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Raja beta bada hoke jaayega school

Posted on: April 30, 2019

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Mohammed Rafi : The Incomparable (II) – Song No. 10
As story telling songs go, my personal favourite song is
this song from “Jab Jab Phool Khile”. Another such song which is readily coming to mind is this
this post written by me.

There are more such wonderful songs in this genre in Hindi films. While looking for a Mohammed Rafi song for the 15KSMC, I found this song, which is sort of storytelling and kids entertainment song. It’s a pure Solo song from the 50’s written by Rajendra Krishan and composed by C. Ramchandra for the film Insaaniyat(1955).

One more feature of this song is that it has Agha(senior) singing it for the benefit of kids watching describing the antics by a monkey. From the page containing Anniversay dates I find that the veteran character and comic actor Aghajan Baig was born on 21st March 1914 at Pune and died on 30/04/1992 also in Pune. So this year on 30/04/2019, it is Agha’s 27th death anniversary. There are many songs which Agha has been seen singing on screen. He had at least two solo Rafi songs in this film “ Insaaniyat” alone. So by this yardstick there are a few more songs picturized on him may still remain to be posted. One more song which is Agha is singing on screen is this one .
One more poignant Rafi solo highlighting the plight of the deprived and under preliviged. Another significant song on him is this this song .

Last week a younger work-mate and a friend, who is maybe born in the 80’s described a person (who looks like Agha actually) as ‘Shakaal’. I tried to explain that he is actually very similar to Agha looks-wise, but she did not know who was Agha. Even saying that he was a comic character actor from black & white movies and Jalal Agha’s father failed to ring a bell. So there came this memory from long back, of a TV ad featuring Agha. This was the advert for ‘Brittania Coconut Cookies”. Here Agha is seen wearing a sherwani walking down a garden of coconut trees swinging his walking stick. One coconut falls down, hits him on the head before hitting the ground . Agha picks up the coconut, which is broken and opens into two pieces of the shell with the biscuits inside. The catch phrase of the add was “ab brittania ne nariyal ko kurmurana sikhaya’. Of course Agha is seen eating the biscuit and enjoying it. I tried to find if the that ad clip is available on the net, but could not find it.

Anyway, this song was there with lyrics written down and a look at the Anniversary page made the writing of this post a must.

Clearly Mohammed Rafi sahab’s is enjoying singing this song. A cheerful and peppy no. I heard this only today that the thespian had said to someone ‘that “Mohammad Rafi” is the name given to him by his parents and he prefers to be called Mohammed Rafi instead of Rafi Sahab’.

Actually when I had stumbled upon this blog and thought of looking at the stats page, the first name I tried to find is Mohammed Rafi. No one can imagine my shock when the name was not there in the M list of singers. Thankfully I thought to look under R also as I was on the page and looking in the correct list of singers.

Some may say “ what is there in a name ?”, so I am certainly not in a position to insist that the blog also call him by his given full name.

So this is song No. 10 of the series, which will continue at least till 31st July.

Song-Raja beta bada ho ke jaayega school (Insaaniyat)(1955) Singer-Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics-Rajendra Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


Raja beta badaa ho ke
Jaayegaa school
O Raja beta badaa ho ke
Jaayegaa school
Beta jaayegaa school
karegaa padhaayi ya likhaayi
Mein na bhool
Haan likhaayi mein na bhool

Ye baat rahe yaad
Banegaa ustaad
Waah re ustaad beta
Waah waah re ustaad

Baitthe baitthe ladkon pe
Ra’ub jamaayegaa

Hogaa jo shareer
Uss ke baint lagaayegaa
Ji baint lagaayegaa
Ji baint lagaayegaa
Phir karegaa raja shaadi
Khush hongi Amma daadi
Dulhan hogi tez mizaaj
Karegi iss par poora raaj
Chulha phunkwaayegi
Roti bhi pakwaayegi
Bachcha bhi khilwaayegi
Han haan
Sab kuchh karwaayegi
Samjhe naa

Masaala piswaayegi
Arey o lala
Ragad masaala
De ragdaa
De ragdaa
Mol liyaa thhaa
Kaahe beta
Shaadi ka ye jhagdaa

Dekho dekho
O dekho dekho
Bajaaye shehnaayi
Bajaaye shehnaayi
Hamaare lalnaa
Haan hamaare lalnaa

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