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Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin

Posted on: August 19, 2019

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Today’s song is from a Marathi film- Dhananjay-66. This is a Hindi song, sung by Chitalkar, under his own baton ! Lyrics are by P L Santoshi. The film was based on a story by Marathi’s renowned Detective Novelist of yesteryear – Baburao Arnalkar.

In the early 50s,when I was about 10-11 years old, I first read a Marathi detective novel written by Baburao Arnalkar. In those days, reading such stuff was a no-no for children, and so I had to read it, sitting in some lonely corner, keeping one eye and one ear for checking if anybody is seeing me. I was simply thrilled by reading this book and then started the marathon reading of detective novels- of course chori chori ! Happily I found some of my friends also doing the same thing and even my elder brother was seen reading these books.

Shortly, this became an open programme and I joined a local book library, catering to such books. Every month such 10 books used to come there and all these books were written by one author- Baburao Arnalkar. We always wondered how can any one man write so many books, so varied and entertaining every month. As the time went by, the author wrote in a magazine, how he was impressed by novels of Edgar Wallace, Berkeley grey, Roderick Graeme, Peter Cheyney, Sax Rohmer and few others. He decided to adapt their stories to Indian environment, culture and customs, so that Marathi readers felt affinity for them. Certain books, however, were just not possible to adapt lest they lost their charm and such books were presented just in a translated form, with same name and places to maintain reality.

Baburao’s main character, on whom he wrote more books was Dhananjay ( he got this name from Bhagwadgeeta) – a private detective with a sharp intelligence, fearlessness, a high degree of common sense and an ability to use logic rightly. This character seemed to be a combination of Perry Mason (Earl Stanley Gardener), Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie) and Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Connon Doyle).

Baburao also brought into Marathi the dashing ” Normon Conquest ” of author Berkeley Grey as Zunjar (झुंजार) along with his wife Joy (Vijaya) and the faithful assistant Biji (Netaji). Novels of Zunjar were particularly more popular because he was flamboyant, adventurous and of humorous nature with a speciality of getting his commission from every villain,before Police arrested him. He was one who would not hesitate to cross legal boundaries in order to book the villains in the final chapter. Zunjar’s Guru Bhimsen and successor Golandaz also had many books on them.

The other popular character Baburao Arnalkar brought was Roderick Graeme’s famous “Black Shirt”. In Marathi he became Kalapahad(काळापहाड)- a successful Novelist by day and a daring adventurer by night. Baburao brought stories of Peter Cheyney and Ellery Queen. Brett Haliday’s Mike Shane became Jayant in Marathi. Carter Brown’s private detective was Sanjay in Marathi. Additionally he created from Edgar Wallace, Kodand rao- Public Prosecutor (J.G.Reader), Major(Retd.) Sudarshan- a private investigator and C.I.D. Inspector Murar Rao.

Shifting from the usual, Baburao brought Jungle stories of British Settlements in Africa by Edgar Wallace, featuring Commissioner Sanders, Capt.Hamilton and funny but brave Lt.Bones. These were brought in original form having English names and places. Similarly, the “Justmen” series by Edgar Wallace featuring George Manfred, Leon Gonsalves and Raymond Poicort – each having different skill and together punishing secretly the difficult to catch criminal, helping the Police. Baburao was too versatile. he brought stories of Sailors, featuring Capt Daryasarang and his assistant Savlaram. The seafaring criminal stories were an entirely different world for Marathi readers.

Baburao also gets credit for introducing the deadly Dr. Fu Manchu, a character created by Sax Rohmer. Fu Manchu is a Chinese scientist who wants to rule the world. An entire generation born in the 40s was mesmerised by Baburao’s detective novels and feasted on the stories of heroes created by British, American and German authors, in the 1920s and 1930s. These novels re-created the pre-war times and entertained people.

Having read Baburao Arnalkar’s books based on foreign authors, I got and read almost every English book that Baburao had translated. Novels by Edgar Wallace and others are still in my library. I had about 200 selected books-Marathi- of Baburao Arnalkar, which I gifted to my niece recently.

Baburao Arnalkar (real name Chandrakant Sakharam Chavan) was born on 9-6-1906 at Arnala in Vasai. He studied only up to 10th, but earned a proficiency in English, as he was an avid reader of books. In the 1942 Freedom struggle, he was jailed for 18 months. In this jail, he got hands on the books of Edgar Wallace. He was so thrilled that he decided to bring these books in Marathi. He had already written his first detective novel ” Queen of Diamonds” (चौकटची राणी) in 1939.

He started an Optical lenses shop in Bombay for earning a living. His writing started from 1946, but in the period 1952 to 1966, he was very prolific, writing 6 to 10 books a month. On completing 500 books,the then Maharashtra Government felicitated him and awarded Rs. 10000 also. He wrote 1042 detective novels, before he put his pen down due to old age. His name was entered in Guinness Book of World Records in those days.

He received several awards and honours from prestigious institutions. However the so called Classic literature writers never conceded Detective Novels as a respected form of literature. This always remained an entertainment for the middle class society who dreamt of super powered heroes. More than this recognition, he valued the love and affection an entire generation poured on him. He not only gave entertaining books but also sustained and developed the reading habit among the youngsters of those times.

Baburao Arnalkar died peacefully on 5-7-1996 at the ripe age of 90 years. He must have been a contented man. My thanks to him, for being a true entertainer.

Film Dhananjay-66, based on Baburao Arnalkar’s story, was produced by C.Ramchandra. After parting ways with Lata, in the late 50s, C.Ramchandra did not do well in Hindi films. He disappeared slowly. He turned to Marathi films and stage shows around the world. He got married second time to Shantabai and had a son and a daughter from this marriage. Most of his time he stayed in his Poona Bungalow. His son and daughter are leading doctors in USA, and are well settled. I do not know if Shantabai is still alive. C.Ramchandra had produced 2 Marathi films. The other film was Gharkul.

C.Ramchandra played the Hero- Dhananajay’s role in this film. After his first flop film Naganand-1935 ( only 9 people in the first show. There was no second show), this was his second film in the Hero’s role. The film did average business. The cast was Chitalkar, Uma, Arun Sarnaik ( he had acted in 2 Hindi films…Subhadra haran-64 and Lady killer-68), Ashalata, Gulab Mokashi, Jaymala , Shakuntala etc etc.

The film was directed by Raja Thakur. Rajaram Dattatreya Thakur was born in 1923 at Ponda in Goa. He did work as an assistant to Master Vinayak and later Raja Paranjape. Raja Thakur had produced an English film ” Birbal – My brother “-1973. His another film “Mumbaicha Jawai” (मुंबईचा जावई)-1970, was remade in Hindi as ‘Piya ka Ghar’-1971 by Basu Chatterjee.

There were 6 songs in the films. 3 songs were in Hindi. 1 song was in Konkani. This song “Hatat bangdi sonyachi, hi pori konachi ( हातात बांगडी सोन्याची, ही पोरी कोनाची ) became an evergreen song, so popular that even now, it is played in Ganesh utsav, Holi etc. programmes. Only 2 songs were in Marathi, in this Marathi film.

Today’s song has a tune, which Chitalkar seems to have borrowed from his own film Aazad-1955 – “Marna bhi muhabbat mein kisi kaam na aaya”. Enjoy today’s song in Chitalkar’s voice.


Song- Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin (Dhananjay)(Marathi)(1966) Singer – Chitalkar, Lyricist – P L Santoshi, Music – C Ramchandra


Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin
Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin
Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin een een een
main musaafir hoon
meri subah kahin shaam kahin
main musaafir hoon
meri subah kahin shaam kahin
main musaafir hoon
meri subah kahin shaam kahin

o o o
o o o
main chala to chal diya zindagi ka kaarwaan
arre main ruka to ruk gaya zindagi ka kaarwaan
hans ke jisne dekh liya
arre hans ke jisne dekh liya
main usi ka ho gaya
aa aa aa aa
do ghadi bhar ke liye kar liya mukaam wahin
do ghadi bhar ke liye kar liya mukaam wahin
do ghadi bhar ke liye kar liya mukaam wahin

do ghadi bhar ke liye kar liya mukaam wahin een een
Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin
Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin
main musaafir hoon
meri subah kahin shaam kahin

o o o
o o o o
raat ke hai baad din aur din ke baad raat hai
arre chal rahi isi tarah saari kaaynaat hai
main bhi chala jaa raha
main bhi
main bhi chala jaa raha
gham aur khushi saath liye
ae ae
meri is zindagi mein thaharne ka kaam nahin
meri is zindagi mein thaharne ka kaam nahin
meri is zindagi mein thaharne ka kaam nahin

o meri is zindagi mein thaharne ka kaam nahin
een een een
Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaram kahin
main musaafir hoon
meri subah kahin shaam kahin

10 Responses to "Na mila hai na milega mujhe aaraam kahin"

Oh you took me back in years Arunkumar Deshmukh. Things had not changed 10 years later , when I started reading Baburao Arnalkar’s books in the very early sixties. I had to read those surreptitiously just like you, as Baburao Arnalkar was not considered a drawing room author to be talked and admired . Fascinated is not the correct word as I was hooked to his writing- the style – the pace and of course the details. I had moved on to other authors and more serious reading by the time I passed SSC, though I continued to read his books .You connect C Ramchandra and Dhananjay so seemlessly, that the narrative just seems an extension of some Baburao Arnalkar story. Thank you very much for this article


Thank you for your comments, Dilip Apte ji.
I am glad you liked it.


Excellent article.While reading it I was transported to my school days remembering the craze for Arnalkar books,good old Venkatesh vachanalay.Oh those days and memories have become fresh in mind.Thanks for recreating the magic and nostalgia.


Thank you,Murli.


Arun Ji, your ( lovely) post took me down my memory lane.

No, I did not read Arnalkar’s books, but someone similar in Kannada literature. His name is N Narasimhayya..

As school kids, we used to exchange notes about number of his books read by us. Instead of Dhananjaya his detectives were first Purushottama and then Madhusudana. (yes names from Bhagavat Gita !!!)

. There used to be a tag line, for his books , like ’50 th adventure of Purushottama’. This, I was told, was a gimmick. ( meaning he did not write 50 novels by that time, but it sent people searching for ‘missing’ adventures’).

Coming back to the song of this post, it certainly is a near carbon copy of ‘Azad’ song.


Thanks Satish ji.
Very rarely do we get posts which remind us of our childhood or younger days. In every language the Detective stories always were shunned the respect they should have got, considering their popularity, but alas ! The Classicists never allowed that.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you liked it.


That was really an interesting article. I have definitely heard of Baburao Arnalkar, but did not know about his books. I was not aware of the author, though I have heard of detective Dhananjay’s stories.
I was not aware of the story being incorporated in films either. And Marathi film having three Hindi songs? oh! that must be a rare instance!So in all it was a surprise!
Thank you so much for the article!



Thank you, Anup ji for your comments.


Dear Arun ji,

I too have these books by volumes, though in my times second generation authors like Gurunath Naik, Suhas Shirwalkar etc. were in vogue….. I loved sense of humour in Baburao Anarkar’s novels! Zunjar, Kalapahad, Dhanjay & Darya Sarang….it was due to my father I got this addiction 🙂

Thanks a ton for reviving not so old memories…..and of course Qawwali by Anna, it reminds of Qawwali in Azad!

Warm Regards,



Umesh ji,
This post is one of my own favourites. It gave me immense pleasure while writing it. I was lost in olden days and Nostalgia took over. Some of my childhood friends read this post and were too happy. I got so many messages on my WA from my friends. That was a different world altogether.
Thanks for your comments.


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