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Mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai

Posted on: August 13, 2019

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hullo to all in Atuldom

We have all heard “Gore gore, o baanke chhore, kabhi meri gali aaya karo, gori gori, o banke chhori, chaahe roz bulaaya karo”. Now that song from “Samadhi” was filmed on two actresses one of whom –Kuldeep Kaur- was dressed in male attire. That was in 1950. There have been numerous occasions where a lady does a stage song dressed as a man or vice versa. In such cases the man dressed as a lady sings in a female voice –as Amir Khan had done in a song in the 90s. And Kishore Kumar before him in “Dilli Ka Thug” (but that was a genre in itself) But always as a rule we seem to have females who are dressed as males sing in female voice as was the case in the song from “Naya Daur” “Reshmi salwar kurta jaali ka roop saha nahin jaaye nakhrewaali ka”; or the one from “Kismet” “Kajra Mohabbatwala akhiyon mein aisa dala”. We have had one instance (if my knowledge is right) where the male is dressed in both genders and sings in the voice of Asha Bhonsle and Rafi. I am talking of a Mehmood song (in league with the Kishore Kumar song in terms of artist’s caliber. ??). But today I discovered a song which has the actress dressed as both male and female singing in Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. Now this is a first encounter for me. I had seen this song ages ago, that is before my association with ASAD; which means that those days I used to listen and enjoy the songs without bothering about who sang who wrote or whose music! Etc. So, here is my heartfelt thank you to ASAD for making me aware of the songs I listen to ??

The song which I am talking of is from the 1953 romantic comedy “Ladki”. It had Vyjayantimala playing a tomboy, dancer (what else to expect from a movie with her in the cast), a sportswoman etc. She has Anjali Devi for a friend and Kishore Kumar as her male lead. There is Bharat Bhushan for Anjali Devi. This movie was made in Tamil as “Penn” and Telugu as “Sangam”. All three movies had Anjali Devi and Vyjayantimala as the constant factors with Gemini Ganeshan and N.T.Rama Rao (respectively) essaying the role played by Bharat Bhushan in Hindi. Similarly, in the south Indian versions, S. Balachander played the character that Kishore Kumar played in Hindi. The movie was directed by M.V.Raman and produced by AVM. Rajinder Kishan was the lyricist. The music director for this song was C Ramachandra.

We are having this song picturised on a seventeen year old Vyjayantimala on the occasion of her 79th birthday. Happy birthday to Vyjayantimala.

On August 2015, I had discovered a song “todke duniya ki deewar” which I had proposed to send to Atulji to celebrate the beautiful Vyjayanthimala’s birthday. The above post was written for that song. I don’t remember if I had sent it. And I am not going to search my outbox to see if I have sent or not. But before I sat to update the post when I checked ‘songs posted list’, I found that the song was posted in April 2018. But anyways my thoughts about that song remain unchanged.

I also saw that there are 15 songs in the movie out which 7 are posted that still means a few more possible Vyjayathimala dance songs are possible. As the saying goes- ‘a lot of water has flown down the river Ganges’ in the interim period. I missed an opportunity to see her live-performance in 2015 when my Peevesie said she could arrange passes, if I say-so, to a show in Bangalore where Vyjayanthimala was scheduled to perform. There are videos on YouTube that show her dance and grace even at 80 in some performance in Chennai. Hats off to the lady for her zeal and devotion to dance even at this age. May it continue in that manner for as long as she wishes.

Today’s song is a stage song sung by Lata Mangeshkar for a song written by Rajinder Krishan and composed by C. Ramchandra. We have our dear birthday girl occupying the stage as Kalidas, Tansen, a rishi who is writing the “vedas”, a Manipuri dancer, and the finale is Bharatnatyam (how could she miss out performing this). In fact the last three minutes of the song is devoted to her dance and it is a feast for the eyes, much like the last part of the “Jewel Thief” dance.

Happy Birthday to Vyjayanthimalaji.

Ed note-This song is followed seamlessly by a Tarana song which deserves to be treated as a separate song and it has been covered as such in the past.



Song-Mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai(Ladki)(1953) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
saare jahaan mein aisa koi ratan nahin hai
saare jahaan mein aisa koi ratan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai

iss desh jaisi ganga jamuna kahin na hogi
jamuna kahin na hogi
vedon se khubsoorat Rachna kahin na hogi
Rachna kahin na hogi
duniya mein aisi dharti aisa gagan nahin hai
duniya mein aisi dharti aisa gagan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai

yeh raam krishna Gautam
naano guru ki basti
naano guru ki basti
paida yahaan hui thi Gandhi ki nek hasti
Gandhi ki nek hasti
kisi aur desh ki toh aisi khabar nahin hai
kisi aur desh ki toh aisi khabar nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai

iss sarzameen pe aaye
gunwaan kaise kaise
gunwaan kaise kaise
kabhi kalidas jaise kabhi tansen jaise
kabhi tansen jaise
mujhe naaz hai watan par
jhoothhi lagan nahin hai
mujhe naaz hai watan par
jhoothi lagan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai

mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai
mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai


2 Responses to "Mere watan se achcha koi watan nahin hai"



Thanks for the post. Not heard this nice song before. Good lyrics.
I often get mixed up between ‘Ladki’ & ‘Bahar’.. I saw ‘ Bahar’ on line.. (tedious movie).

With this song & post I plan to see ‘Ladki’ ( if available on Youtube)


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