki lagi man mein rahi
ab saajna aa aa aa
main boloongi
main boloongi main boloongi

main boloongi
main boloongi main boloongi
aaj tak jo kaha tumne kaha
aaj tak jo suna maine suna

15 Responses to "Aaj tak jo kahaa tumne kahaa"

Congratulations 🎉 👏👏👏 Atulji for post number 14900.
Only yesterday I was trying to map my journey through the blog from 2009 till today. And here in this post u have done a mapping of the “dot days” of the blog.
Another coincidence is I discovered that today was Ravindra Jain’s birth anniversary and was wondering if you had any song in mind for this and here it is!!!
And lastly I know at least one person who is retiring today- a classmate of my husband who has worked in all the main offices of the railways in South India (in accounts if I am right)


Just now I attended a function for people retiring in my workplace. I envied them and wondered when I would retire too. 🙂

I came as a pleasant surprise to me that today was Ravindra Jain’s birthday. I wanted this post to be on him, but the fact that the date fell on his birthday was not at all planned. It was a coincidence. Such coincidences keep happening to me quite often, as many people are already aware.

I carried out an analysis of “dot” days of the blog a few days ago. I tried to guess what caused these dot days. That would need a separate long article.


what is the hurry for retiring? i know active people cannot sit idle. retirement is not for them.
my husband is an excellent example of this.


There are people who do not want to retire and try to get extension but to no avail. Then there are those who want to retire but their retirement age keeps getting advanced (like that of doctors such as my wife). Retirement age of doctors in MP was advanced to 65 years, and now it has been made 68 years. 🙂


Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji on this 149th Hundred on the blog !!!
Congratulations on Ravindra Jain’s 100th Song (as a composer) on the blog too.
Congratulations to all members and readers of this blog.
Enjoyed the post, and though I cannot listen the song now, I am sure it’s interesting.


Thanks. You cannot listen to the song ? Is youtube banned in your workplace ? Good idea. I am glad that internet people in my place have not got this idea so far.


No, not banned, this link is working. I will listen it after going back to Camp. Now Office -Office, No Office-Office 🙂


OK wow, yes – 149 centuries. 🙂

Congratulations for fourteen thousand nine hundred stations that we have passed on this journey. And also for the 100th song of Ravindra Jain. Great combinations, as usual.

Big one is coming next – in another 100 songs, we will be at the 15 thousandth song of this blog. Surely a very big one coming up.



Ah Atul ji,

Maybe you can find this information for us. How many stations are there on the complete network of Indian Railways.
Just curious. 🙂



There are 8500 or so number of Railway stations. It is a big number, no doubt about it.


Yes, the big event is coming up. In the past this event could have arrived in two weeks. Let us see how long it takes this time.


all the best to you for the next 100


Atul ji,

Congratulations for 149th century.

Two interesting observations from the statistics are that
(1) the number of posts in a month (as of now, 39) for February 2019 is the lowest since May 2016 (35).
(2) There is no monthly century of post since March 2018. And this is the longest period of ‘dry months’ of century since the Blog’s inception in July 2008.

But I am not surprised. In addition to the reasons you have mentioned in the write-up, I am sure that you must have spent a considerable time in updating and incorporating the additional statistical information on the Blog. As the number of posts increases, this work is going to take more time than the posting the songs in the Blog in future.


You are right. The background work has increased. It is like after a blazing Sehwag like start, it is time for Dravid like consolidation.


congratulations Atul ji


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