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Kheloongi kheloongi main aankh michauli kheloongi

Posted on: April 18, 2019

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Today’s song is from an old film of the first decade of the Talkie films-Mera Haq aka In search of happiness-39.

When New Theatres in Calcutta started making Talkie films, very soon their Bi-lingual films became very popular. There were quite a few reasons like, good actors, good songs and good distribution network pan India. However, I think, the most important reason of their success was that their films were primarily based on well known novels, dramas and stories. B N Sircar had understood that if the story is strong, the efforts of the Director and Composers will surely make the film a successful one.

The intelligent and business minded film makers of Bombay soon understood this and films on world famous novels, as well as popular Indian stories were made in Bombay too ! Soon, it was clear that more than being honest to the original story, the makers of Bombay were concentrating on commercial successes even at the cost of compromising the written script.

This, I feel was the basic difference between the mindset of the West and East parts of India. Learned, studious and highly principled Bengalese stuck religiously to the original stories, while in Bombay, Saraswati started working for Laksmi ! As the times went by and the Bengal empire of New Theatres crumbled, the importance of solid, strong story base for a film remained only a dream for Bombay. Still, Bangla Directors who came to Bombay in search for greener pasteurs, believed strongly and stuck to strong story base. This was generally the scenario till mid 50’s, after which everyone became commercial and story lines became secondary, optional and manipulable devices.

In the early era of the Talkie, Bilingual films in Bombay (Marathi and Hindi) was a common thing. Most films made in Kolhapur and Poona were also made in Hindi simultaneously. Many talented writers from Marathi literary field, like Hari narayan Apte, mama Varerkar, Ga. Di. Madgulkar, V S Khandekar, N S Phadke and Acharya Atre were connected with film industry. Baburao Painter, Master Vinayak, V Shantaram etc made best use of their talents in writing film stories.

Today’s film Mera Haq-39 was made by Huns Pictures of Master Vinayak. This film was based on a story of V S Khandekar (later on he became the first writer in Marathi to get the Sahitya Academi Award also). The film was made in Marathi and Hindi. The Marathi title of the film was ” Sukhacha Shodh” and the other title of Mera Haq was its translation ” In search of Happiness “. The Marathi story and dialogues were translated into Hindi by Pt. Anand kumar.

Like Pt. Mukhram Sharma of Prabhat films, Anand Kumar was also belonged to a Hindi speaking state, but both had mastered Marathi. I do not know if Pt. Anand kumar also married a Marathi actress like Mukhram Sharma who had married actress Shanta Muzumdar. Pt.Anand kumar was born in Delhi in 1907. He was a producer, director, writer and Lyricist. From childhood, he was not interested in studies in English medium. He was taught Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit by his poor Brahmin Shastri father. When he was 15 year old, he entered a business. He was always discontented. He wanted to become an actor, but family resisted. He tried fasting and even suicide. Then he stole some money and ran to Bombay. He could not get into any studio and after money finished, he returned to Delhi, only to take more money and run to Bombay again. Even after this failure, he went back to Delhi and started writing stories.
His first book ‘ Mera Huq ‘ became a hot seller and he started earning money. He was invited by film people and he went to Bombay nth time. He wrote stories, dialogues and Lyrics of scores of films and earned name and money. He produced a film ‘Zameen’-43, under his own banner Anand Brothers. He directed 5 films,including a Hit marathi film, Gora Kumbhar-42. Some of his films as a Lyricist were Suvarn Mandir-34,Katle aam-35, Pratibha-37, Divorce-38, Saathi-38, Alakh Niranjan-40, Punarmilan-40, Charnon ki Dasi-41, Raja Rani-42 etc. As a writer some films were, Divorce-38, Honhaar-36, Saathi-38, Vasant sena-42, Rang mahal-48 etc etc.

Film Mera haq-39 was directed by an exceptionally talented director Parshwanath Alatekar. This name too must be unknown to most people. Altekar (1897-1957) was from Khare Patan in Ratnagiri, the coastal Konkan area of Maharashtra. He was educated in Kolhapur and graduated from Sangli. He abandoned Law studies to direct a drama in 1922. Basically a drama enthusiast, Altekar entered film world in Marathi and directed many films in silent era. He joined hands with Sarpotdar, Master Vithal and Pendharkar brothers. In 1928, he made 4 films for Imperial film co, then for Saraswati Cinetone, Master Vinayak and Circo films. He made few Tamil and Kannada films too.

He floated his own company Natraj Cinetone and made Hindi/Marathi film Saathi/Savangadi in 1938 with Durga Khote and Mubarak. Meanwhile he worked for his pet drama group Natya Manwantar. Alatekar died on 22-11-1957 at Bombay. he directed 13 films including silent and Tamil/Kannada films. His Hindi films were Vasavdatta-34, Saathi-38, Mera Haque-39, Geeta 40 and Mahatma Vidur-43.

The lead actor in film Mera haq-39 was Baburao Pendharkar. Baburao Pendharkar(1896-1967) was a Pioneer Marathi actor and producer born in Kolhapur. Actor-manager of Maharashtra Film (1919); then a manager in Prabhat (1929); manager and main star at Kolhapur Cinetone (1933) and for several years associated with Master Vinayak at Huns Pics (1936) and Navyug Chitrapat; then producer with Navhans (1943). Best-known work after the mid-40s was with V. Shantaram at Rajkamal Kalamandir, including the classic role of the Chinese general in Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani, and with his brother, the director Bhalji Pendharkar. Noted actor as a villain in mythologicals (e.g. in Shantaram’s Ayodhyecha Raja/Ayodhya Ka Raja, Kans in Vasant Joglekar’s Nand Kishore, and Keechaka in Pethkar’s Keechaka Vadha) and for character roles in socials by Atre (the crotchety grandfather in Shyamchi Aai; the title role of Mahatma Phule). Directed Prabhat’s only major Tamil film, Seeta Kalyanam, a landmark in Tamil cinema. Also a noted stage actor. His autobiography (1961/1983) is also an important record of Marathi film history. From Jalti Nishani-1932 to Amrapali-1966, he worked in 69 films in all.

The story of Mera haq was written by V S Khandekar and it depicted the importance of a joint family, role of the elders in controlling the wayward new generation. The story was…

Anand (Baburao Pendharkar) is a Professor in a college and married to Manik (Vimal Sardesai), who is all the time busy in doing social work and who, in the process, does not justify being a housewife, or a daughter in law or even a wife.
One day, Anand meets Miss Chanchal (Usha Mantri- one of the most beautiful actresses of those times), when he goes to meet a friend at Sahyadri Cinetone. Chanchal catches him in her net perfectly and he becomes mad after her.
When Anand’s life is mess with all this, he chances upon meeting Usha (Meenakshi Shirodkar), a poor little widow- whom Anand has saved from committing a suicide.

When Usha learns all the story from Anand, she goes and talks to Anand’s parents and Grandfather, in a village and brings them to live with Anand and Manik. Together they hatch a plan to repair the situation. They announce that Anand will marry Usha and bring her as his second wife as he is not getting any happiness from Manik. When Manik comes to know this, she gets panicky and mends her ways, leaving all social work and tries to be an ideal wife. Anand’s friend Chanchal also deserts him when she learns about his second marriage.

When all the matters settle down satisfactorily, Anand and Usha, in presence of elders of the family disclose the truth that they are not marrying each others and it was planned to show Manik where the real happiness lies.

In this case, the film’s Marathi version came out first and the Hindi version was released on 15-9-1939 at Majestic Cinema in Bombay, well after the Marathi film was released.

The lead actress Vimal Sardesai hailed from Konkan are and started her film career as baby Vimal. She acted in only 7 Hindi films. Her first film was Saathi-38. This was the Hindi version of Marathi film Savangadi-38, starring Durga khote and Mubarak Merchant. her second film was mera haq-39. It was her first film as a Heroine. This too was a Hindi version of Marathi film ‘ Sukhacha Shodh”. Then came Narsi Bhjagat-40 made by Prakash pictures, Alakh Niranjan-40 was a Hindi version of Marathi film Gorakhnath-40, Apna Ghar-42 was a Hindi version of Marathi film Aaple Ghar-40- directed by Debki Bose, his first film in Bombay, Wadia’s Shobha-42 and her last film was Mahatma Vidur-43, a Hindi version of Marathi film of the same name. This was also the last film of Parshwanath Altekar the director.
After this film Vimal Sardesai was traceless. Probably she got married and left films.

Today’s song is a female duet of Vimal Sardesai and Meenakshi Shirodkar. With this song, film mera haq-39 and singer Vimal Sardesai make their debut on this Blog.

(My thanks to ” Marathi Cinema in Retrospect”-Sanjit Narvekar, ” Maharashtra- Birthplace of Indian Film Industry”- Isak Mujawar, Encyclop. of Indian Cinema by Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Filmdom-46 and my notes, for information used herein.)

Song-Kheloongi kheloongi main aankh michauli kheloongi (Mera Haq)(1939) Singers- Meenakshi Shirodkar, Vimal Sardesai (Baby Vimal), Lyrics- Pt Anand kumar, MD-K Datta


main aankh michauli kheloongi
main aankh michauli kheloongi
main jhooloongi
main jhooloongi
main aankh michauli kheloongi

main chaand talak chal jaaoonga
main kunj taley chhip jaaoonga

main jhooloongi
main jhooloongi
main aankh meench kar chhipti hoon
main tan ankhiyon se takti hoon
takne ka badla le loongi
main aankh michauli kheloongi

main chhip jaaoon
jaa chhip jaa
main aa jaaoon
tu thham jaa

khushboo ban kar phoolon mein chhip
phoolon mein chhip
phoolon mein chhip
khushboo ban kar phoolon mein chhip
ya roop badal rangon mein chhip
belon mein chhip
kaliyon mein chhip
seene mein chhip
ya dil mein chhip
belon mein chhip
kaliyon mein chhip
seene mein chhip
ya dil mein chhip

main jhooloongi
main jhooloongi
main jhooloongi
main jhooloongi
main aankh michauli kheloongi

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